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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks:"Alright, we're a quarter of the way through the season, and we're doing some things very well. We're doing other things that we've got to get better at. We're doing some things that we've just got to get better at, starting with the penalties. We've got to clean that up. We just can't be as efficient doing those types of things. We've been very good, really, with the pre-snap penalties. It's gone on during the play, so we've got to get better at that. This next game's quite a challenge, going to the West coast against a San Francisco team whose back's against the wall. Everybody's backs (are) against the wall, really, about this time. They are a very good on defense. They've got talented players there. They've got an excellent scheme and they've played it very well, I thought, at a very high level three out of the four ball games. They're very fast and they're physical. They do a lot of things very well. So it's quite a challenge there in San Francisco."

On whether he felt the offense took enough shots against the Redskins' soft Cover 2 that was inviting the Eagles to take a shot down field: "That question, I don't quite understand, because a soft 2-deep, where you've got the MIKE back, basically you're playing 3-deep double cloud, so we had some opportunities there, I think you're getting at. They're few and far between when people play that. You've got to be efficient against a defense like that, when they're playing you that way. You've got to be efficient. So, we've got to get better at that. Yeah, there was a couple there that we had some shots at there, but no, you've got to be efficient playing a defense that plays you like that.

On what you have to do to draw safeties closer to the line of scrimmage: "Well, you run the football and then you've got to hit all underneath guys and you've got to drive down the field, in many cases, two or three times. We had a couple of long drives. We've just got to be better that way."

On whether he anticipates having RB LeSean McCoy play on Sunday and if not, what is he able to do with the group of running backs that will play: "Well, we'll see on (McCoy). He's day-to-day. He's a tough guy, now. I'll tell you what, you put the film on in that second half, you would have never thought that he had any type of injury at all. Tough guy. Give him credit for that. He played hard. He played physical, even when he was banged up just a bit there. I think (RB) Mike Bell's an outstanding back. He's ready to go. We also have a couple other guys that I don't want to get into quite yet, personnel-wise, but they'll be ready to go, as well."

On why Mike Bell's numbers are down: "Just too few of tries there for him. Look, there was a couple that he had some chances on there, but Mike Bell's the type of guy that he'll get better as the game goes on."

On whether his injuries at training camp have held him back early in this season: "Well, it's irrelevant now. I think he's ready to go now. I think he's pretty comfortable how we do things and exactly what his responsibilities are, so I think we're alright there."

On whether the penalties on the offensive line are a discipline issue or compensation for lack of talent: "Now, I thought there was one close call. A couple others that were just perfect positioning and took him to the ground. You can't do that in this league anymore. Back in the old days, that was considered a heck of a block. You cannot twist a guy and put him on the ground, and a couple of those occurred. And then there's been a couple of the holding calls that just were not needed. A man's releasing and then a hand goes out and you just can't do those things during the play. Now the discipline thing, big picture, everything's just a little different in each situation, but the discipline thing, the pre-snap, or post-snap, but during the play, we've just got to get that corrected, because it's holding us back just a little bit there."

On whether the offensive line will allow the Eagles to run the ball and force the opponent to bring the safeties up: "Yeah, I think we'll be just fine there. What are we, second or third, fourth? Somewhere in there in yards per carry, so I think we're fine there."

On whether one running back can fill the void left by McCoy if he cannot play, or if they will use a running back by committee: "Both are possibilities right now. There's going to be several decisions here, made late in this week. So we're getting on a plane, and I hope it's on paper Friday, and it could be Saturday. And then you're handwriting a few things there. So there's going to be several decisions made very late in this week on how we're going to operate. Everybody's ready with their preparation. Some guys are getting the hard work on the field, some guys are trying to get themselves ready physically, but all of the preparation's going to be there."

On how much the yards per carry is inflated because QB Michael Vick's rushing yards: "Well you just take Mike out of the situation and we're still very high in yards per carry."

On whether the defense that the Redskins used was from the start of the game or from when QB Kevin Kolb entered the game: "No, it was from the first play on. Look, we've had teams do that before to us. And many of them, we've been very successful. When people play you soft, they'll do it different ways. We've been very successful in some and then in a couple of others, we haven't had quite the success we've wanted to. It comes down to being very efficient, and then when you get your shots you've got to be ready to pull the trigger and you've got to get them. And we didn't do either as well as I thought we could there that last ball game."

On whether the offense will be limited because Mike Bell is a different back from McCoy and does not have much experience catching the ball: "No, because I think he does have some experience catching the ball, and he's done a good job for us. He is a different style of back, however. So it's 'no' with a general big picture look at it, because he can catch the football. And then, as you know, it's 'yes,' because we always go to a player's strengths and he's got different strengths than LeSean does."

On how the offense changed when Kolb entered the game on Sunday: "We've got so much available that you go to the players' strengths that are on the field. It's that simple, and so there are some things that (Vick)'s better at, some things that Kevin's very good at. We've got enough in any type of game plan to where, if any of our quarterbacks are going to play, I think we should be efficient on offense."

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