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Mornhinweg On Pats Game, Vick

Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg spoke during today's press conference about his offense's performance against the Patriots in the preseason opener, who stood out to him after watching the film of the game, and what he expects from Michael Vick.

"We did some outstanding things," Mornhingweg said about the Patriots game, "We executed just beautifully on many occasions.

"And then, we made an awful lot of mistakes and those mistakes were widespread and most of them were details. We're right in the middle of cleaning those mistakes up. We've got a lot of new players; we've got a lot of young players. So, that's part of teaching, correcting and go back and teach and correct it again. And so that's what we're in the middle of."

"(RB Eldra) Buckley played very well. In fact, all of our running backs played very well, (RB) LeSean (McCoy) played real well. The both of them made some mistakes but they played at a high level and we've got to correct some things there. (TE) Brent Celek played well. I thought our center Jamaal (Jackson) played well and then (QB) A.J. (Feeley) played well, led us down there for a possible win there. So, getting back to the game, I think we did some great things and we've got to get some things corrected and we've got to get them corrected now."

As for his thoughts on Vick, Mornhinweg as excited to have another weapon to utilize on his offense.

"(Vick)'s one of the most dynamic players in the league," Mornhinweg said. "Now, it's been two years so it's going to be important how we do things here, especially earlier."

Mornhinweg then described the process of helping Vick get back to where he needs to be on the football field.

"We're going to take the thing in steps," Mornhinweg said. "He hasn't played football for two years and so it's going to be a process.

"We're going to work with him after virtually every practice on one thing, maybe two. And we've got to get him back to football-shape. I think he's in pretty good shape but back to football movements. I think he's been throwing a little bit; he looked good throwing the ball yesterday so I think we'll be fine there. The learning process will be step by step at the quarterback spot, one, maybe two things a day after practice and then he will be in an intensive learning situation right now and all the way through."

And Mornhinweg also said that Vick and the team are fortunate to have such a good mentor for Vick.

"I think Donovan McNabb has really played the quarterback position at an extremely high level for several years here," Mornhinweg said. "And he's got great experience and he does it a certain way.

"I think all that will be beneficial to Mike. Certainly this system, it does relate just a little bit to the system that (Vick) used, I think that's important for him. And in general I think the way we do things will be important for him. I think it's a good place and I think (Vick) thinks it's a good place for him."

*-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 2:55 p.m., August 16 *

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