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Quotes: Buccaneers HC Greg Schiano

On the crowd's reaction at the end of the game: "No disrespect, I didn't hear anything."

On defending against the Philadelphia Eagles' high-tempo offense: "I don't think the tempo was really the issue. We just gave up four explosive plays; we haven't done that. Balls haven't gone over our head in the first four games and they did today. This is a good offense, obviously – they're going to get their yards – but if you can avoid giving up those explosive plays, especially the two touchdown passes over our head. What we've been able to do is make people go the long, hard way by playing sound and solid. Today, we had a couple go over our head and it kind of changed the whole complexion."

On if there was blown coverage on the first touchdown pass to Philadelphia wide receiver DeSean Jackson: "No. I think a good player made a good play."

On missed tackles: "Well, there's more missed tackles than we've had, for sure, but we haven't played against [Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean] 'Shady' McCoy either. We're not the last team he's going to make miss tackles. I thought we actually tackled him, at times, pretty well. They're going to get what they're going to get. That's a given with that back. We can't let balls go flying over our head. That and offensive penalties were crucial things, and, again, that comes back to right here. It's my job. We've got to do a better job. For whatever reason, we had four holding penalties. Those were some nice plays – close to 40 yards in plays that get called back, plus you tack on the 40 yards of penalties, so you're looking at approximately an 80-yard swing. It's hard to do that and win games. You do it once? Maybe. You do it four times? And that's on me, because, for some reason, it hasn't gotten through or it hasn't been coached well enough or the play or the defense was in an advantageous position against our play – I don't know. I've got to examine it on video. We need to get it figured out quickly."

On the fourth-down penalty: "No, he didn't line up in the neutral zone. That's not accurate. What happened is he lined up and then he inched into it, and the question is, 'Did he get back before the ball was snapped?' I'm anxious to see the tape. I thought the crew was very good today, and I asked [the referee], and he said, 'Yeah, I'm sure he was in the zone.' I said, 'Okay.'"

On quarterback Mike Glennon's performance: "I thought he played well. [There were] a couple balls he'd like bac k. [On] the interception, he got knocked right in the noggin as he let it go. I'm not sure on the route. I've got to see the tape. I thought he did a lot of good things. That scramble was a big play there. Again, I think we missed some opportunities, some of them self-inflicted."

On tight end Tim Wright: "I thought he made a lot of plays. One of them was a spectacular catch – bracketed and he makes the catch. I'm glad that we're getting the tight end more involved. I think it makes you more complete if you can do that. It makes teams defend all your eligibles. We didn't throw it to the back quite as much, but we threw it to him some. We threw it to [running back Jeff] Demps before Demps got [banged] up. I thought he looked like he can contribute to the offense. There are some good things that you walk away from the game saying, 'Okay,' but, at the end of the day, it's about winning. It's not about good things. It's about winning. There's stuff to build on, going to Atlanta. There's stuff, certainly, that we have to get cleaned up or we're not going to be successful."

On turning things around: "We're a competitive franchise [that's] been on the short end of the stick too many times here, so we need to get on the right end of the stick. We've got to play our way and coach our way out of it one day at a time, one meeting at a time, one practice at a time, one walkthrough at a time. That's how you do it. There's no magical answer. You get better by doing all the things that football teams do and coaches do. You stand to your convictions without being stubborn and you move forward. We've got a good group of people in that locker room, and coaches, and they're going to stick together, and we're going to get it turned. As long as you know that, you're going to do it."

On the published report on the NFLPA's request for investigation on medical records: "I think [General Manager] Mark Dominik addressed the issue in the pre-game. We as an organization look forward to cooperating with the NFL and the NFLPA. I've already commented on it, and we're going to leave it at that."

On if the team is well-coached: "I believe it is a well-coached football team, [but] not well enough. There [are] certain things that we have to get done consistently. We'll get 'this' done in one game and we'll get 'this' in another game, but we're not getting it all together. That may frustrate some, but I'd tell you if I didn't think we were doing a good job. We need to be better – It starts with me, it goes through all my assistant coaches and then through every player on the team. Again, we'll get over this hump and we'll get through it and we'll start winning."

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