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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "Briefly on the last ballgame, we had a chance to knock a team out and we didn't do that earlier in the game. And then we had a chance to win the game, offensively, at the end and we didn't quite get that accomplished, what we wanted to accomplish. So next time, we'll do the same thing again and we'll get that thing done. And moving on to the New York Football Giants coming into town, always a huge game, our players are very focused on a high level of play on a consistent basis. They certainly give you unique challenges to take care of, so we're certainly focused on that."

On whether he's decided on a starting quarterback for Sunday: "Well, (QB) Mike's (Vick) going through the process, alright. So we'll leave it at that. Other than that, I just don't have the information to go into too many details; it's just going through the process."

On whether Vick will practice Thursday afternoon: "He went through walkthrough, and so part of the process is a lot of people involved."

On who will start at quarterback if Vick doesn't play: "Well, we'll see, but we're getting all three ready to go on the field and in the film room. And (QB) Mike Kafka's done an excellent job. I thought he played at a very high level in the last ballgame. And then, (QB) Vince (Young) is coming off of a hamstring injury so that is day to day as well, and he is doing very well up to this point."

On his thoughts about how Vick has looked off-the-field in the film room and in meetings: "Really, he's been in mostly every meeting, and so all of that has been normal routine, unless he's had a doctor appointment or (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) needed him or something like that, but otherwise it's been routine for him."

On whether he feels comfortable turning Kafka loose if he plays versus the Giants: "Oh yeah, oh yeah, the whole team has great confidence in Mike, and so, with virtually anything we do offensively. And so, that's the way we play, whoever's at quarterback we turn it loose and try to play as aggressive as possible while being as smart as we can with it."

On whether he is building different gameplans depending who is at quarterback: "Well, the unique thing that we have, although I've been through it before, is a left-hander and two right-handers. So that's a little bit different, otherwise it's very manageable. That's what we do, we prepare ourselves, and then if at any position if a man is unavailable, then the next man comes in a plays just as well or even better. That's what the expectations are, and so that's what we do. But other than a left-hander and a right-hander it's business as usual there."

On how he is addressing the left-hander and right-hander quarterback situation: "Well, I don't want to get into too many details but there are some differences between a lefty and a righty on various plays."

On his thoughts about what the offense did to comeback versus the Giants last season: "We stayed with much of what we wanted to accomplish going into the game. Early in the ballgame we didn't get it done as well as we did late in the ballgame, and then all of a sudden…You know against pressure defenses, and really ultimate pressure defenses, at some point there's going to be some big plays if you execute properly, and then you're going to get hit in the face on a couple of runs and you're going to have to get the ball out quickly on a couple of occasions in the pass game, but at some point, you know just a general philosophy (is if that) they blitz, we want to score. It can come at any time against these ultra-blitz defenses."

On whether it is an advantage that New York has to prepare for three quarterbacks instead of just one: "Well, I think that's just a little bit overrated as far as which quarterback; every quarterback has different strengths so their defense has to prepare for that. Other than that, I'm not sure it makes too much difference, they'll make adjustments during the game anyway just like our offense will do."

On whether the Falcons were bringing a lot of pressure on Kafka: "Well, they brought some pressure on him, and Mike did a good job against it. Mike played well. (He) had us in position to have a chance to win the game. And so I thought he played at a high level."

On whether he's talked to Vick about turnovers: "Oh sure, we talked about it and both, and there are several guys I've talked to individually and as a unit on offense, and the biggest correlation to winning is the turnover margin. So we have not done a good job of that, and as you know the New York Giants led the league in several categories and one was forced fumbles. And so, we're very aware of that."

On whether he can pinpoint the issues that caused Vick's fumbling problems: "He was a little loose with the ball on a couple of occasions, but other than that he's been pretty clean. So he'll be fine, he'll be fine with the ball security issue. And he's going to emphasize that himself."

On his thoughts about the offensive line play last week: "They played well. There are certainly some plays that we can get better at, and that mentality of getting better every day and every week at all positions holds true there. I do think as they get better and better every week, I think that we're going to end up with an outstanding offensive line. We have great confidence in their ability."

On whether there is a reason why Vick's completion percentage is as low as it is right now: "Well, the first game he was well under 50 percent (but) it's hard to evaluate on a two-game type situation. I think you need to get several more games into it to get a real good evaluation. So I would expect him to throw for a higher completion percentage as we go. You know, some teams, it depends on the plan but you expect to throw for a high completion percentage, other teams you expect well, 'We may not throw for as high of a completion percentage but we're going to get some big plays out of it."

On whether there is a reason why Kafka took a majority of the first string snaps yesterday: "Well, we're getting all three ready, first. And second, Vince is coming off of a two-week hamstring (injury). He is getting better, he's getting better and he may end up being 100 percent by the end of the week but we'll see, so that was the situation there."

On whether there is any way to lessen the hits Vick takes after throwing the ball: "Yeah, and we've discussed that and I don't want to get into details on that but I want to see Mike keep himself clean and minimize (the hits he takes) – now the one that he got the injury on there was nothing quarterback-wise that he could have done, but there's been others, so I'd like to minimize that and he'd like to minimize that. Some of it is his style of play, and certainly you don't want to take that style of play away from him, but I do want to minimize the hits and there are several things we can do there."

On his thoughts about the ability of Patriots QB Tom Brady to avoid pounding after he throws the ball: "Yeah, well I'm not sure I would agree with you there, it depends on which game and what the circumstances are. However, I think it's very difficult to compare Michael Vick and Tom Brady (because) they're totally different styles of play."

On his thoughts about how he would characterize Vick's mental attitude and his passion to play on Sunday: "Oh, he's one of the great leaders on this team, he has old-school mentality, and he's doing everything he can to get back on the field. And so we'll see, we'll see how the process ends up here."

On whether Vick has told him that he wants to play on Sunday: "Oh absolutely, yeah. He has a great mentality, he looks great so we'll see. Like you said, it's not quite all in his hands, so we'll see."

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