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Panthers HC Ron Rivera

On his feelings about the times in the first half that his defensive linemen were tired as a result of working against an up-tempo offense: "I'm not sure if it was as much tiring as much as we probably overplayed the playaction and it's all part of it. It stymies your pass rush. One of the things that you can't do is you can't allow that playaction to stymie you doing your assignment and we started watching the mesh point a little bit too much in my opinion. I'll get an opportunity to see it on tape but I really thought that we were letting it freeze us a little too much and they did some really nice things. I thought (QB) Nick Foles did a nice job for them. I think what we have to do again is we have to do our assignment. This is assignment football when you play a team like this and the other thing you can't do is when you're playing a fast-strike offense that can put points on the board, you can't kick field goals, you got to score touchdowns."

On his disappointment that his team didn't score any touchdowns tonight: "Yes, I am. I really am. I mean we had opportunities, but we have to give them credit. They did some nice things on defense. They made some plays when they had to. They put us in third down and long situations that caused us to stall out the drive. And the thing that we can't do is we can't allow us to get ourselves in third and long. They did a nice job on their offense. They were third and medium for the most part, or short. Again, if you do that, you're going to win more often than not on third downs."

On his feelings on how his first team offense responded: "I thought they responded well. We kicked two field goals, but again, I want touchdowns. This is a fast-strike offense. When you play fast-strike offense, when you play teams who can get the ball to the end zone in a hurry, you have to score touchdowns. Field goals are not enough and that's the disappointment. That wasn't good enough as far as I was concerned. I know we put up some good yardage the first half but that's not enough."

On seeing more from (WR) DeAngelo (Williams) than he wanted from him because of injuries: "You're always concerned, but you can't control that. Maybe a couple less, but for the most part it was good to see he ran hard, he did some nice things. He made a couple nice cuts, picked up some good yardage for us. And again, it exposed us a couple times because I think they tackled DeAngelo three times for loses and you can't do that. The point of attack is you have to win and give your backs a chance. But again, have to give them credit. They did some nice things on the defensive side."

On feelings of (QB) Cam (Newton) not being consistent tonight after talks of importance in year three: "I thought he did some nice things. He got us down there twice in scoring position. The first drive was disappointing because we ended up in a third and long situation and we had a chance if we could convert. And next thing you know we got a chance to score again. I'm not necessarily sure if he wasn't as consistent as I would like. We did miss a couple throws, but he was running for his life twice and both times he overthrew the ball and I'm not sure if you'd necessarily put that on the quarterback alone because, again, he has to get protection and we have to make sure we're running the right routes too sometimes."

On his feelings on the lack of running game effectiveness so far in pre-season being attributed to "vanilla-ness": "I think it's due to some of the "vanilla-ness", but I also think though on the two field goals that we kicked that we ran the ball pretty well in both of those situations. Again, the lack of success we had in terms of scoring touchdowns is probably the biggest disappointment more than it is anything else."

On his feelings on Michael Vick vs. Nick Foles as the Eagles starting quarterback: "That wouldn't be fair to Coach (Chip Kelly). It really wouldn't. I thought they both came out and did some really good things with the offense. Both quarterbacks did. And he has a tough decision because I think he has two really worthy quarterbacks right now and I'm not gonna do that to Coach."

On the quarterback play calling in the preseason games and not wanting to open up too much on the run-pass option: "To answer that question, yes. But it was also an option as far as (QB) Cam (Newton) was concerned, and (RB) DeAngelo (Williams) had the same thing when he underthrew the fade to (WR David) Gettis. Again, you sit there and you get the coverage you want and you have the option to throw it out there and both of them took the option unfortunately and we missed the throws. If we could have put the ball a little tighter into the corner maybe we would have had the chance to make the catch or not. There are some things that we're obviously not doing, we're not showing. But again, you gotta give them credit because we ran the fades, they covered the fades, and we didn't make a play.

On (WR) David (Gettis) solid first two pre-season games: "You know what's interesting; again it goes back to OTAs in mini-camps. What he has done is a lot like what (WR) Armanti (Edwards) has done. He had good OTAs, he had good mini-camps. He's carried it over into training camp as well so I'm very excited for both of those guys. I'm very excited for David though. He stepped up today and played a very good football game and I told the players I thought it was a very inspirational effort he gave. And some guys can learn from guys who are playing hard and doing their best to make this football team."

On putting David Gettis in a position to give him opportunities to make good plays: "Very much so. Again, let's not forget two years ago when I first got here he was in a battle until he got hurt. And then he had a good rookie year and coming off of the knee surgery, he struggled last year. Now he really seems to be back to the kind of guy that we thought he could be. So I'm excited for him and I look forward to seeing him next week."

On Gettis' play putting more pressure on players like (WR Domenik) Hixon: "It's putting a lot of pressure on a lot of guys. It really is. I'm not going to single out one individual because there are a lot of guys that are competing for positions, but David doing the things that he showed early in his career and it's post-injury now and I'm happy for him."

On if the team came out healthy at the end of the game: "Relatively. We're going to have a few bumps and bruises and nicks and hopefully won't have any surprises in the morning. That's what you hope for is that both teams come out healthy in the preseason because, again, going forward you want to have your best guys ready to go."

On the common denominator of the three takeaways in the first half: "No, not necessarily because the first one was a bad snap and I thought (Eagles QB) Nick (Foles) tried to force one in there and we were able to make a play. The other one was just good, hard tackling. And the other one was a hail mary. So to accredit something, I'm not necessarily convinced. But I will say (DE) Louis Nzegwu made a real nice hit and they, fortunately for us, were able to recover."

On Chase Blackburn's condition after catching a stinger: "Yeah, he caught a helmet in the back and so he started to cramp up right there so we thought it would be safe to just keep him out."

On what part of Blackburn was injured: "It was the Longissimus Dors. The long muscle in the back."

On RB Kenjon Barner's muffed punt being a ball security issue: "No, please don't start talking about ball security. I'm being serious, too. I don't think that was. I think again it was a stampede. There was a lot of traffic and I think because of the traffic that was the cause. Again, that's one of those things where players have to be a little bit more aware. You like to see them be a little bit more aware. We had somebody else on the other side too that almost ran into him as well. So again, it's just awareness. It was a short punt. When the punt returner's coming in and your guys are trying to block, you've got to know that it's a short punt. You've got to sneak a peek to see where he is."

On his temptation to throw the first team in again for a touchdown: "No, they had enough. I thought they did a really nice job. I really do. Even though we didn't score touchdowns, I thought we moved the ball effectively. Again, I would have had the touchdowns because again when you play teams that have the ability to strike fast you've got to put points on the board and field goals are not enough."

On his overall takeaway from tonight: "Well, there's a lot of little details that we messed up on. Listening to the coaches on the headsets talking about somebody being out of position, somebody not running the right route, somebody missing a block, somebody missing an alignment as far as the defense was concerned, somebody out of the gap. So there was a lot of little details. I've said this before, when you're having one or two or three guys not where they're supposed to be, there are some issues that we have to get corrected and we'll get those corrected and we'll get that worked out as we go forward this week. In all honesty, I was very pleased at a lot of things that did go on. I'm just disappointed because we had an opportunity to put points on the board."

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