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Pop Quiz: Draft Trivia Questions


Q. The Eagles have the most draft picks in this year's draft? True or False

A: Yes, with 12 picks the Eagles have more than any team. The Bengals, Cowboys, Broncos and Patriots have 11 draft picks. The Seahawks, Titans and Giants are next on the list with 10 each. The Saints have the fewest picks with four. The Redskins have only five.

Q: The Eagles had the first draft pick in NFL history. Who was he?

A: Halfback Jay Berwanger was the first overall draft pick in NFL history out of the University of Chicago in 1936. Berwanger and the Eagles could not agree on a contract, so Berwanger never played in the NFL.

Q: Which school have the Eagles selected the most draft picks from?

A: Notre Dame, 26

Q: Since 1980, the Eagles have used a first-round pick at every position on defense except ...?

A: Linebacker. Jerry Robinson was selected with the 21st overall pick out of UCLA in 1979.

Q: The 2007 NFL Draft set what infamous record?

A: The first round lasted the longest in draft history - six hours and eight minutes.

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