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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Alright, this is what we have injury-wise. (S) Colt Anderson, (he's) got knee inflammation. (LS) Jon Dorenbos has a high-ankle sprain. He's got a high-ankle sprain; making progress. He's walking around, you've seen it today, walking around. He's doing better. (T) King Dunlap, hamstring strain; will not practice. (LB) Akeem Jordan won't practice. Those four will not be out there. (WR Jeremy) Maclin will practice today."

Opening Remarks: "Look forward to the challenge of playing the New York Giants. We know they are a good football team; obviously, World Champions. We've got to have a good week of practice and make sure we take care of our business, first, and get ourselves ready to play against a heck of a football team."

On the importance of the first game of divisional play: "Well, listen, every game is important and then you add the NFC East to it. I think the Giants are going to be saying the same thing; that you play in the NFC East, (and) every NFC East game is very important."

On whether he felt a need to talk to QB Michael Vick after comments made during his Monday press conference: "Well, it was the way that it was interpreted. That's not what I had in mind. (Eagles director of football media services) Derek (Boyko) explained to me how it was interpreted and so, I've talked to Mike, made sure I mentioned it on my radio show. You guys are very good at what you do, so I (want to) make sure we clarify it. Bad semantics there."

On how far away WR Riley Cooper is from returning to action: "He's close. He's going to practice today. He's getting there. We'll just see how he does. He hasn't had much contact; as a matter of fact, very little contact. So we'll see how he does today."

On clarifying where Vick stands in the offense: "Michael is our starting quarterback."

On whether C Dallas Reynolds and T Demetress Bell will receive all of the first-team reps during practice: "Yes, they will. Both those two. (T) Dennis Kelly, you're going to see him rotate in. Well, you won't see him rotate in, but he rotates in every day. We're going to let all the guys, all those offensive linemen get in there and do their thing."

On what he has seen from Giants QB Eli Manning and the New York offense thus far: "Right now, Eli is playing as good as any quarterback in the National Football League. I mean, these last few games, he's been on fire. We know he's a great player anyway, but he's playing very well; (at a) very high level right now."

On whether LB Brian Rolle and LB Jamar Chaney will compete for the Will linebacker spot should LB Akeem Jordan be unable to play Sunday: Yeah, both of them will take reps in there. They'll both take reps in there. We'll just see how that goes."

On whether Vick can work on making pre-snap reads in practice and whether that is the main cause of the sacks on offense: "Well, there's more to it than that. We've got to protect too. We've got to make sure we're calling the right plays and putting him in a good position. I mean, there are a lot of things that go into that, so we've addressed that and we've all got to get better at our job and Michael, you asked about Michael, Michael included. He understands that. We all need to do better and that's what we're going to take care of this week."

On whether the running game becomes more of an emphasis when you are facing a hot quarterback like Manning: "Well, you've got to be able to run the football. It doesn't matter whether the quarterback's hot or not hot. We've got to be able to do that in this league."

On whether he still feels confident that he can run the offense the way he wants to run it after three games: "Yes."

On whether the struggles on the offensive line against Arizona were based on new personnel or more schematic: "Well, listen, everybody across there had a piece of that. They play as a unit. They all can get better. We all can get better, as coaches schematically and as players playing. So, we all understand that."

On what players mean when they say they are not on the same page and how you get them to be on the same page: "Well, we need to just keep practicing and make sure if that's the case, that you take care of (it) in practice. Make sure that that gets taken care of."

On whether he has a good feeling that LS Jon Dorenbos will be able to go on Sunday: "I don't know that. I can just tell you that yesterday he was limping, today he's not. So, we'll see how he does tomorrow."

On how healthy Dorenbos needs to be to be able to play Sunday: "He has to be functional. I mean, he has to be. To step onto the field, you have to be functional. I'd just tell you that. He's got to be able to move."

On who would have the long snapper duties should Dorenbos be unable to play: "(LS) Kyle (Nelson), the kid we signed for the practice squad. We can use him and (TE Brent) Celek's done it, so we'd be okay there."

On the reasoning behind the release of P Chas Henry: "Listen, he's a young guy. I think he's got a good future in this league. I'm just looking for consistency. That's the primary thing."

On how they will address the issue of Vick struggling to read and react to blitzes from defensive backs: "I'm sure you're talking about the one before half and that was a mishap. The rest of it, he actually had some nice checks in there and did a nice job with several of the plays."

On Vick's reaction following his comments during his Monday press conference: "As far as the comments, he doesn't even worry about it. He doesn't worry about all that. The comments weren't directed that way and he knows that."

On how important a running game is to slow down defensive linemen and linebackers from getting to the quarterback: "Listen, you're seeing it with some of the good throwing teams in this league. Balance, you've got to have some sort of balance, whether that's 60-40, 70-30. You've got to be able to, obviously, keep defenses off balance and, at the same time, get yourself in a rhythm as an offense."

On whether the NFL has touched base with the coaches regarding the replacement officials: "Listen, I can't get into all that. I'm not going there. I'm going to just say, we've all got to do our jobs better. I'll stick with that."

On getting the players to focus on the game rather than the officials: "Well, that's what you have to do. You've got to do that. As coaches and players, you've got to take care of your business and make sure you're doing the right things right and let that run its course there. These guys are trying as hard as they can possibly try."

On whether he has addressed his players specifically about maintaining focus: "I take care of that. Absolutely. We talk about that. I take care of that. I'll take care of the officials, you take care of playing and coaching."

On whether the situation with the officials is escalating to the point of being out of control, with several confrontations having already taken place: "Well, listen, if I haven't grabbed you yet, I'm not going to grab one of them. (Joking)"

On whether he has felt compelled to talk to offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg about balancing the offense more: "Listen, we communicate. We've got to do a better job of just getting them in rhythm. It doesn't matter if you're throwing the ball, running the ball, combination, you've got to get in rhythm and do what it takes to do that."

On whether it is possible to get into a rhythm throwing 25 times and running five times in the first half: "We need a little more balance."

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