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Monday Morning Headlines

As the holiday weekend comes to a close, get caught up on all of the news surrounding your Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles' primetime opener is exactly one week from today, so check out all of Monday's headlines as the team prepares for the Washington Redskins...

Take a position-by-position look at the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.

Young roster leads Eagles in new direction.

Now down to 53 men, the Eagles roster is beginning to take shape.

Three undrafted rookies earn their way onto the team.

Eagles add cornerback Shaun Prater to 53-man roster.

Jim Cramer debuts Celebrity Corner, explaining his love for his hometown team.

Other Views

Eagles roster ranks as the 10th youngest in the NFL.

Several players who were released by Eagles have already found new homes.

Now that the roster is set, what will fans see from Eagles defense?

Moving forward, the Eagles begin to build their practice squad.

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