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Locker Room: Eagles Defense/ST


On the play of quarterback Aaron Rodgers: "He got his rhythm throws going and we were trying to take them away and we didn't. He threw it in some tight windows and made big plays on a couple vertical balls early and that hurt us and we got in a hole early."

On not getting pressure on Rodgers after recording nine sacks last week: "Every game is completely different, it really is. There's a different group of guys coming at us and we've got different plans for everybody. The plan is always to pressure the quarterback. The plan is always to smother the receivers and make sure he doesn't have the windows and we didn't accomplish that today. It really was a different plan, and give them credit, Aaron Rodgers is on fire right now and we gave him our best shot and it wasn't close to being good enough today."


On the loss: 'We have a team that will stick together and a team of fighters. I don't think this will get us down. We'll bury this film, learn from it, make corrections and more forward."

On being down big early in the game: "In the beginning I don't think (the game plan) changes much, but obviously when you're down multiple scores it narrows your control of the game and your playbook a little bit."

On what to take away from the game: "There's going to be (a lot) we can learn from the tape when we watch it, and hopefully this brings us closer together."


On Aaron Rodgers' game today: "We knew that he was a good quarterback and he did his job. He did a great job and we have to put this loss behind us and move on."

On what to learn from the loss: "We're professionals, we know how to put stuff behind us. A lot of us have been in these situations and we know in this kind of situation it's a wakeup call. We need to get this off our minds, put it behind us and move on and win these next games."


On the loss today: "Whether we win or lose we look at the film and see the mistakes made and we have to improve. Obviously there were more mistakes made tonight and there's a lot to correct. (If) you lose by 30 or 40 or whatever we lost by today or you lose by three its still one loss in the column."

On if teams have to blitz Aaron Rodgers more in order to put pressure on him: "I don't know. If somebody figured it out we'd all be doing it."

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