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Practice Blog: July 30


INJURY UPDATE: A scheduled Brian Dawkins press conference this morning has been canceled. The free safety received treatment on a hyperextended knee he sustained in Tuesday morning's practice. He did practice on Wednesday. Franklin Dunbar sustained a lower back injury and did not practice. Ryan Moats left the morning practice early with an ankle injury, but was back for the afternoon special teams practice. It is unsure if it's related to his injury from last year. Also not practicing with pre-existing injuries were: Asante Samuel, Victor Abiamiri, Rocky Boiman, Chris Clemons, Kimo von Oelhoffen, L.J. Smith and Bryan Smith.

3:00 PM -Horn sounds. This concludes today's practices. See ya tomorrow!

2:46 PM -DeSean Jackson seems to have a nickname from his teammates. "GET THAT BALL, PEANUT! PEANUT! GET ON IT, PEANUT!" Juqua Parker yells. Jackson smiles.

2:40 PM -Seriously, if I'm a punt returner and I get past the bulk of the coverage team, I'm really not looking forward to Sav Rocca trying to tackle me. The guy is the size of a linebacker, and from his days in Aussie Rules, he can absolutely lay on the pain. Ouch.

2:33 PM -Squib kick now for McGee. Funny moment as Brodrick Bunkley implores Winston Justice to get involved on the return. "GET THE BALL WINSTON! GET IT! GET IT!" he laughs.

2:31 PM -Richmond McGee is actually kicking now, and, WATCH OUT! A surprise onside kick! Jason Davis isn't fooled. He yanks it in pretty easily.

2:28 PM -I'm really impressed with Lorenzo Booker and Quintin Demps. Despite a muff each, both seem to have that extra north-south gear that kickoff returning absolutely requires. Jackson's shiftiness is perfect for punts, but it's that burst Segrest is looking for on kickoffs.

2:24 PM -Though this is a special teams practice, offensive line coach Juan Castillo is having an extra hour with his young linemen. He's working with Mike Gibson, King Dunlap, Mike McGlynn, Stefan Rodgers and Cameron Stephenson.

2:19 PM -DeSean Jackson, who coordinator Rory Segrest isn't really looking at as a kickoff returner, muffs one here. Kicker Richmond McGee is active on every play, but not actually kicking -- he's loading the JUGS machine. Next, Lorenzo Booker jumps in and drops a ball himself. According to Segrest, he's the current leader for KO returns. Oh, by the way, Ryan Moats is back out and practicing. He left this morning's session with an ankle injury.

2:15 PM -These are the practices where the five or so guys fighting for a spot really stand out and make the team. They're simple, and repetitive, but by watching they look incredibly tiring. Just up and down the field, over and over and over. To keep going, I'd have to imagine these players really want on this team. It's an important but incredibly thankless job.

2:12 PM -Correll Buckhalter, who's in the KR mix, muffs one. A play later, Dan Klecko yells "WHERE ARE WE?" to Mike McGlynn, in his best Christian-Bale-as-Batman voice. "Have you seen the new Batman?" he asks. I have, Dan. And it is wonderful.

2:10 PM - Practice is underway. Short and small one this afternoon - special teams only. I'll fill you in on anything interesting to come from it, so stay tuned.


10:07 AM -During special teams practice Jackson fumbles one punt and everyone starts chanting "Green Bay."

10:02 AM -DeSean Jackson made a nice catch but was called out of bounds. The fans love it anyway and say that they are still going to practice their enthusiastic cheers.

10:00 AM -A drive for the 'O' is stopped when McNabb fumbles a handoff, and Howard recovers.

9:59 AM -Great play from Darren Howard to disrupt the off-tackle play, forcing Correll Buckhalter back inside. Howard's not done, though. He pursues Buck and stops him behind the line. On the next play, though, Buck takes a screen pass 15 yards to the defense's 5.

9:57 AM -Quintin Demps absolute smokes Brent Celek on a crossing route. Celek had no chance to hold onto a McNabb pass here.

9:55 AM -Look at Trevor Laws out there! His relentless pressure past Todd Herremans disrupts a designed deep throw, and McNabb is forced to flush forward in the pocket and dump a shovel pass to Jason Davis.

9:50 AM -This is exciting- Westbrook and Booker are split in the backfield. Imagine being an opposing linebacker and trying to cover those two. Not a chance.

9:42 AM -J.R. Reed makes a solid aggressive play on the ball, knocking down a receiver in the process and the fans boo the refs. It's August but the crowd doesn't care, they thought there should have been a flag on the play.

9:38 AM -Ryan Moats drops a ball in the flat and Brian Westbrook immediately goes over to talk to him. B-West showing some leadership.

9:31 AM -Seven-on-seven scrimmage between the offense and defense. Sean Considine is in at free safety for Brian Dawkins, Quintin Mikell is the strong safety. Chris Gocong drops back into coverage and lays his body out, tipping away a pass attempt to Brent Celek.

9:28 AM -On the sideline DeSean Jackson speaks with Brian Westbrook for a good amount of time. Jackson has a number of guys he can turn to on this roster that will be able to guide him in his personal and football life.

9:26 AM -Kolb stumbles out of his drop back, but recovers and fires a low toss into the back of the end zone. Brent Celek slides to it on his knees and somehow pulls it in behind Sean Considine. We get a little bit of a celebration from Celek.

9:24 AM -Fumbled snap for Kevin Kolb, recovered by Darren Howard.

9:21 AM -Speaking of good camps for a wide receiver, Hank Baskett makes another circus catch, this one in goal line drills. He outleaps Quintin Demps in the back corner of the end zone, and comes down with two feet, just barely. Our multimedia staff got a great shot of this one. You'll probably see it on Training Camp Live.

9:17 AM -The last of the third and one plays is a deep ball and Reggie Brown makes up for an earlier drop with a nice 40 yard reception from Donovan McNabb.

9:12 AM -Today's situational drill focuses on third and one plays. Lots of runs and short passes.

9:07 AM -After a poor series Andy Reid addresses his offensive line coach, "Juan, we are wasting our time out here," implying that the offensive line is failing to perform to the level that he would like. The O-line gets the message and is able to create the holes needed to break a run.

9:05 AM -Jim Johnson calls time out to reposition his linebackers before a series of plays and it works perfectly. The three following plays Stewart Bradley shoots the gap and blows up the backfield.

9:00 AM -Out come the tires. Bryan Smith and Asante Samuel flip the tires and push a sled as part of their rehab.

8:55 AM -In individual drills, we get two nice one-handed grabs, from Jason Avant (who has been stellar in camp) and Shaheer McBride. Lots of cheers for both, though Avant gets a derogatory jab about his alma mater, Michigan.

8:52 AM -The linebackers and defensive backs are working on their goal-line sets. Sean Considine, taking reps with the first team, lines up adjacent to where the left defensive end would be.

8:49 AM -A Tony Hunt sighting! Hunt is taking 11-on-11 reps with the second team, in the backfield with Lorenzo Booker. In a shotgun formation, Hunt and Booker flank Kevin Kolb.

8:45 AM -Every day, there's a male fan that, like clockwork, yells "Good morning, Harold!" to Harold Carmichael. Never fails to get a wave, either.

8:31 AM -Time for offense group install where the whole offense runs through different goal line packages. Play action, running with the fullback and running back, flag patterns, etc.

8:28 AM -The first laugh of the day. As head coach Andy Reid walks from one practice field to the next an elderly woman in the stands yells, "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play." A Reid smile this early in the morning is priceless.

8:23 AM -Rocky Boiman, Bryan Smith, Asante Samuel, L.J. Smith, and Jack Ikegwuonu work with the trainer on the sideline. Chris Clemons is just observing today's practice. Everyone is happy that he's on the field after being taken to the hospital yesterday. Kimo von Oelhoffen had a soft brace on his knee yesterday, walking on his own but he is not seen on the field today. More to come on these players and more later.

8:15 AM -Practice starts. What's noteworthy? Both DeSean Jackson (hamstring) and Brodrick Bunkley (shoulder) are back in action. L.J. Smith (calf) is still sidelined.

6:31 AM - We'll have all the action from the Lehigh University campus shortly. Practice gets underway at 8:15 AM. Catch up on the latest news regarding defensive ends Chris Clemons and Victor Abiamiri.

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