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Paolantonio: Eagles Saying McNabb, Kolb Not Available In Trade

Maybe this will get people to believe what Andy Reid said at the end of the season.

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio, in a piece where he called the Donovan McNabb story the "most compelling" in the NFL, cited multiple league sources when he reported that teams who have called the Eagles to inquire about either McNabb or backup Kevin Kolb have been told that they "are not available."

That should be the end of the article, right? Of course not.

Paolantonio cites NFL front-office execs when he reports that the Eagles may be telling other teams that McNabb is not available, but the belief around the league is a first-round pick could get a deal done.

"Three years ago, the Eagles were asked about McNabb's availability, particularly by the Minnesota Vikings. At that time, the Eagles killed the market by setting the price too high: two first-round NFL draft picks," Paolantonio wrote. "Today, McNabb has diminished in value. Among NFL front-office executives, the talk is that the Eagles will want at least a first-round pick, but no one has heard a price from South Philadelphia."

Adam Caplan, a weekly guest of Eagles Live!, told Paolantonio that he's heard from league sources "this is the first year Andy Reid is willing to listen to trade offers for Donovan, but it's got to be at least a first-round pick."

Paolantonio's colleague at ESPN, John Clayton, was asked during Thursday's SportsCenter if there was one marquee player who would be playing for a different team in 2010. Clayton said it would be McNabb.

"I honestly think Donovan McNabb is going to be traded," Clayton said. "A lot of this has to go with Brett Favre, and at some point, knowing Favre will wait until August to make a final decision, I think the Vikings have to make a move. That's why McNabb makes the most sense. You can maybe offer a second-round pick, hope to avoid a first-round pick. But I do think the Eagles would be interested and certainly the Vikings need him because to replace Favre you have to have a star and McNabb can be that star."

Now, McNabb and Kolb were discussed in Paolantonio's article, but what about Michael Vick. Clayton thinks the Eagles will have to outright release him.

"I think they're not going to have any other choice but to release Michael Vick mainly because I think it's going to be hard to get a trade," Clayton said. "Certainly, I think you can see St. Louis as being an interested team if he's released. There's an outside chance of Buffalo, I'm not getting great vibes from Buffalo that they are going to be a Michael Vick team. But overall, he's going to find a new location. I don't see him going back to Philadelphia. He needs a new challenge. He could end up in St. Louis."

And the speculation continues.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 12:52 a.m., February 12

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