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Philadelphia Is Home For CB Carmichael

Roc Carmichael is happy to be back in Philadelphia. Carmichael was a member of the Eagles last season, helping out on special teams and in the defensive backfield before he was released as part of the final roster cutdown on August 30.

Now, he is back and thankful for the second opportunity.

"I've been keeping in contact with the staff here for the past 11 weeks and every couple of weeks I've been checking in and seeing how everything has been going," Carmichael said. "When they let me go they made sure that I had a feeling that I would be back and they kept their word, so I'm grateful and happy."

Carmichael never let the release get to him though. He always kept his chin up and kept training for the next opportunity.

"I never had a feeling that I was done playing ball, so I was ready to come into a camp next year or to go up to Canada and play if I had to," said Carmichael. "I just knew that I was going to be prepared for it."

During the 11 weeks when Carmichael wasn't with the Eagles, he was in Houston (where he was drafted as a fourth-round pick of the Texans in 2011) staying warm, training for another chance, and also enjoying some family time.

"I was able to catch four or five of my brother's ball games and I was happy for that," Carmichael said. "It was the first time that I was able to see him play, so it worked out."

Family is important to Carmichael, which is a major reason why he loves being back in Philadelphia.

"This is the spot for me," Carmichael said with a smile. "Coming from Houston and coming here last year I just felt like I had a great opportunity and Philadelphia made me love playing the game more."

"I'm an East Coast guy myself. My mom is in the Washington, D.C. area, so being in Houston was hard because I was so far away from her … Being here, I get to play ball and drive home and see my family on the weekends."

Carmichael is ready to make an instant impact in his return. He explained that he already feels "familiar with the plays and the signals on the defensive side of the ball, so that will be pretty easy for me."

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