Philadelphia Eagles News

Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "Alright, really there are no injuries to report. Everybody is healthy and ready to go. Then, we'll make some decisions in certain places where we need to. I'm not going to, obviously, go over that right now. We look forward to the challenge of playing Detroit. We know they're a good football team coming in here. Look forward to our crowd being alive and ready go and I know they will. This is a tough place for opposing teams to play. They do a lot of things offensively that noise will help us with. We appreciate all that support."

On whether he has considered WR DeSean Jackson returning punts against Detroit: "We'll see. We'll see how that goes. That's not necessarily where I'm at right this moment."

On whether WR Damaris Johnson will still return punts on Sunday: "We'll see. We'll see how all that works out."

On what QB Michael Vick has done in practice this week to work on ball security: "He's hung onto the football."

On whether there are any particular drills that Vick has done to help with ball security: "Just make a conscious effort of keeping it high and tight. Make sure he covers it in traffic."

On whether Vick's ball security work is any different this week than it is in other weeks: "No, but we'll see how it goes."

On the play of CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: "I think he's done a nice job. We've asked him to play quite a little bit of man coverage, both corners, and that's a tough task in this league, but they've done very well with it."

On what determines whether two or three quarterbacks are active on game day: "Just depends on what goes on with the other spots. We've got to make sure that we've got to balance according to what team; that's what you do at the bottom part of the roster. You've got to see who you're playing and what you need and then you kind of put it together from there. The other part, to answer early, would be if Michael's healthy. That's also a factor there."

On why he believes young quarterbacks, like Detroit QB Matthew Stafford, have been able to come into the league and produce effectively early in their careers: "I think at the college level, they're asking these guys to throw the football more than what used to be in college football. So all these spread offenses, these kids are asked to do a ton now. It's upped their game. It's helped them that way for a pro career, which that's an awesome deal."

On whether coaches still feel like they're taking a chance on young quarterbacks when they have large collegiate experience: "Well, you know you're going to have a few mistakes here and there. That's understandable. I think you see that with all the young guys, but I think they're better prepared. The blitz game was such a big thing before for college quarterbacks coming in and they hadn't had enough experience throwing the football against the exotic blitzes. It started to develop at this level and then transferred down to the college level. So all of the sudden now, the colleges have them; they're using them. Now the offense is going to these spread looks, getting the ball out quick so the quarterback's not taking the shots that he's taking without the tight end use that they have. It's a culmination of things but it better prepares them for right now."

On whether WR Riley Cooper is being made inactive because of injury or performance: "Well, it's been the injury. I want to make sure he's ready to go and he's healthy enough to where he takes care of being confident enough. That's what I look at."

On whether it helps in preparation to face the wide-nine defense that the Eagles employ: "It's similar that way. They're a little different in coverage, but they're similar in the wide-nine technique and what they teach there. I mean, I can't tell you that it hurts, right? It's going to help them, it's going to help us that they've had to work on that."

On whether he feels as if the team is close to breaking out and putting everything together: "As opposed to winning by two points or losing by two points? You never know. All you care about is, if it's one point, it's one point. I'm good with that. I'm taking them any way that we can get them. I don't complain about that. But can we get better in areas so we're more efficient in areas? Yeah, we can do that and that's what we're working on doing."

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