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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Openings Remarks:"Throughout that last ball game, I thought that wasn't good and it starts with me and I take that responsibility serious. Now we move on. We have the Dallas Cowboys coming in. They're very good, as you know, at the outside linebacker spot and they're very good up front. You've got (NT Jay) Ratliff and (WLB DeMarcus) Ware, among others. They're very, very good up there so you have to keep them at bay. We're looking to play better. We left some details on the field there last week."

On QB Michael Vick's health and whether he'll practice today: "He's doing okay. We'll see right here what's going to occur at practice."

On whether it has been decided if Vick will play on Sunday: "No. (Head Coach) Andy (Reid) usually makes those choices really late."

On Vick being more careful with the ball: "Well, it's important that he knows that and he understands that, so we'll do better there. There are some reasons for that, and I think some of it will be corrected."

On whether he thinks Vick tries to do too much sometimes: "Sure. No question about it and that's not a bad thing as long as he keeps that under control just a little bit, yeah."

On whether hits on Vick have a cumulative effect: "It's part of the game. I would like to him see him protect himself just a little bit better and there are ways to do that and he's gotten a little bit better at it. He can continue to get better that way. However, it is part of the game. Some of those things are going to happen. Some he can protect himself from better."

On whether rest could benefit Vick and the other starters this weekend: "Well, we'll see. There are two different philosophies there and we've discussed that in past years. Both have worked and both haven't. That's just a personal, philosophical approach that you're going to take. One approach or the other, it's just that simple."

On whether he's seeing blitzes where more guys are coming than the team can possibly block:"No, it's rare. We do see some zero blitz plus-one on occasion. We've done a pretty good job against that and we've scored touchdowns against that. We love to see that. One last week, a little bit of a disguise got us a couple of times. We got physically one-on-one a couple of times. Like I said, we left some details on the field. Some of them are difficult to do, but we've got to do a better job. Everybody is involved with that. Of course it starts up front with the receivers are involved, the quarterback is involved, the (running) backs are involved and the tight ends are involved in some instances as well. We've got to do a better job across the board and it was not any one thing. They were all just a little bit different, the ones got us."

On whether playing QB Kevin Kolb against the Cowboys could help shake some rust off in case he has to play during the playoffs: "Yeah and that certainly makes sense, however, it's those two different philosophies. You're either going – and usually when you go you go – or you don't. We know there are two different philosophies. I suppose there's a mixture where you play for a series or two. We've done that in the past as well."

On what his philosophy is: "It doesn't matter because Andy will make that choice here, yeah."

On whether he felt the offense's energy was not where it needed to be against the Vikings: "No. Well, effort, energy that's subjective. The effort was outstanding. We left details on the field. We got detailed up. If we detailed it up, then it would've been a different ballgame and that starts with me. I have to do a better job with the preparation there. It's that simple."

On whether he second-guessed himself for not running the ball more against the Vikings: "Yeah, sure, but I think in the first half it was 2.9 (yards) per carry. It just didn't feel like we were running the football. They're very good. They're a pretty good defense now. Getting back to your original question, it just felt like we didn't run it. We weren't running it very well early. Sure, you always go back and critique exactly what you did."

On whether he has seen any other team, like the Vikings, who have disguised their blitzes: "Sure, that's why I say we left some details on the field because we pick those things up many times in the past; very similar or the same. It's not complicated, we just left some details on the field and that bothers me. It bothers me with our preparation there."

On whether the Vikings played out of character defensively:"No, some of the same things (happened) when we won two years ago, when we beat them at their place. Some of the very same things, yeah."

On how some details were left on the field given everything that was at stake:"That's what bothers me."

On whether he sometimes just relies on Vick to evade blitzes: "No, there is a whole progression to it, but there are many other things. That's the last option, yeah. We go through all the audibles and Mike has done a great job of audibling. He audibled the game-tying touchdown there at New York. He's done a beautiful job there. That's where the receivers and tight ends and backs come into play. All across the board, there are many different things. It's different each gameplan how we're going to handle some of those things."

On where he thinks Kolb is at currently if he has to play on Sunday:"Well, I think he would be at the top of his game. I expect him to play very well if he gets called upon, no question about it. He's done an outstanding job with his hard work and preparation. He's gotten better and better and better. Of course you know what I think about Kevin Kolb, I think he's going to be a terrific quarterback. I think he already is. I know he already is and I think he's going to get better over the next several years or handful of years here. Better every day."

On WR DeSean Jackson only having two receptions on 12 targets and whether that was a result of Jackson or Vick: "When you have a good play, typically all 11 guys get their job done and so, again, it goes back to me. I've got to do a better job there."

On players getting into a routine and then having the game moved:"It's that certain mentality. We kind of pride ourselves on offense of having that certain mentality. We will not be denied, you know, that type of mentality. We make up a lot of reasons and a lot of excuses, but we didn't get it done. We have to get it done and we'll do better. All of us will do better."

On what he would like to see Jackson do better in that situation: "It depends on the play."

On what Jackson needs to do to make those catches in the Vikings game: "I think we can do some things a little bit better there, both as an offense and as individuals. Listen, it was across the board. We all left some details on the field there. If we detailed it up, when you watch the film, that would be a real good ballgame against them. That's where we were at last week."

On whether Jackson zones out if he doesn't get the ball early:"No, I don't think so. I think he's had some really good games where it hasn't happened early. My philosophy, I like to get it to all the eligible receivers and runners and try to get it to certain guys' hands a little bit more; big play-type guys. Of course I always like to get it to him early and often."

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