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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "We have a good opportunity here coming up Monday night. The Cleveland Browns' defense is much better than their general stats show. They are very good on third downs and excellent on third-and-short, especially against the run. They've played some very, very good offenses and held them down. They held Indy to three points. They lost to Pittsburgh by four. They've lost some very close games. They are big. They are physical. #92, (DL) Shaun Rodgers is an excellent player, one of the very best. They play a certain way, and then within that way they play a certain way against different offenses, so it's a gameplan-type defense. So, we've got a good challenge and a great opportunity here."

On how he feels about the Eagles third-and-short situations: "It's game to game. Past history means very little to the next upcoming game. I believe that we are 7-7 the last seven, so that's a good thing. We have to continue to do that. Four runs, three passes if I remember right."

On whether he would like to see FB Kyle Eckel out there this week since he's been successful in third-and-short situations: "Oh yeah, I'd like to see him out there. I'd like to see (RB) Correll (Buckhalter) out there as well. We'll see what Correll's health is like. There are a lot of other situations that go into making those decisions, so we'll see towards the end of the week."

On whether he feels that he can use RB Brian Westbrook as much as he did last week throughout the rest of the season: "I don't know. Again, it goes back, whatever it takes to win that particular game that we're in, we try to do. We try to put the fellows in the best spots to have some success, and in that particular game, we thought the best thing to do was give Brian the ball a few more times than normal. He held up well, did a nice job."

On whether WR Kevin Curtis was at the walkthrough this morning and whether he anticipates having Curtis for Monday's game:"He was at the walkthrough, yes. I would suspect that he would be okay. We'll see how the rest of the week goes."

On whether he expects Curtis at practice this afternoon: "I really haven't got any word after the walkthrough, so I would expect him, yeah."

On whether he thinks WR Reggie Brown will be comfortable coming back into the mix after being inactive last week: "Oh yeah. Reggie Brown is a good football player. It's the numbers, is the deal that's going on right there. I'd love to have him up."

On why Brown is the #6 receiver after starting the year as the #2 receiver: "Injuries. And I'm not sure he's the #6. Other things go into the decision on who's up and who's down and one of the big ones is special teams. Reggie is a good football player. He was nicked up if you remember, early. He tried to come back, he was nicked up again, tried to come back, few more nicks, so there you have it. And then the other fellows are playing pretty good."

On whether WR Jason Avant is a better slot receiver than Brown: "Reggie is good inside. We've played him inside as well."

On whether Avant is their slot receiver: "Yeah, Jason has done a nice job. Jason has been outside on occasion as well, but yeah, Jason has done a good job."

On WR DeSean Jackson being shut out against the Giants and whether he thinks that Jackson is attracting more attention these days:"Yeah, that surprised me a little bit that he didn't get a ball. We did substitute some guys, and we'd like to get him the ball a little bit more than that. We ran the ball an awful lot. I think that it was more of sort of the game situation, and then he wasn't in there on a couple of them. In fact, the first timeout that we took we called a play for him, and then he's nicked up there, and then we had a change of personnel on the play, and so a couple of those things happened that last game."

On what the differences are between Curtis and WR Hank Baskett: "Yeah, they are different. They are totally different players. Hank is big, physical, strong, excellent hands. Kevin is very fast, releases he uses quickness and lateral movement."

On whether they can use Baskett deep: "Oh yeah, sure. Hank has really deceptive, good speed and you've seen that in the past."

On whether he feels that he is in as good a rhythm as he has been so far this year: "I think the fellows have played pretty well. I think that they have played at a high level. I do think that we have a little mojo going, a little momentum, and that's a good thing. We'll see if we can keep that thing going."

On whether he sees similarities between now and the end of the 2006 season: "We'll see how it turns out. Yeah, you're talking about the feeling? Yeah. I think that I've mentioned a couple of times, we don't ever lack confidence, but there's that unexplainable little feeling when you are playing at the top of your game. Look, we can play better now. We played well, we did some excellent things, but we can play better. There is more out there for us."

On whether Baskett and Avant are better blocking receivers than Brown:"Reggie can do some of that. It just happened that way where he was banged up several different times. Some of the guys have played well. Some of the other guys are involved in some special teams; some in a major way, some in a minor way and it just fell that way."

On whether it's fair to say that Baskett and Avant are the two best blocking receivers on the team: "Reggie is pretty good. It's tough to compare because Reggie is usually outside, but Reggie is a pretty good blocker, he has been. Those two guys, they play a role maybe a little bit more than occasionally for us in the tackle box. Reggie hasn't done much of that so that role is important for Jason and Hank."

On how hard it is to get the message across to the guys that Cleveland is a dangerous football team: "Hopefully, really, didn't need to do that because every game is big and every game is important, but I did do it. Offensively it's pretty easy, you put it up before. They are up on Denver by 10 in the fourth quarter. They were up on Indianapolis; they held them to three points. There were several other games; Pittsburgh they were down by four in the fourth quarter. They were up on somebody else in the fourth quarter. So, this is one of those teams that I believe they are 4-9 and they could easily be sitting there with a winning record. Their defense is pretty good. They're a classic 3-4 defense that plays a certain way, and then they gameplan within that to play certain teams the best way that they see fit. And they bend a little bit. They are very good situationally. And then some teams have gotten some yards off them but not many points, I believe that they are 12th in the league giving up points. So, a formidable defense here that we've got coming in on a Monday night. I believe that they are 2-0 on Monday night as well with 3 of the 4 wins on the road, I believe. You may want to double check me on those things."

On whether he needs to dial up the tight end position more:"Yeah, probably, and (TE) L.J. (Smith) played well last week, so we'll see if he can play at a high level again this week."

On how he will account for the Browns' secondary being second in the league: "Yeah, and I believe that they are second in actual turnovers, yeah. That's another thing that they do very well is cover them. They are good at that and they do some certain things. They play a certain way and then all of a sudden they play very aggressive, so that's what we have here. They are very good situationally that way."

On whether he remembers getting the feeling in 2006 that things were moving in the right direction: "Yeah, I remember the exact time."

On when it was: "Shortly after the Indianapolis game. I thought that offensively we did some things there to where we could be playing at a consistent basis, and I thought our defense would be playing very well from that point on. It might have been a week later than that but I knew coming out of that if we do a couple of things, I think we could do the things, I think we can do that. And we did."

On the feeling after the Indianapolis game in 2006:"I don't think that people thought we were terrible after that one. We did some good things. Then, I thought we had a possibility and a probability of playing at a high level consistently after that ball game, and I know that outside this building the thoughts were different. Our defense played so well and our defense is playing really well now, and they enabled us to do some of the things that we did last week."

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