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Post-Game Quotes: QB Nick Foles

On the importance of the starters playing the majority of the game:

FOLES:"It was a huge game. It was a home game on Sunday Night Football against the Bears who have a very talented team, and who have had some great wins this year. It was another opportunity to go out there and play football. Anytime you have the opportunity to go out there and play football it's something special. It was great to go out there and get a great team win. Guys played well on all sides of the ball. We'll enjoy this for 24 hours and then move forward onto Dallas."

On taking control of the game early on:

FOLES:"It's a great start. I think we scored on three straight possessions. The defense did a great job of getting us great field position. When you can start the game with 21 points, it allows the defense to do more blitzes and different things and they really put a lot of pressure on QB Jay [Cutler] all day. It was great. [P] Donnie Jones broke the Eagles record for most punts inside the 20-yard line. Our defense scored. The key today on offense was our offensive line. They did a great job of pass protection. They opened the seams for the run game. [LeSean McCoy] and Bryce [Brown] and Chris [Polk] did a great job in the run game."

On what he learned from the first game against Dallas:

FOLES:"You can't let one game defeat you. If I know anything about myself it's that I am going to keep fighting. If I know anything about this team it's that we are going to keep fighting. You learn from mistakes in games. You learn from games like that and you move forward. The team kept together and we kept together as a team. The coaching staff did a great job. Everybody at the NovaCare Complex did a great job of keeping the beat of the team going. We've built every week. We've built every week and we're continuing to build. We still have a lot of work to do. We're going to look at this film in a critical way to see where we can improve, if I can make better decisions to put us in a better position. We look at the film like we did the Minnesota game. We lost that game and we won this game, but we have to be critical and keep getting better."

On relishing the opportunity to erase the memory from the last Dallas game and win the NFC East:

FOLES:"I'm just excited to play another game. I'm excited to go down to Dallas and play them. It's a big game. I know what is on the line. Everybody knows what is on the line. We have a big week of preparation in front of us. [Dallas] had a huge win today coming from behind and doing what they did. We have a big week ahead of us and I am excited to have the opportunity to play in another game. The Good Lord has allowed me to play today and hopefully he will allow me to play next week."

On how different the team is at this point in the season compared to the last Dallas game:

FOLES:"We have grown together. When you have a new coaching staff and new players you are going to grow and have growing pains. You are going to have good moments and you are going to have bad moments. The key to them is how you are going to respond to each moment. When the good moments happen are you going to get too high and then get smacked down or are you going to stay steady? I think the team and the coaching staff have done a great job of keeping us even keel. They do not slack off. We know we are going to work hard every week. We know what our preparations are going to be like. It is not going to change. [The coaches] demand the same amount every week win or lose. We have to keep it the same, keep pushing and keep getting it together. [Philadelphia] is a great place to play and I am honored to be a Philadelphia Eagle."

On how much the tape from the previous Dallas game will be used to prepare for next week's game in Dallas:

FOLES:"It definitely is going to be in our cut-ups and I am going to watch it and see what happened. It worked for [Dallas' defense] the first time so I don't see why they would change anything. As the season goes on they probably add new blitzes and schemes into it. We have to prepare and study the film since then. We can't let what happened in the last game affect us. We have to keep building. We've grown together as a team and as people. The most important thing is that we are people. We are in that locker room and there are personalities. We are bonding together throughout the season and we are growing together. That is how you win games by playing for the man next to you. We have a great team and we need a great week of preparation."

On knowing when to throw the ball away:

FOLES:"You always want to make a play. As a quarterback you always want to make a play. Sometimes you force things and you learn the hard way. I have learned the hard way. I have forced balls before. You watch film and understand the game and the strategy. It is not bad to throw away the ball, it actually is really good. They're NFL players. They are very talented. Their coaches do a very good job of preparing them. Sometimes when you play in a game the team is probably going to have you locked down once or twice. In those decisions when you scramble, are you smart with the ball or do you throw it away and live to play another down? It is just one of those things you learn as you mature and play this game. It is something that has been preached to me. My dad has preached it to me since I was a little kid; to live to play another down. Sometimes it is hard because you are a competitor, but it is smart to live to play another down because it puts your team in a great opportunity to succeed."

On breaking the Eagles franchise record for completion percentage (21-25, 84%):

FOLES:"I am happy we got the win. It was fun. I had a great time tonight playing on Sunday Night Football in our home stadium. The fans were awesome. It was a great team win. You put up 54 points and [Brandon] Boykin scored. Our running backs were all over the place. It was fun to play. It was fun to get a team win. It was fun to play together and be out there with my teammates. That is what I cherish the most. I don't care about the records. I want to win with my teammates and we got a great win tonight."

On being focused while playing for the division crown next week against Dallas:

FOLES:"We get to play football. We get to go out there and play football on Sunday Night Football. I know the meaning behind [the game], but if you are worried about the meaning throughout the game then you can't play. You have to worry about that opponent. The Chicago Bears are a great opponent. We went out there and played together as a team and executed. The energy was the same. The guys were ready to play and that is what we have to do every week. We have to prepare the same every week. We have to push each other every week, and we have to play for one another every week. It was a blessing to be out there and play yet another game."

On the performance of the offensive line after being hit a lot last week:

FOLES:"[The offensive linemen] take a lot of pride in that. They do not like it when I get hit. They take it personally. I am very fortunate to have five amazing linemen and five amazing people blocking for me. They block their hearts out every time we play. They did a great job tonight, and I am proud of them. It was fun out there playing with them and I know they'll be ready to play next week."

On if he will prepare differently for next Sunday's game against Dallas than he did for the previous game against Dallas:

FOLES:"I think that I have grown throughout each game. I think that as a player and a person I have continued to grow, and I will as long as I play this game. I try to get better every week. If you get one-hundredth of a percentage better every day then it is going to add up eventually. I have grown since [the last game against Dallas] and I am going to prepare like I prepare every week. I am not going to go change [my preparation] because of what happened the first time. I am going to work every day to get better. I am going to work every day with my teammates because it is a team game. We have to play together to win. It cannot be one guy out there doing everything. We are at our best when we are playing as a team. That is the key and that is why this is the greatest team game in the world."

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