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QB Vick, S Jackson

QB Michael Vick

On whether he is worried about not having WR DeSean Jackson in camp: "I don't think it will drag on, hopefully not. I think it will work itself out when the time is right and appropriate, and you know, we'll see."

On his early thoughts about the tempo of practices: "The walkthrough is great, I think the morning practice is just getting a chance to go over everything mentally and rep everything is phenomenal. You know, having a chance to learn, I'm learning a lot, everybody's learning and we're taking it one step at a time. This afternoon will be a little upbeat tempo. So this is training camp that's what it is about."

On whether Jackson not being at camp has any effect: "I don't think it affects anything. As far as the timing I know how fast the kid can run and I know where I have to put the ball. So hopefully everything will work out, get him back in, get him going, and let him make the Pro Bowl for the third consecutive year."

S Marlin Jackson

On whether he's excited about the opportunity to be back out on the practice field: "Yeah because I don't know how many guys would still have an opportunity after three years of being [injured], I think some people would just write you off, and probably have written me off, but that's why you need to continue to try to prove them wrong."

On whether he's given up on himself: "I've never been that type of person. I have goals and I have dreams that I still wanted to reach."

On whether he injured his right or left Achilles: "Right."

On the new defense and whether he was able to pick up any of the defense last year while he was rehabbing: "Not really. I mean, when you're here and rehabbing you're really just rehabbing, you're really not in the meetings and stuff like that. So a lot of the stuff I tested was at the OTAs but that was a long time ago so it's all a refresher for me and I'm learning things."

On whether it's good to have a clean slate with a new defense: "Yeah, I believe so. But I believe it could have been beneficial because some of the things are the same and it would have been beneficial being in meetings last year, but it is what it is and you have to learn and you have to work."

On his impressions of new defensive coordinator Juan Castillo: "I'm excited. He's definitely simplified things a lot and really, I think he's focusing more on fundamental aspects of the game and really wanting guys to get a good grasp on the fundamentals and go out there and play fast and physical."

On whether he's benefitting from the early walkthroughs without pads: "A lot, a lot, it's definitely needed. Like I said from having such a long layoff and then not playing at all last year and not getting in on the defense since last OTAs, it's definitely benefitting me and I think it's been needed."

On whether he ever questions his knee or Achilles after each rep: "I never say that with reps as far as my physical health goes because like I said I've been working out for months and testing it and going through. And I know I'm physically healthy, I'm ready to go. I think moreso from the mental standpoint of learning the defense and getting my senses and my instincts for the game back to where they need to be, that's really what I'm focusing on; taking mental notes based upon that so I can be better on the next play, as far as making plays and being more instinctive."

On whether he sees himself as a contributing member of the secondary as he enters camp: "I see myself as another guy that's fighting for a job right now because there are guys that they drafted, [S] Jaiquawn [Jarrett], [S] Kurt Coleman who was here last year, and he played well so I know I have to come out here and fight for a spot on this team to get on this field. And I'm looking forward to doing that. It's a challenge, but I feel I'm up to it. I've always risen to the occasion and I'm looking forward to doing that. I'm just, like I said before, thankful to be here and I'm ready to take advantage of this opportunity."

On whether he thinks having two lockdown cornerbacks in CB Asante Samuel and CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie helps the secondary: "I mean, I think everybody in football wants that. You see a lot of teams are trying to get that right now. It gives you so much freedom, especially for a safety to roam and try to make plays because you kind of eliminate the number one and number two receivers."

On whether it makes it easier on him: "It makes it easier on the entire team."

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