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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "The St. Louis Rams, very well coached, excellent set of linebackers there. They've got several very good pass rushers. It looks like their secondary, they had a couple of guys banged up, looks like they are going to play, so we've got our work cut out for us. We have to put our work in this week and make sure that we are prepared."

On how Rams DE Chris Long is developing: "It appears that he's going to be an excellent player. He's got just a high motor and hustle. It takes no talent to hustle and hustle wins games, and it takes you a long way as an individual, and he has that part of it. He has natural skill and ability, so we're going to have to take care of him. Also, (DE Leonard Little) is a very good pass rusher. (DE James) Hall is a good pass rusher. They've got (DT La'Roi) Glover in there; he's an excellent player still, so everything we do starts up front for us."

On what WR Reggie Brown will do to bolster the offense on Sunday: "We'll see. Certainly, his experience will help and his talent will help there."

On what his realistic expectations are for WR DeSean Jackson on Sunday: "I would expect him to play at a high level on a consistent basis. We'll leave it right there. I would expect him to get better every week during this season."

On whether it's unreasonable to expect a lot from a rookie: "No. We expect a lot from all of our players on the field. We expect all of our players that are on the field to play very well during any football game. When he's on the field, I have high expectations for him and for his teammates."

On whether he feels the need to try and guide DeSean in his mental approach for his first NFL start: "I don't think you need to go there. He's in his element. I don't think he'll have any problems that way."

On whether he is still considering cutting down on RB Brian Westbrook's touches and whether he has the guys who would be able to make that happen: "Every game is different. He may carry a big load in any single game or several games throughout the season. We're a little bit healthier than we were all season last year even with the couple injuries that we have, so there's no question that we can use some other people situationally."

On whether there are things that he can do with the offense this year with a healthy QB Donovan McNabb that he wasn't able to do last year: "Every quarterback is different so you tend to play to, whoever is in there, you tend to play to their strengths. It went a little bit different with (QB) A.J. (Feeley) because of his style. Yeah, there were probably a few things, absolutely, that were different because of Donovan."

On whether Brown is usually his Z receiver: "It depends on a couple of things there. He can play X and Z and you've seen him inside as well."

On whether DeSean will be starting at X on Sunday: "Well, that's a hypothetical there. We don't know. Reggie is day to day right now, so DeSean will start at the front flanker it looks like."

On how much having speed opens up what he can do with the offense: "It does help in a handful of different ways. The biggest would be it puts the defense on edge just a little bit because you have skill and ability in several different places, and quickness changes direction."

On what some of the specifics are that he has seen in the preseason that would lead to an improved red zone offense this year: "We'll see. We have to prove it. We've been used to having a high rate of success in the red zone, and I would expect that this year. Last year we didn't. We did it in spurts, so I would expect a high level of production there. And again, we're a little bit healthier and we'll play a little bit better down there. (TE) L.J. (Smith) will help. Some of our speed and quickness will help. Donovan looks like he's healthy, so there are several things that may end up helping us down there."

On whether hot temperatures on game day can potentially hurt a player who hasn't played much during the preseason: "With my past experience, it's kind of the opposite. The skill guys tend to get worn down just a little bit because they are cut up so much, and they tend to cramp just a little bit more than the big guys. The big guys withstand that just a little bit more."

On how the offensive line is looking so far: "We're in good shape there. Both of our tackles are playing well at a high level. Both of our guards have had, and I'm talking (G) Max (Jean-Gilles) and (G) Todd (Herremans), had a terrific camp. Then, (G) Shawn (Andrews) comes in and (I) didn't see much rust there, so he's ready to play. (C) Jamaal (Jackson) runs the show up there, and he has experience now, so I think we're in good shape there."

On whether he thinks the offensive line needs to have a better year than least year: "We expect to play at a high level every game. I think our offensive line is a terrific offensive line. The most important thing is playing well at a high level as a unit rather than as individuals. You can have three or four guys play an excellent game as individuals but play poorly as a unit. We need to have them play as a unit and that includes the tight ends as well in most cases."

On how RB Tony Hunt has progressed at fullback and how he envisions they will use him: "He's done a heck of a job. He's learned fast. He's learned some of those techniques and fundamentals that we ask a fullback to do, so I would expect him to play well. As far as using him, we use him in several specific manners. I would expect him to help this football team."

On whether he will use the fullback in a different way now: "Yeah, that's a possibility, too."

On whether he'd consider using DT Dan Klecko at fullback again: "That's always a possibility. We could use a handful of guys. Those guys on offense, the big guys, we could use as well. It's always a possibility."

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