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QB Vick, WR Avant, S Allen, C Kelce and DT Cox

QB Michael Vick

On gearing up for the start of the regular season: "Obviously, we're very excited for week one. It's a big week for everybody around the league, and you always want to get off to a good start. It's going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of preparation this week. The Cleveland Browns are a good team and we have a lot of respect for them."

On how he feels physically: "I feel good going into this game. I feel like I'm 100 percent, and I don't really have any nagging injuries. I think I'm fully recovered. The last two weeks have really helped me get there. I'm just ready to go."

On the pressure to improve their record from last season: "I don't think it's just about (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid. I think it's about the organization as a whole – the Philadelphia Eagles. We want to go out and represent as best as we can as players for this team. We're going to go out here and make it happen. We're all playing for coach, for Mr. Lurie, and for one another."

On the league using replacement referees during week one of the regular season: "I'm not worried about it at all. The replacement refs do a good job and they'll work as hard as us and try to make sure that they give us the best chance at going out there and succeed – making the right calls and doing what is right for the game. To a certain extent, we all believe in it. We are going to go out there and trust that they're making the right calls."

On whether limited preseason snaps will count against him: "Not at all. I've played in a ton of preseason games (over my career). I've been through training camp. I know what it feels like to be in the pocket, move around, and kind of know where I'm at. I've been through this plenty of times before. I wish I could have been out there in the preseason, but I just couldn't make it. I'll be ready to go week one."

On whether limited preseason snaps could play to his advantage: "I don't know. I feel fresh right now. I feel good. My arm is in great shape and my body is in great shape. I've conditioned myself to feel this way. I'm extremely happy that I feel this way right now. I'm just excited about our opportunities and I'm excited about where we're at."

WR Jason Avant

On how important it is for QB Michael Vick to be out there on the field for the opener: "It's just very, very important for us. We are going out there to play a really good Cleveland team, and it would help us to have our best player. We look at him as that, and we hope he can play well. If he plays well, all of us play well."

On whether the opening game tells you anything about the team you have: "It's totally different because you have to play this game week by week. As you've seen with the Super Bowl champion Giants, you can start the season hot, go cold, and then get hot again. It's all different every year, and you just want to go out and play your best that game. Every game is its own end, and we try to put every game in its own category and its own box. We're going out to try and win this first game in its own box, and then the game after that will be in its own box."

On how he feels about the receiving corps heading into the first game: "We definitely have the camaraderie and the familiarity. We definitely have that. Hopefully, we can come out and have a big year. Everyone is excited about this year, and we have DeSean (Jackson) taken care of and Jeremy (Maclin) is established. We have a young guy in Damaris (Johnson) that is a very, very exciting player, and we have Riley (Cooper) as well. It's a very exciting corps, and we hope that we can take that talent and transfer it onto the field and hope it accumulates."

DT Fletcher Cox

On the hardest part of adjusting to the NFL: "Really just adjusting how fast everything was – how the practices are, the tempo at practice, how to practice in the NFL, and just the small things like staying off the ground."

On what Cox saw on his preseason tape as far as strengths and weaknesses: "I feel (there is) a lot of places I can be a whole lot better. From the first game to the second game, I made a big jump. The first game, I was just going out and playing. I was probably a little nervous and was scared to mess up and scared to make a mistake. The second game, I just went out and played."

On whether the preseason helps get some of those nerves out: "I just have to wait and see. I know it will be different from the preseason, the season, though. Coach Reid was telling us today that Cleveland is a tough place to play. Cleveland is a really good team, and I'm just looking forward to going out and playing them."

On what defensive line coach Jim Washburn has said to him leading up to the first game: "We always talk, and he always tells me that there is no pressure on me. He said there won't be pressure on me to try and go out to be someone that I am not. He wants me to go out and do the things that I'm coached to do, which is get off the ball, put penetration in the backfield, and play hard."

S Nate Allen

On whether he thinks the difference in the secondary is night and day compared with last season: "Yeah, there is definitely a different mentality going in. It's just a different feel. We're excited to go and be ready."

On what he needs to do this year that he was not able to do last year: "Just trying to be the best I can. Obviously every individual player wants to be a Pro Bowler, but first of all, we just want to win the Super Bowl and that's the main thing. Whatever I have to do help the team win the Super Bowl and get to where we need to get."

On how good he and the defense can be this season: "Pretty good. I'm just going to make as many plays as I can, be the best player I can be, and help the defense and team however I can to help us get to the Super Bowl. Whatever we have to do."

C Jason Kelce

On how Watkins has developed in Kelce's eyes: "Last year, he was a very raw player with his background. He had only been playing football for four years and only three of those years were Division I level. The knowledge that I have and the knowledge that he has kind of isn't comparable, coming out of college. Now having a full offseason under his belt and finally learning to think about things in different ways than he is used to. He can now watch film on his own and tell what is going on, 'I screwed up there and I should be doing this.' That's huge, and if you're at the level where you should be mentally, you should know immediately after a play that you just screwed up. Last year, he wasn't at that level but now he knows, 'I could've done better on that play.'"

On whether being comfortable in offensive line coach Howard Mudd's scheme will make Watkins and the unit better: "It should. Last year, Danny knew his roles and his assignments, but when you know everyone's roles and everyone's assignments, especially on the offensive line because you work with one another so frequently – every play, for him, you have to know what the right tackle and the center are doing. So if there is a slant, or an angle, or a back looping around, you know how to handle those."

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