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Monday Morning Headlines

Another week begins at the NovaCare Complex and players return to practice on Tuesday, as the Eagles look ahead to Sunday's matchup in Denver against Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

Olympic great, "Sportsman of the Century" and Eagles fan Carl Lewis is the feature of this week's Celebrity Corner.

Eagle Eye In The Sky takes a look at the benefits of quick thinking and how it can lead to big plays for the offense.

The 2013 season is unlike any the Eagles and their fans have experienced since 1999, so it's important to maintain perspective, sit back and enjoy the ride.

As expected, LeSean McCoy has been the star of Chip Kelly's NFL offense, and he is quickly ascending the list of all-time Eagles.

Other Views

Chip Kelly might want to steal Andy Reid's play that was so successful for the Chiefs -- and so devastating to the Eagles -- during Thursday night's game.

The failure of the attempted two-point conversion against the Chiefs was not the result of a bad play call, just poor execution.

Chip Kelly's offense is among the best in the NFL -- the numbers back it up -- but turnovers are the primary hinderance.

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