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QB Michael Vick And TE Clay Harbor

*QB Michael Vick *

On what the meeting was like with Commissioner Roger Goodell and what he took out of it: "We had a great conversation; we're on the same page now. I understand everything that I am supposed to be doing and that I'm out here to do, and it was a great meeting."

On Roger Goodell holding him to a higher standard now and what that means to him: "Exactly what you said, a higher standard, in every place of my life. So it's no problem, no biggie, I'm a changed man anyway so that's going to be easy."

On whether he welcomes the extra support they are planning on giving him: "I always welcome extra support. I'll take it and I'll use it to my advantage. Whether I need it or not, based on how I feel and what my expectations are for myself and for my family, I think it will be an extra thing I have in my back pocket, but for the most part I'm going to walk the walk."

On how difficult it is to live a zero tolerance life: "It's not difficult living a zero tolerance life, you've got guys walking around doing it every day, you've got the other 52 guys on the team doing the same thing. Living a life that they are suppose to lead, enjoying themselves, and doing the right thing, and that's what it's all about. It's not hard to live a zero tolerance life, you just put yourself in the right positions at all times and think through situations thoroughly."

On what the commissioner said to him in the meeting: "It was a good conversation, just trying to get on the same page and get a general understanding and that was it, it was a good meeting."

On what exactly happened the night of the shooting: "I won't address the situation of what happened. Everything was put out there on the table from the beginning. Any questions about football I will answer but any questions pertaining to what happened that night I won't answer because I'm trying to move forward, and I feel like I've already answered those questions."

On previous to his conversation yesterday with Goodell, was there a misinterpretation between them: "There weren't even differences, from a general understanding from before. Just some things that I did that I felt like wasn't part of our plan, and that's why I was disappointed. So we just got back on the same page and back on the right track, and him letting me know what his expectations are for me."

On what's the biggest change in him: "If you look at my life over the last year, I've been trying to do all of the right things, whether it's in the community or on the field, or with my family. And I think that's what it's all about, I'm having fun, I had the most fun in the last year than I've had in the last eight years I've been playing football. I'm just happy to be in the situation I'm in, I'm blessed, and I just have to keep moving forward."

*TE Clay Harbor *

On him being more established as a blocker rather than as a pass catcher: "The other tight ends are pass catchers, but they're good blockers as well; I think all of us can do both very well. I take a lot of pride in my blocking and I know it's something that can separate me from other people, but all of the guys on our team are good blockers. I just take pride in that, and more of a mindset than anything. Some guys are more receivers, and they're a lot more finesse players, but I just like to grind it out and hit people and see how they react to that."

On whether his goal is to get the number two tight end position: "No, I'm not focused on that, it doesn't matter to me what number of reps I get or where I'm going at, I'm going to come with the three's the ten's, the one's, I'm going to go hard and I'm going to try to hit somebody if I'm blocking, I'm going to try to make a play in the pass game if I'm going out on a pass. I just don't worry about any of that. The guys are great, there's not a sense of competition there, and we are just pushing each other to get better. We all are really close, we help each other, if I do something that maybe Cornelius (Ingram) might see me, if you take an outside release and stand him outside and get vertical, he'll be open on that, and I'll go take that to my next play and catch a pass, and he helped me do that. If it was a sense that 'I need to get this spot' or 'he's creeping up on me,' then we wouldn't have that sense of helping each other out , so we are a really close group and we're just playing the best that we can, and whatever the coaches decide and want us to do we're okay with."

On him catching passes and whether he feels more of a connection with QB Michael Vick and QB Mike Kafka: "No, all of them are great quarterbacks and they all have different qualities but they are all really good quarterbacks. All of them make good reads, and coach (Marty) Mornhinweg does such a good job of putting the game plan out there and making sure everyone's on the same page and knows what they're doing and knows what to look for. That's one of the best things about being here, the sense that everybody is on the same page in the meeting rooms, and everybody goes over the same things so everybody knows what exactly we're looking at and what exactly you are supposed to do and what you're not supposed to do. I attribute that to coach Mornhinweg and great preparation."

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