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QB VIck, DE Burgess, DE Tapp, LB Chaney

QB Michael Vick

On playing in a game with the division championship possibly on the line: "We all know the magnitude of the game. We know it's a big one. Where else would you want to be? What other position would you want to be in? (We're) playing against a good team, so we're going to have to be at our best. We're going to need each and every day this week, as far as our preparation and getting to play a good football game. Come Sunday, it's going to have to be lights out on both sides."

On how much he is looking forward to playing better against the Giants defense: "We watched the film. I've watched it over and over again on things that they did. If it worked for them I would expect them to do it again, but we won't be surprised if they don't. We just have to go out and execute our game plan, take care of our assignments and responsibilities, and make plays at the end of the day."

On what makes the Giants so good at getting to the quarterback:"Obviously, they've got a great front four. (DE Justin) Tuck and (DE) Osi (Umenyiora) and (DT) Barry Cofield—those guys do a great job in getting to the quarterback and getting after him. And they've also got (DE Jason) Pierre-Paul and some other guys who fill in, so (it is) a very tight-knit group, very strong and always willing to enforce their will."

On whether he looks forward to the challenge of playing in the adverse conditions this Sunday:"I think after being out here for two years, the cold weather doesn't bother me anymore. Our last three games have been well under 40 degrees, so I'm getting used to it. We practice in it. Doesn't seem to bother me. I'm getting used to throwing a hard ball, which is the way the ball is going to be in the cold weather. So, you just have to block out the elements and just go play football. Once you get out there, you warm up, anyway."

On what has changed in his game the past few weeks:"Just trying to stay consistent in the passing game. I've got great receivers and a lot of talent on this offense, and guys are uncovering downfield at a high rate, so I try to make sure that I'm on time, get the ball out of my hands on time consistently, and try to make the plays we put ourselves in position to make. And I think it's important that we do that and it's going to be very vital this week."

On whether he has worked on throwing the ball on the run in recent weeks:"I've gotten a lot better throwing the ball on the run. Here, I just try to make sure I'm as accurate as can be, and put our receivers in the best position to get yards after the catch. Like I said, they do a great job of uncovering, they do a great job of finding holes and lanes in the defense—and making the plays when we need them. I think it's important that I'm accurate when I'm outside of the pocket, and whether I'm inside the pocket."

On what it's like to see newly-acquired DE Derrick Burgess, who sacked him twice in the 2004 NFC Championship, in the locker room:"You know what? I haven't even seen Derrick, which is ironic. I know he's somewhere in here, but he gave me hell in that championship game, I'll never forget. He's a good player. Hopefully he'll come here energized, fired up and ready to go. We're going to need him."

On the team's margin of error down the stretch when considering tiebreakers: "We just have to focus on what we do. We can't focus on anybody else. We control our own destiny, which is important. Who cares about what else is going on around the league? It's important, but as long as we take care of our own responsibilities, we'll be alright."

On his acting in the Nissan commercial he appears in: "I think I did pretty good, I think I did pretty good. That's not my M.O., that's not what I do, but I can do it if I want to. You can do anything you put your mind to."

DE Derrick Burgess

On whether he has run into his former teammate Hugh Douglas yet: "No, I talked to him the other day, last night actually."

On the team being much different since the last time he was in Philadelphia: "It's a different team. Definitely a different team, a different look. They're playing their butts off, they're a young team."

On whether it's reasonable to expect him to play this Sunday: "I don't know about that. I don't speak on that. I said I'm going to take it one day at a time and see where it goes."

On what the biggest challenge for him is:"I'm going to say just learning the new terminology. It's still kind of the same scheme, but different terminology, so I'll try to get that done."

On how he feels physically: "I feel good. I'm just saying, I don't know if there's going to be rust here and there, but I'm just trying to learn this defense's verbiage."

On what it means to get this opportunity: "It's a blessing. Many people don't get this opportunity, other than (former Eagles DE) Hugh Douglas—and (former Eagles LB Jeremiah Trotter), I forgot about Trot."

DE Darryl Tapp

On DE Brandon Graham's ACL tear:"You definitely don't want to see (Graham) get hurt in that manner. All of us have to pick up our games. We've got to compensate for a young, up-and-coming star that had a bad injury, so we've got to continue to put our work in and play on."

On whether he expects to play more at defensive end with Graham out: "However (Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott) wants to use us, myself and the rest of the guys on the d-line, that's what we'll do. It's a team game and we've got to try and get a win."

On whether they are preparing for the Giants any differently than they did five weeks ago, when they seemed more willing to pass the ball:"Yeah, I mean, their run game is pretty ridiculous. They have two capable backs. So that's really something we have to focus on, but you really can't shy away from playing defense as far as the pass goes. Even though they didn't have their starters playing the last few weeks, you don't know when those guys are coming back. And you know the guys that they signed, they signed for a reason. They get the job done, too, so you have to be aware of everything."

LB Jamar Chaney

On what he works on most to improve his game: "I wouldn't just pinpoint one thing. The things that (linebackers coach Bill Shuey) sees on film that he thinks I need to improve on. We're here pretty much every day right after he sees it, after practice or before practice, he does a good job with me, and not only with me, but with (LB) Keenan (Clayton) too, making sure we know everything that we need to know."

On what players he looks to the most to ask for help:"I would say (LB Omar Gaither) and (LB Stewart Bradley). (Gaither) has a good overall view of the game. I mean, he's really smart, so he does a good job of helping me. The last game we played on Sunday, he did a good job on the sideline, telling me what they were doing, what to expect and what to do in certain situations, so I mean (Gaither) does a great job out there."

On whether he called any family or friends when he found out he would be the starting middle linebacker on Sunday: "No, not really. They were the ones calling me, because I guess they saw it before me. But I wasn't really worried about it."

On what the biggest difference in his game is from the beginning of the season: "I don't know. You'd have to ask the coaches that. I just go out there and try to give it my all every time I'm out there, 100 percent on every play. One of the guys I like to watch out there on our team is (DE) Trent Cole, because he goes 110 percent every play, and that's what I like to try to do when I go out there, just go fast and something good's going to happen when you're out there going fast."

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