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Quotes: CB Randall Evans

On whether the Eagles are primarily looking at him as a cornerback or safety:

"During this process, Philly is looking at me to play cornerback for the most part. With my versatility, I bring a lot to the table. When I get up there, I'll let the coaches decide on where they want me to play."

On whether he has a preference as to where he plays:

"Not really. I just feel like I'm athletic enough to play corner, safety or nickel. That's something I did at K-State and I got accustomed to it by learning the playbook. Once I learned the playbook, it was better on my behalf to make me more versatile. I give credit to my coach at Kansas State, [defensive coordinator/secondary coach] Tom Hayes. I'm ready to get to work."

On what brought him to Kansas State as a walk-on:

"Long story short, I met my girlfriend in high school and her brother is Michael Beasley who plays in the NBA right now and went to K-State. Around December of my senior year [of high school], he asked me if I decided [on a college]. I had Division-II offers, but I didn't have any D-I [offers]. I felt like I had D-I talent. He brought that to my attention that I should go to K-State. I thought about it and we went from there. His mom got in contact with one of the basketball coaches, they called the football department and it just went from there. I looked at it as an open door, an open opportunity for me. I took it and it came out successful."

On whether he knew Beasley's girlfriend when he was living in Miami:

"Yeah, we both went to high school together. I met her in the 11th grade and we've been dating ever since and we're still dating right now."

On what her name is:

"Her name is Mychaela Beasley."

On how his official visit with the Eagles went:

"One of their scouts came down to visit me and took me out to eat. I did talk to the defensive backs coach [Cory Undlin] and a lot of the other coaches during the process. They were telling me how they liked my versatility and how they watched my film. They said they liked me enough where they didn't have to bring me in for a visit. I put it all in God's hands on this day and throughout this draft process hoping that one of these teams selects me. I'm ready to give it my all."

On whether he knows current Eagles draft pick CB JaCorey Shepherd who played at Kansas:

"Not too much, but I heard of him before. He's another great cornerback. He actually got first-team All-Big 12, too, so I've definitely seen that. I'm sure we're ready to go in, get to work and get that defensive backfield going."

On what he brings to the team:

"The main thing is versatility. I think that plays a big role in my department. Another thing I bring to the team is that I'm a smart guy. I'm football smart and I think I'm able to play on the field right away just by me playing on the field at Kansas State as a walk-on. Not knowing anything and then just how I went in there, I became a three-year starter. I think I can do the same thing in the NFL."

On not receiving D-I scholarship offers due to the fact that his high school statistics were incorrect:

"At the end of the day, I would say if [a school] wanted me they would have gotten me. But, yes, my high school stats were incorrect. I had seven interceptions my junior year at Palmetto Senior High. In the database, and right now when I look at it, they have me in there with three interceptions. I didn't get any accolades my junior year."

On whether he called the school up about his incorrect stats:

"I talked to my coaches about it, but they said the computer was messed up. It was during the middle of the season, but I just wanted to stay focused on my season. I know what I did and I thought with my game film, I thought that would work. I never looked into it ever since."

On whether he knows anyone on the Eagles personally:

"Yeah, [Eagles RB] Darren Sproles. He's a great guy and I'm actually going to text him right now and call him up. I'm sure he's going to bring me in as a little brother being from K-State. So I'm very excited."

On whether he and Sproles have a relationship with each other:

"No, because he played [at Kansas State a few years] back. Now that I got picked by the Eagles, I'm sure that he'll be willing to welcome me in as an Eagle and take me in as a little brother."

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