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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(S) Nate Allen has a hamstring strain. He should be ready to go once we get back here. There are a couple of other little things but nothing that will hinder the guys over this week from getting back."

Opening Remarks: "Obviously a tough loss. When you have a team down by 10 points late in the fourth quarter, you have to make sure that you put that team away and finish the game. Obviously, the other obvious point is that we didn't do well enough as coaches and players to get that done. We go back and we evaluate and tear things apart during this bye week and look at how we get ourselves better in both areas - as players and coaches. You evaluate everything and that's what we'll do from that standpoint. With 10 games left, we know that there are a lot of games left. Anything is possible in the National Football League, and I still believe that we have a good football team. We just have to get a couple of things together here.

"Defensively, I thought we came and did a pretty good job for three quarters. We hold them to 0-8 on third downs and have 163 yards against you and against that team, that's a pretty good thing. The fourth quarter, however, was a different story. You come back and give up three of your last third downs, and give that team 349 yards of offense. That's obviously too much, in particular what they got in plus yards and penalties. It comes down to (the fact that) they made plays when they needed to make plays. I've gone back and looked at the film a couple of times, and as coaches, we need to make sure that we're putting guys in the position to make plays. When given that opportunity, we need to make sure that we take care of business as players. There wasn't a great change of scheme on what we did in the first three quarters. It wasn't that we blitzed more or had unsuccessful blitzes. We blitzed throughout the game and it wasn't that we played more zone, less zone, or different zones. It wasn't that we didn't continue to double 81 even though he made a couple of plays in the fourth quarter when he was doubled. A couple of plays he made were against man coverage, but there were also a couple against zone. It wasn't a big changeup, even though we held him during the first three quarters to only the one catch, which we were probably a little bit too loose on (because) he was doubled on that one, too.

"Offensively, again, we started poor, I mean poor, in the first half. We had the three punts and the two turnovers. Turnovers continue to kill us and we lead the league with 17 turnovers. It's ridiculous. We were able to finish (the first half) strong with a touchdown. We came out in the third quarter, and we had the field goals which you can't have. You need touchdowns, particularly the two times that you're down there in position to do it. We had a drop in the one situation and a penalty in another situation, which probably could go either way. You can't do that and come out with positive numbers against a good football team. You have to make sure. The last two drives offensively were pathetic. They were pathetic from a coaching standpoint and they were pathetic from a players' standpoint. When you're in a tight game and have an opportunity to score, you go down and you put it together. When it's needed, when your back's to the wall, and when it's the fourth quarter or overtime, you put that together and you go take care of business. Both sides of the ball, we failed in that area."

On what the Lions did differently to get the win if the Eagles did not make any major changes: "They made plays. That's the obvious. I thought we had a decent mix of blitz and zone coverages. We did that and they caught a long one early in that drive back. That was zone coverage. The one where the quarterback scrambled and threw the deep one to the tight end, that was zone coverage. These were things that we had done before. The swing route was zone coverage. These are things that we had double teams on and we take into consideration with #81 out there. The big plays that took place were coverages that we ran before. We did put another player in and played a little bit of dime coverage, knowing they were flexing #85 out because he's a receiving tight end. They made a couple of plays on us in dime personnel. We all have to take care of business, coaching wise and playing wise. This isn't one particular person, this is all of us. That's my responsibility, and I'll stand here and tell you that. I have to make sure that I have the right people in the game and make sure we have the right calls happen."

On whether CB Nnamdi Asomugha's claim that he was playing Detroit WR Calvin Johnson until late in the game was false: "No, there was a mixture all the way through the game of zone and man coverages."

On the appearance of Asomugha covering Johnson through the first three quarters: "Well, we doubled them. We did that in the fourth quarter too."

On whether Asomugha was the main player covering Johnson off of the line: "Well, he was doubled. We were doubling him. Always had a safety over the top of him so we made sure that he was doubled on that."

On whether there was less coverage of Johnson by Asomugha in the fourth quarter: "No, there was a mixture as it went through. There was one play in the fourth quarter that we got caught on in man coverage. There was one play in the fourth quarter that was a negative play and that was the shallow cross route by 81. One play."

On whether he can improve the play on the offensive line without changing personnel: "Listen, I'm going to go back. I've got time here to look at things. I'm going to look at everything."

On why the defense went to dime coverage more in the fourth quarter: "Okay, so 85 (Detroit TE Tony Scheffler) was in the game. They're going to throw the football, so 85, their passing tight end, you saw that they were shuffling three different tight ends in. 85 was going to stay in there consistently. They were flexing him out, using him like a wide receiver, so we put a defensive back in there to cover him. Hindsight, that didn't work. I mean, there were two big plays on us, one of which was a touchdown. The other one took them deep down the field."

On whether they were adapting to Detroit's offense: "We were adapting to their offense."

On what CB Brandon Hughes had done to give him the confidence to put him in on Scheffler: "He's made plays in the past for us when he's had opportunities. This one here was a scramble. (Lions QB Matthew Stafford) got outside. He should never have been outside to start with. We had a couple of guys fall down inside and he got outside, extended the play. Brandon peeked back, looked at the quarterback. At that time, Scheffler turned, went the other direction. Safety should have been doubled. That particular player should have been doubled that caught the ball and the safety bit up on the scramble. The guy ended up not being doubled and was singled with Brandon underneath and him over the top. That's where the problem came in."

On whether he will reevaluate who calls the plays on defense during the bye week: "That's not where I'm at right now. But listen, I look at everything during the bye, but I'm not here to stand before you and tell you that. That's not what I'm doing."

On whether defensive coordinator Juan Castillo will remain the defensive play caller: "That's the way I'm looking at it right now. That's the way I'm looking at it as I stand right here."

On why DE Jason Babin, DE Trent Cole and DT Cullen Jenkins aren't getting to the quarterback: "I saw pressure early. Now, as it went down the stretch, we had a couple (that) you'd like to have back; the ones, in particular, when (Stafford) broke contain. But as you look at the tape, you'll see that there was pressure. We're not getting the sacks that we need to get. We tried to work some blitzes in throughout the game to try to add to that, give them opportunities to be singled up. The majority of the time, they were singled up in this game here. Wasn't as much double teams or as much seven-man, six-man protections that you saw last week. Listen, we've all got to do better."

On whether Babin, Cole and Jenkins look like the same players as they were last year or if they have aged: "I don't think they're old. Old by play, I don't think that right now. We've got to get a little better. But I don't think that's the reason, no."

On whether he is surprised there hasn't been improvement with holding leads in the fourth quarter and turning the ball over: "I'd like improvement in those areas. That's what we expect to have, both not turning the ball over but creating turnovers. We've got to do a better job there late in games. We've got to make plays. That's what we've got to do and we've got to make sure we're putting the guys in position to make plays. Make sure we have the right guys in there to make the plays. So, that's what we need to do a better job of. All of us."

On how aware he is of the fans' frustration: "I can understand their frustration, absolutely. I clearly understand that. I feel the frustration. I mean, I understand. I've got it. My job and responsibility is to get it better; not only for them but for this football team, to get it better. They have my word that I'm going to do that. I'm going to get it right."

On the schedule for the bye week: "I haven't talked to the team yet about the bye week. I haven't had a chance to address the team. Once I talk to them you guys will know."

On whether it is fair to say the team is underachieving or whether he sees differently: "I don't really listen to that. I know what we need to do. I know what we're capable of doing. We need to do it and that's my responsibility to get that done."

On whether he sees undisciplined play when evaluating the film: "We can get better in that area. We can get better in a lot of areas. That's one of the areas we can get better at."

On whether he put more thought into the bye week schedule because of the situation the team is in: "I think you know me well enough. I put a lot of thought into everything."

On whether he will think about giving DE Vinny Curry more snaps after the bye: "Listen, I'm going to look at everything. I'm going to cover it all and make sure that we fix the problem here. That's my number-one goal so I'm going to look at everything. He's one of the guys who's not playing. I'll look at that. That's one of the areas I'm going to look at. That's what I'm going to do with this time."

On why the offense continues to start games slowly: "Well, we're not executing. And then I have to go back and look at, are we giving the guys the right plays to get that done against whatever defense they're playing against?"

On whether there is the appropriate sense of urgency from the players: "I think there's a sense of urgency. I think the guys are playing hard. I think they're doing those things. That's what I see. Now we've just got to do better and that encompasses all of us. We've all got to do our job. Better take it up a notch."

On whether the blocking deficiencies are due to a new center or a lack of preparation: "In this game we didn't do well enough up front. We've got to do a better job there all the way around. We've got to do a better job coaching those guys up, making sure we're putting them in the right position against that particular defense. We've got to do a better job there. That's what I can tell you."

On what was particularly poor about the final two possessions he referenced as troublesome: "Well listen, I take into (consideration) everything. I don't think it's one person, one thing, we've got to do a better job. We had an opportunity on a third down for a huge play that last series in the fourth quarter and the ball got tipped. So they made a play. We didn't make the play. At a crucial time. There's some things that go into that that we can do better. Now whether that's protection, whether that's moving in the pocket, whatever it is, we've (got to do a better job).

On the offensive series in overtime: "In overtime we had the two sacks. So you go back and you look. Are you giving the players the right protections at that particular time, the right routes at that particular time to get the job done? And then are we losing the physical match there?"

On what happened with the sacks committed in overtime: "You start with the play. You look at the plays. Is it the right protection at that particular time? Was it the right play at that particular time? Then you come back and you go, 'Could you have gotten the ball out of his hands quicker? Did he move too far in the pocket? Was it a protection breakdown up front?'"

On how much time he will spend during the bye week evaluating the offensive play calling: "Listen, like I told you, I'm going to look at everything. I'm going to look at every aspect of it that we have. This covers it. I'm going to look at everything."

On whether the team could have run the ball more at the end of the game: "We struggled with running the football in this game. We had six or seven negative run plays. That's ridiculous. We can't have that. And so we've got to look at scheme there. Again, are we putting guys in a position to be successful and then are we doing the right things once we have the football? Are we blocking the right way?"

On whether he is confident that Vick can eliminate turnovers at this point: "Again, I'm going to look at all that stuff. But I know we can get better at it. I know that and we're going to get better at it."

On whether there is an update on the status of T Jason Peters: "Neither one of the guys has been cleared, (DT Mike) Patterson or Peters. He's getting better. He's made progress. He's moving around now outside the pool and the treadmill where we reduce the body weight of the players. He's able to move around (and) do some agility things and push it a little bit. Not to the extent where he's near being cleared yet."

On whether there is a chance for Peters to play this season: "Just a chance as we kept him alive by (not placing him on season-ending injured reserve). We've got to see here. The next few weeks we'll be able to tell."

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