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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening remarks: "(T) Ryan Harris has lower back spasms, and we're just letting those calm down. It actually happened on field goal. (C) Jamaal Jackson has a sore knee, and looks like he has a little bit of tendonitis in there, so we're going to let that calm down and get out there. Today, (DE Juqua) Parker hurt his calf. It locked up on him and we sent him in. Other than that, everybody was out practicing. (WR) Sinorice (Moss) was back out there practicing. (RB) Dion Lewis, and so on, were all out there and going. We added a couple offensive linemen in (T) Joe Toledo and (T) Spencer Johnson. (WR) Steve Smith is on PUP, and you saw him out here working with the trainers. As far as the game goes, there are some good things you can take out of it. After watching the tape, I kind of feel the same way as I did after the game. There were some good things we can take out of it. For the most part, I thought that the players played hard and played good football on both sides of the ball. The substitutions, which could be a nightmare on special teams, were good for the preseason, as well as on offense and defense. Those seemed to look good, and the mechanics of the game seemed to go along fairly well. Plenty of room to work on all of those, and we have to tighten some things up offensively and defensively as we go here and continue to be better. You saw the effort that the guys came out with today, and today was one of the tougher practices with a very extended team period there. Guys got a lot of reps, but they came out there and they worked. A lot of times after a day off, you don't get that same effort. As long as that effort stays there, we'll continue to get better. We've got a lot of work to do."

On DT Mike Patterson working on the side: "He's going to do that and he's got to get himself back into shape. It'll probably be a week or so as we're looking at it now. It gives the doctors a chance to continue to evaluate him and for him to get back to where he feels he can get back out there and play."

On whether Patterson has been cleared to do everything in practice: "He's been cleared to do conditioning. We're just holding off on the other part."

On how WR DeSean Jackson looked at practice: "He's got fresh legs compared to the other guys who are tired. He always has a little bounce in his step anyway. He's got that great speed, and the nice part is that you can tell he's been working. He was able to function at a high level out here and that's a plus. It's a compliment to him. Sometimes the things he went through could be a distraction, but he obviously focused in and worked really hard. He pushed himself out there."

On whether Reid feels relief that DeSean Jackson is out practicing: "It's good to have him here and working with him. The other stuff, I don't go there so I don't worry about that. If it fits the story, put it in the story. I don't worry about all that. I worry about when they're here and getting them right. Other than that, I don't know."

On whether there is anything chronic about Harris' back spasms: "He's had work done on his back before, so we're just going to make sure we check this thing out, and that it's right. But right now it looks like it's not too serious. We'll just see how it goes."

On QB Michael Vick's maturity on the field and taking control of the team: "Well, you can see that. You can see just like I do. You can see him in the huddle, and taking charge, and coaching guys up. We've had a few drills where we get everybody off the field, as far as coaches and players, and so he's out there in charge of his group. He's doing a nice job of making sure everybody is pulling their weight, and he's making sure he pulls his weight, and that's what great quarterbacks do."

On the current cornerback competition: "That's one of the first things I tell the players: make this hard on (General Manager) Howie Roseman and I for that final cut. Make it the toughest decision we have to make during the year. Go out and compete, don't count the numbers in the line. When you have an opportunity, show and do your best. We do have depth and competition and there are going to be some good players, at the end of this that we have to let go. This past game everybody got an opportunity to play so at least they have some film out there as we go here. Playtime, we start honing in a little bit more on the guys we want to take a look at to make sure they make the football team. As reps with the guys that are back in that third and fourth group get cut a little bit compared to what they had the other night. There was great effort and great competition."

On K Alex Henery's struggles in practice: "Well, yeah, this is all part of the growing period. You take one of the greatest kickers ever to kick here was (K) David Akers, and he came from another team, was let go from one team, came to this team, and really just did kickoffs this year. It's a tough position. This kid is prepared for it. You saw him battle through and make the last kick, which was the toughest kick. I continued to move him back and gave him long-range kicks today and challenged him. He stepped up. A lot of guys, when things aren't going as smooth as they need to go, go right into the tank, and he battled through that and made the last kick which was the toughest one. Showed me a little bit. He has to be more consistent as we go here, but he will. He's a hardworking kid; he's got a good way about him. Tough kid."

On whether he has anything new on WR Jeremy Maclin: "I don't, I don't. I'll see if (Head Athletic Trainer) Rick (Burkholder), I don't have anything right now."

On whether he knows when Maclin will return: "I don't."

On whether final cuts will be more difficult this year, given the depth of the roster and the shortened offseason program: "You're going to do what you see and think is right. You don't quite have as many snaps on them, but that's alright, that's the way it is everywhere. We'll try to be as right as we possibly can."

On CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie playing more at the nickel cornerback position than he has: "The thing I mentioned before was that we wanted to make sure that both him and (CB) Nnamdi (Asomugha) got comfortable at corner, he obviously had more reps at corner than what Nnamdi had, before we started moving them around. Now he feels comfortable and he took some more reps last week there. Now, we're just going to gradually feed them, so more last week. We had the flexibility to move each guy in and out, plus you have (CB) Joselio (Hanson). There's some good combinations there. We also messed around a little with the linebackers. We had a couple young guys in there who are good cover guys."

On whether the stance of trading CB Asante Samuel has changed: "It's what I told him initially and what I've told you, he's on our football team. That's what he is. As you know, in this league people are always talking. That's what (GM) Howie Roseman gets paid to do and every other GM is paid to do. He knows that he's on this football team, and that's the way it is. You can ask me a question about any other player, and that's how it works. People are always calling, asking, and all that, it's part of this game. But he's on the team."

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