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Quotes: Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Opening remarks: "I don't have a whole lot to say about this. I thought we prepared much better than we played. Obviously in the first half many teams suffer with [the Eagles'] initial 15 plays and I thought we did too. We settled down a little bit, but we weren't able to make anything happen. Offensively, there is just nothing to show for the evening. We didn't do well with our punt protection. We were slow to get the ball off and we had a couple balls blocked and tipped and so on and so forth. We were looking to do something to create a little energy there in the second half. We had the ball in the endzone and [there was] a penalty. We tried to get the ball in the endzone again and unfortunately [WR] Victor [Cruz] got hurt on that play. So it was just, it starts right here at the top. Very, very poor performance. I take full responsibility for it. And there's not a lot to say about it. Not a lot to say."        

On whether the penalties resulted from guys trying to do some more things to make something happen in the game: "I hope we all were trying to make something happen because we were struggling to make something happen. But we did get a couple of turnovers. But we weren't able to do much with them."

On what the Eagles were doing to get to the quarterback: "Other than play hard, they got on the edge on us a bunch. Our tackles had a tough time. So until I see the film, I didn't see anything except they played. They stayed in their base defense a little bit on first down, even against the three wides. When they did bring their sub-package in, the outside backers just became the ends and we were well aware of that. We did run some games inside and I think we may have gotten some people free a couple of times on that. I didn't think we played well up front at all. And I really don't know what the answer to that is. I'll let you know when I look at the tape. We practiced well. We were excited about playing in the division. We were excited about coming down here and playing a meaningful football game. But we don't have anything to show for it."    

On whether he was talking about the Eagles' defense or his own team when he talked about playing hard: "I'm talking about them. You want to know if something magical happened? I don't think it did. I think they just played. They played hard and they made things happen and we weren't able to stop them."

On how big of a loss Cruz is: "Oh, it's incredible. Huge loss."

On what he said to Cruz as he was down on the field: "I didn't really have the chance. I was standing there with him, but it wasn't a good situation, a good scene."  

On whether it's impossible to stop his team from having an emotional breakdown after an injury like Cruz's happens: "Victor is certainly extremely popular…. The respect a lot of the players have for him is tremendous and when something like that happens, everyone is grieved. You know, everyone feels badly for him, even the players on the other team. But we're expected to go on and we tried and as I said, didn't have a lot to show for it."      

On the Eagles controlling the pace at the beginning of the game: "They do that. They played very well in their – what should we call it – top 15. And after that, they settled down a little bit. When they started making substitutions, it settled down a little bit. But there was no doubt that they had success early on. But they do have success in those games with that first 15 and that pace is a very rapid pace. But after that, they settled back down to speeds that we're accustomed to working with each other. Their execution was very, very good."      

On the injury of CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: "Spasms. I think he had back spasms and came out."

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