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NBC's Costas Weighs In On Sunday's Game

The return of Donovan McNabb to Philadelphia is not just a hot topic among Eagles fans. Couple McNabb with the breakout performance of Michael Vick and this Sunday afternoon's game between the Eagles and the Redskins is going to be one of the biggest stories in not just all of the NFL, but all of sports. Esteemed broadcaster Bob Costas from NBC's Football Night In America offered his take on the return of McNabb.

"When the schedule comes out each year, there are certain games you circle. One that jumped out in 2010 was next Sunday's Redskins-Eagles game: Donovan McNabb's return to Philadelphia. Among the questions: how would the denizens of Lincoln Financial Field greet the QB who got them to five NFC title games and a Super Bowl? With appreciative cheers, and the acknowledgement that, 'Hey, we know you were really good. It's just that we are, you know, a little bit demanding?' Or would a portion of the crowd boo him, if only out of habit? Well that's all still in play come Sunday, but is it still the headline?" Costas said.

"But it's not the only compelling quarterback story because having seized the job, Kevin Kolb was supposed to have inherited from McNabb, Michael Vick is re-establishing himself not only as a viable NFL player, but as the kind of dynamic game-changing can't-take-your-eyes-off-him star he was in the first place. Still capable of dazzling improvisation, but now more confident and mature in the pocket. When he's at his best, there's never been an NFL quarterback quite like him. And while there are some who will never forgive him for what he did, which is their right, it is also Michael Vick's right, having paid his penalty, to return to the NFL. What's stunning, is how successful that return is turning out to be."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 10:00 p.m., September 28

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