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Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Defense

Defensive coordinator Bill Davis

On how he felt the run defense played today:

DAVIS: I think they played okay. We let a couple runs slip by us, but we felt like we were tackling hard. They fumbled a couple of times and once someone fumbles, they slow it down a bit too. We had a group defensive effort. The defensive line did a great job, they tackled hard, wrapping and punching the ball at the same time. We knew the conditions were going to cause some turnovers on both sides of the ball.

On whether he felt that the Lions had a much better feel for the weather in the beginning of the game:

DAVIS: None of us had played in the snow yet. They are a dome team. We were both feeling it out as we went and adjusted. They were figuring out what they could do. They tried to throw deep early, but the wind wouldn't let them. So, they adjusted and we adjusted. It was a fun game.*

Cornerback Cary Williams

On ever convincing your head coach of a coaching strategy before:

WILLIAMS: No. I haven't in my career. I know Chip has a lot of ties to the offense. I just haven't had that happen in my career where you could go up to a guy and tell him what's the best thing to do. I am just grateful that Chip listened. I really didn't expect him to listen, but I am happy he did. The bonus was we won the game.

On whether or not that was the first time he suggested something to a coach:

WILLIAMS: Yeah I really don't comment on anything that goes on offense. I just try to handle my business. I figured if I was going through it, then those other defensive backs were going through it. If it was difficult and frustrating for me then I'm sure it was difficult and frustrating for them. I just relayed the message, and coach [Kelly] has enough confidence in me that he relayed the message to the offense.

On what his message was to head coach Chip Kelly:

WILLIAMS: I felt like post patterns would have worked. I got beat on a post. It wasn't the fact that I couldn't run with Calvin [Johnson], it was the fact that when I tried to turn, I was sliding initially. I didn't get the initial grab into the ground the way I wanted to. I saw a lot of times [Detroit's defense] was slipping and that they were having an issue with sliding. I just told Coach, 'Let's go up top on these guys, whether it's a post or a fade.' It's hard for us to stop and then turn and run, and gain enough speed because the receiver already has all the momentum.

On the 44-yard catch by WR Riley Cooper in the 3rd quarter being the trigger that got the offense going:

WILLIAMS: Yeah, it was huge. It was great to see Coop out there come down with the catch despite the conditions. It was tough out there. [The Lions] dropped a lot of balls, but our guys were able to come down with the catches. As far as I'm concerned, I'm happy with everybody. I'm happy with the outcome. We're 8-5 now and that's huge.

On the secondary's performance against WR Calvin Johnson:

WILLIAMS: It was a great team collective effort. The guys up front, first and foremost, handled their business, not allowing the quarterback to step into throws. Then it starts with the secondary doing our jobs and making sure no one gets over the top. I'm disappointed I gave up that deep ball in the middle, but for the most part we held them. I'm very proud of the team and very proud of the coaching staff for what it has done to get us to this point. This is not a situation where we get complacent. We are going to continue to make strides and get better each and every week.

Linebacker Connor Barwin

On playing in the conditions today:

BARWIN: It was crazy. I've played in some snow back in Detroit, but nothing like that. Not that much. Not with that much snow that piling up on the field. It was a great game and a lot of fun. Everyone did what they had to do to get the win.

On knowing there would be turnovers to create with the weather conditions:

BARWIN: We knew there were going to be some. We had to force those opportunities. We knew [the game] was going to be about turnovers and field position. We kept punching for the ball and we ended up getting them.

On how big of a win today was:

BARWIN: I think it's a huge win because of the way we did it offensively and defensively. I think it's another game where we faced adversity and you won the game in a different way. I don't think we've ever been down 14 points and came back and won like that, so it's a learning process for us moving forward. It's another win at home. At this time in the season, any wins in December are worth a little more.

On the team coming together:

BARWIN: You get the feeling that it's a real team. Guys care about each other and believe in each other. In the last couple of weeks it's really starting to come together, and guys can feel that.

On the conditions helping the defenses:

BARWIN: [The Lions] like to pass the ball, throw it around a little bit, so that wasn't in their favor, but our offense is the same way.

On getting pressure on Lion's QB Matthew Stafford:

BARWIN: I think [defensive coordinator] Billy Davis called a great game moving us around a little bit. Their offensive line is a good offensive line, but I think our guys just stepped up.

On people remembering this game forever:

BARWIN: We said that from the beginning. We said let's make this game a special one because you are going to remember playing in this game with this kind of weather. Let's make sure we remember it as a win.

On being able to see while playing when the snow was coming down hard in the first half:

BARWIN: They had a little advantage wearing white jerseys. It was very hard to tell who was who and who had the ball when they ran the ball because it was snowing so hard.

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