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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks:"A real quick review of the last ballgame. It's my responsibility to get the points on the board. A lack of communication got us on several occasions. We certainly had some opportunities early and often there. We simply just didn't get it done, and that's on me.

"Now onto this ballgame. We sit here 2-1. We've got a heck of an opportunity against a great ballclub. (They have) an excellent front, and some very good players across the board on defense for the New York Giants here – excellent scheme, coached very well, they play hard. I expect it to be a very good tussle there."

On whether there were communications problems or it was a lack of execution:"I don't know, but it was probably semantics. Just some simple plays where the communication wasn't – and it happened all over the place. Communication is so important – coach to player, player to player, players back to the coaches. All of those things. There were many times where we had a communication problem there."

On whether he feels that they should run the ball more in the first half:"I've been back through that several times. We went 11 plays there in the first half in the two-minute. We only had nine plays in the first quarter. I think somewhere in there it was like eight passes to three runs, and that's not unusual for us. I did want to go after them down the field and we did have some opportunities there. All of the sudden, it's 17 and 24 to nothing. We just didn't have very many plays, and all of those passes were in the two-minute at the end of the quarter and that's typical there. We just didn't have many plays. Then, we got behind so much that we had to throw the football a little bit."

On whether he anticipates any kind of changes coming:"It's not out of whack. I think it was eight to three, and then we had a run called that we didn't get off because of a penalty. It was kind of a different game there. You do get into those if you don't have many plays, that's first. Then, many of your plays were in a two-minute situation. The numbers get out of whack just a little bit. We're right where we kind of like to be overall. We're 62% pass overall and somewhere around 52 percent or 50 percent run-pass on first-down. Overall, it's pretty good. On paper, that's the first thing I did was, 'Holy smokes!' On paper, it looks really odd, but if you go through the situational part of it, it balances out just a little bit. If I had that game to play over again, which you don't, in hindsight I would've done it just a little bit differently. We certainly thought that going in we had a heck of a game plan. I still think it was what we talked about with the communication part. We certainly could have slowed it down a little bit and made sure that we got the communication part down and run the ball a little more certainly, absolutely. I'm not trying not to get sensitive or anything like that."

On whether QB Michael Vick getting hit so much factored into his decision-making:"Sure, certainly. However, in this game, you have to play lights out and play in an attack mode. You can do that in the running game and do it in the passing game. You just can't because Mike gets hit a few times, and some of those are him running into some hits, but you just can't pull back and get really conservative because of that. Otherwise, you have no chance. We were just trying to have a chance to win that game when we were down (by) 17 or 24."

On describing the Eagles-Giants rivalry:"What a rivalry it is going way back before my time. There is great history to this rivalry now, and it gets smoking pretty good. I've been fortunate enough to be a part of several great, great ballgames and unusual games. We have the Giants several times and some crazy things (have happened). I remember (QB) Eli (Manning) driving them back against us late in the football game. (RB) Brian Westbrook returning the punt. Then, Michael, down a whole bunch of points in the second half. When you get into those games, usually there are multiple players making those type of plays. Most of the time, it's a physical, physical and tough, tough ballgame. There has been a couple where they have been low scoring, tough, physical with a lot of running by both sides. Cold weather, we have been through a lot of those. It's a great rivalry and one of the very best."

On what sticks out on film about where Vick needs to make improvements:"There are several things. The first thing is just playing the quarterback position at a high level. Look, there has been several where he's done it just beautifully. Maybe he needs to move. About half of the time the quarterback needs to move. It might be subtle or a slide. It might be up and out, in a full scramble, front door or back door - all these type of movements. I want him to be very disciplined within those because there are some plays to be had there. He's done it just beautifully on many occasions, and there's been a handful where he hasn't done that quite like he wants to do it."

On the challenges that the offensive line faces with two new starters:"I'll tell you what – my concern going into that ballgame coming off two emotional wins and going all the way to the West coast with two new linemen, including a center, was just simply the procedure. My concern wasn't the communication. I thought we had done a heck of a job with that part of it in the first two ballgames. The procedure was very good, and (C) Dallas (Reynolds) did just an outstanding job and our left tackle (Demetress Bell) did have one false start. We minimized that part of it, so that part of it was good, but of course that doesn't show on the score. We have to do the right thing on each and every play."

On whether the turnovers in the passing game would lead him to want to run the ball more:"Sure, you can do that unless you're down by 17 or 24, certainly."

On whether sticking to the run game more is a goal going forward:"No, we go after people now. Look, I tell the players that we're going to be aggressive. Again, you can be aggressive in the running game or the pass, but we're going to be aggressive. I want them to be aggressive and want them to play without the fear of making a mistake. If you make a mistake, you find the solution and then you correct it fast. Once you get that thing motoring pretty good, and I think we are closer than it appears, then you're in pretty good shape both run and pass. Normally, many of your runs come in the second half, whether you are close, you are even, or you are up, and with us most of the time. Not all of the time, but most of time. Philosophically, I don't care as much about balance in any particular game. If we have to run the ball 50 times to win the game, that's what we'll do. If we need to pass the ball 50 times in any particular game, that's what we'll do. Now, you take the whole season and you'd rather be somewhere around 60-40ish, usually a little higher than 60ish maybe 60-65% pass."

On whether he has run the ball more against the Giants than other opponents:"With that front four, you have to do some things that are a little bit different because this is a unique, talented front four that they have. You can do many different things with the pass and/or the run against their front four."

On the best way to keep teams from blitzing:"The best way is to have great success against it. Last I looked, our yards per attempt were really, really good. Somewhere around eighth in the league. We haven't thrown any picks but we've fumbled. We have to get better at that. We want the mentality that if they blitz, we're going to get him. We hope they blitz."

On whether running the ball more in the second half was Mornhinweg calling plays based on what he saw from their defense:"Well, both. Earlier in the game, our first run was zero and then +3. Then, we had a run and we didn't get it off. We just didn't have many plays in that first half. There were certainly some plays – I think you need to look at it situationally. There were some plays early in the game that we wanted to get after them with in the pass game. Then, we got to some of the runs and had some moderate success. You're not going to win it down by 24 points doing that."

On how important it is to have WR Jeremy Maclin back in the offense:"Jeremy is a great player. I'll tell you that (WR) Damaris (Johnson), while he certainly fumbled that punt return, played well for a rookie. There were some communication problems there as well. I am pleased with the way he is playing for the spot that he has been put into."

On what Vick needs to do in particular to limit turnovers:"There are several things. The decision making, which he's worked hard on that, and then the ball security part. I would expect that to be better now. He has some goals, and he knows how important it is. I expect him to get better at that."

On why TE Clay Harbor only had 11 snaps:"We didn't have many plays early, and we got into two minute. Typically, we're not going to go into two tight-end in the two-minute. Then, the second half we were down by 24, that type of thing. It got out of whack pretty early as far as those types of things.* *I think you can understand that part of it and you have to get rocking and rolling a little bit. We're typically not in two tight ends there."

On being aggressive against a young and inexperienced Giants secondary:"I think they have done an admirable job in that secondary because they've been banged up quite a little bit early this season. The teams that can handle that front four – it's just like any defense that has had a little bit of success – but you have to take care of that front four. That's the one thing you do going into each game is figure out their strengths and take them away. They have got so many good players up front that it is a very difficult thing to do."

On whether a team has to reassess their offensive philosophy if they turn the ball over:"I reassess it every week."

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