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Post-Game Quotes: QB Carson Palmer

On whether offensively it was a case of starting too late:

PALMER: "Yeah, we didn't get going. We had two turnovers early in the first quarter. We just kept saying, 'Just weather the storm'. We fought back, but just in the end didn't make enough plays."

On if an interception could have led to a touchdown in the game:

PALMER: They jumped inside and double covered the wrong guy. He was running wide open and we had a long run. That's the game.

On his frustration with this setback after four good games in a row:

PALMER: "It's just frustrating to lose. We felt very ready to play, very confident coming in. Obviously, the outcome wasn't what we wanted, but anytime you lose it's frustrating and to have a chance to win it and have multiple opportunities to make plays and different things happen all game long. It's just frustrating when you don't win those kinds of games."

On whether the turnover differential was a big key in deciding the outcome of the game:

PALMER: "It's huge…huge. Three turnovers on offense and we had the one that got called back. You can't come into a place like this and play against a good team in front of a crowd like this and not win that battle. You can't expect to win and you make it extremely difficult on yourself."

On whether the interceptions were good decisions by him and just bad throws, or if they were a result of bad moves by the receivers:

PALMER: "The second one wasn't a good throw. The second one definitely wasn't a good throw. The first one, I didn't see…I got rid of it quick. I feel like I had [WR] Mike [Floyd] and I felt like I was making the right decision. I'll have to look at it on film to see what happened."

On the frustration with other factors beyond his control, like calls by the referees:

PALMER: "Coach [Bruce Arians] said after the game that's not the reason we lost. There are bad calls in every game and that's part of the game. That's not why we lost the game."

On how much further this team has to go to be a true playoff caliber team:

PALMER: "We just have to keep working. There's a month of football left. There's a lot of football left and a lot of crazy things happen this time of year. We just have to keep our heads down, continue to fight, continue to work and we have a big divisional game fortunately at our place this time. We want some payback against that team. One game at a time, that's all you can worry about right now."

On how damaging it was not only playing without RB Andre Ellington but losing him so late in the week:

PALMER: "I mean obviously not ideal to lose a guy on Friday when you have a game to play and you work all week. But he's very unique and special. There's not anybody else you have that you can play in the fourth. He's just very unique and you have certain things built in for him. Especially against this team, we had some things we really liked. Obviously if you're going to lose a guy, you want to lose him early. We just didn't know going into the week, and you don't waste all that practice time on those plays. That's what happens in this game and this league and you have to roll with the punches.

On seeing Michael Floyd make plays with his shoulder clearly not 100 percent:

PALMER: "I expect it now. He does it in practice. He works hard. He does it in games when he's had opportunities. I'm not shocked or surprised or in awe or saying wow. I expect him to make those 50-50 plays because he's shown he can do it."

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