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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "Alright, we'll wrap up the last game real quick. It was a good win. The second road game back-to-back and that was a good thing. I thought the players were real prepared, but we need even more. We'd love some things on the field (to be) better. We can do better there. We have quite a challenge this week. There are very talented players on that defensive side of the ball and high-level players. Now, of course they've switched schemes and made a change there. They're in a 3-4 (defense) now. They're a team that looks to disrupt, and so you have players being used in all different kinds of ways. And they have players to be able to do that. Number 30 (S LaRon Landry) is an excellent football player, and so we have to account for him at all times. They have a very good front, an excellent group linebackers, and then they have some very good cover guys in the back."

On whether being good in the red zone is an overrated statistic: "Well, that's a good point. You have to dig deeper than just looking at red zone stats. Certainly, the red zone is important, however, being able to get into the red zone correlates with winning more than just your red zone statistics. So, we understand that first. Secondly, our team's scoring outside the red zone. Has there been - and we've had some in the past that really distort the stats - has there been some victories kneeling in the red zone? Has there been some setting up for field goals in the red zone? Has that particular team, a couple of times at the end of half had a great drive down in there, ran out of time and kicked a field goal? That's a good thing, but it looks poorly. So, the red zone is a little cyclic that way because there's just, anyway we could go on for days and days about (the red zone)."

On whether having success in the red zone means something at the end of the year: "Yeah, and statistics, that's for the past. You have to do it the next game. I mean, that's the way we look at it. It's a good thing."

On whether QB Michael Vick has certain skills that make him more effective in the red zone: "Well, he's always been pretty good in the red zone. He has a unique ability to pass the ball with all the different schemes you can do. And then he has the running ability as well."

On whether teams have to play Vick differently in the red zone: "They play Michael differently in any situation. So, we're used to that and (Redskins QB) Donovan (McNabb) was unique in some aspects there, as well. And Brett Favre was unique. Steve Young was unique. I mean, you get a unique type of fellow there and they're going to play you differently, in many cases all situations."

On whether Vick's skills have helped improve the third-and-long conversion rate: "Yeah, that's a good point. That's a little cyclic too. I think a couple years ago we led the league in third-and-longs, converting third-and-longs too and last year we didn't. We weren't very good at it. So, I think that's a little cyclic too. You just don't get that many, so you have to look at it over a four or five-year span in many cases. But yeah, Mike certainly has done well in the third and longs and there are a couple reasons for that. I don't want to go into too much detail, but he's been good at that."

On whether the Redskins are using Landry differently than in the past: "Yeah. They're using him similar to the Packers using (former safety LeRoy) Butler way back when. (LaRon Landry) is all over the place. He is a heck of a player now. He has great instincts. He has a great feel of the game. He's a good pass cover man, as well as he's good against the run. He's an excellent blitzer. And so, you have to account for him."

On whether he is surprised how quickly Vick has elevated his play and his room for improvement: "Well, I think he expected it. I expected it. I expected him to play at a high level. His challenge now is, and there's even more there for him, now, there's more, but his challenge now is to continue to play at that high level on a consistent basis. And he's all about business now. Its business and he's a real pro right now. He's a Pro Football player and he's going about his business in a certain way and it's paying off for him."

On whether he is game planning against DT Albert Haynesworth: "Absolutely, you have to account for him. This man is a big, strong, one of the best in the league. So, you have to account for him. You have to know when he's in (the game). In fact, he blew one up on the goal line last week. He can really disrupt your scheme there if you allow him to."

On whether there are influences of McNabb seen in QB Kevin Kolb or Vick: "Yeah, there has to be. They were together too long. Kevin certainly, and then Mike for a whole year, absolutely. I think those two quarterbacks were able to watch one of the very best in this league go about his business. And, as you know, Donovan's a heck of a quarterback, and has been for many, many years."

On whether there are any particular areas in Kolb or Vick where he sees McNabb's influence: "He's had great influence. I don't want to get into too much detail because Donovan has great strengths, unique strengths. And so, the fellas were certainly paying attention watching and learning from Donovan."

On whether some of WR Jeremy Maclin's touchdowns have been a direct result of WR DeSean Jackson being double-teamed: "Well, there's been four, right. So, there's one there that was his. There was one there that could have gone to one of two people, and another one, one of two people. It's about half and half. He was the number two guy on a couple of them and he was the number one guy on a couple of them, yeah."

On whether teams are really concentrating on Jackson more than they have in the past: "Well, yeah. DeSean gets a lot of attention. Now, it's not always though because they have to play some other things. But yeah, DeSean gets an awful lot of attention."

On whether he is having trouble getting Jackson involved because of the defenses keying on him: "Well, no. That's my responsibility and I take that responsibility seriously. I like to use all eligible runners and receivers but get the ball into - and I think he's an elite player - I like to get it into the elite's players' hands a little bit more often. I think he's leading the league, or first or second in yards per catch, so that's a good thing. I'd like to get it to him a little bit more, but I think we're fine there right now."

On whether he thinks defenses will have to key on Maclin more which will open things up for Jackson: "We'll get new looks every week and we get them every week. It's just the way it is, so it just depends on what they want to accomplish."

On his thoughts on FB Owen Schmitt in his first two games with the team: "Yeah, well he deserves some credit there. He picked up what we were doing and I think (running backs coach) Ted (Williams) just spent an inordinate amount of time with him and still does. He's still learning just a little bit, but we ask him to do more than a couple handful of things and he did those just beautifully. There were a couple things there the first game; there were a couple things the second game, so he's continuing to get better. But, he really came in and had an immediate impact with us."

On whether he kept more blockers in the backfield against Jacksonville and his thoughts about how RB LeSean McCoy handled blocking: "I think LeSean had, the stats don't show it, but I think LeSean may have had one of his better games. There were a couple of things there now; there were a couple, two or three things there. However, he did an excellent job with his blitz recognition and picking it up, and for the most part he did a good job running with the football. He did some good things as well for us that you really don't see, so I think he had, maybe, one of his better games even though stats don't show it."

On whether he will continue to use more protection: "We'll pick our spots. I don't want to get into too much detail, but sometimes we'll protect, sometimes we'll scat."

On whether McCoy's improvement in blitz pickup is more due to him being physically stronger or his mental recognition:"I think they go hand-in-hand because if you know what you're doing, you recognize it very quickly, and then you can use your physical ability. I think we talked about that in training camp. I think that was a dramatic jump for him from last year and coming into this year. He's very comfortable. We game plan individual, specific game plans. So, it changes every week for him and he has to stay on top of that and Ted and (offensive line coach) Juan (Castillo) do a great job, and (tight ends coach) Tom (Melvin) do a great job with all that with him. So, he understands the process. He understands the week-to-week routine. He understands what the expectations are and he's done a pretty good job there, up to date."

On whether he expects C/G Nick Cole to practice today: "We'll see. We'll see. We're looking a little bit later in the week. However, I think he's just trying to calm that thing down. I think he'll be fine."

On his thoughts about G Reggie Wells in the game last Sunday: "Yeah, he did fine. He did fine."

On whether he sees improvement in the offensive line: "Well, this group has a chance to be very good. This group has a chance to be very, very good. And as you know, it's not about individuals playing well, it's about the group playing well as a whole, and that includes the tight ends and on occasions the backs. And they're working to get there and they've done a fine job, in most cases in these first three ball games. We have to tighten a few things up, and that goes for the whole group. There's more out there for us. There's more, better. We can get better and we try to get better every day."

On whether Vick has emerged as a leader on this offense: "I think he's right in the middle of that. He's done a nice job that way. I think that's one of his strengths that has been overlooked. I think he does a good job with the leadership with this football team."

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