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QB Kevin Kolb, WR DeSean Jackson

QB Kevin Kolb

On whether his preparation changes depending if he's the starter or the second string: "If you don't prepare like (a starter) you're going to be behind the eight ball when he does name you the starter. So I'm excited about it and it will be a good test for us, so we can go in here and win this one and get our first home victory."

On how he views maybe having QB Michael Vick available to play on Sunday: "I mean, it's all (head coach) Andy's (Reid) decision. And again, when he makes one he puts a lot of thought into it. I'm sure there will be a reason for it. But I'm excited about getting back out there again and hopefully get another victory."

On whether he expects his sharpness and confidence to keep getting better because he has played in three straight games: "Well yeah, that's the plan and you hope that's the way it goes. You have to be ready for anything that happens though. And the big thing is just for us to win. I don't care how my stats end up. We just have to come out of this one with a victory because they are a good team coming into our house. And like I said we haven't won a home game, so we need to get that win."

On his thoughts about teams switching coverages and using different schemes than the schemes he sees on film: "Well, I think you prepare as much as possible and then just wait to see what they give you. There are always adjustments being made during the game. So regardless of what happens – a lot of guys do play us different because of our offense and because of the skill-set that we have – we'll be ready for it. But at the same time we'll be ready for whatever they throw us at the beginning too."

On whether he has to guard against getting WR DeSean Jackson more involved in the game: "Yeah, I think that you just have to go run the offense; the offense is made to deliver the ball to a bunch of different guys. And DeSean's going to get his touches and he's going to make spectacular plays, so that's not an issue on our part once so ever. And again, as long as we get the victory that's the most important thing."

WR DeSean Jackson

On whether QB Kevin Kolb targeting him more in practice is foreshadowing the game: "I mean, no. Just because you do it in practice doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen in the game. Practice is about getting reps, getting the timing down, and things like that, and just being on the same page with the quarterback. So that's kind of what practice does."

On whether he has reached out to Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice to understand how he dealt with getting double covered: "It's just something I have to go through so I haven't really talked to him."

On whether he can learn from what he sees on film and on how teams are defending against him: "Just because you see it on film that doesn't necessarily mean they're going to do the same thing versus us. So, as you can tell the past couple of weeks in the game, what we watch on film, we definitely don't get the same coverage when we play the team. So we'll see how it goes."

On whether he still wants to return punts: "Yeah, I still want to do it. I look forward to it."

On whether he feels his chemistry with Kolb is getting better: "I think our chemistry has always been good. It's not like it's gotten any worse or any better. He knows, and I know after playing with him what type of quarterback he is. The only thing is certain notes or certain things defenses are doing to try to take that away. So, I mean, the only way we're going to be able to get through that is to just go out there on the field and play through it and just get that experience and things like that."

On whether teams are trying to be physical with him at the line of scrimmage: "I mean, it is what it is. But at the end of the day I still have to go out there and get open. So as long as we're winning games and doing things right the rest will come."

On whether the respect he gets from defenses says a lot about his talent as a football player: "I mean, going out there and doing the things I do to create the attention from other teams and other defenses keying in on me and things like that. So I just have to go out there and be patient and work through it no matter how many guys they put on me or whatever it is, and still be able to free up other people on my team to be able to be open and make plays. So it works hand in hand."

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