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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Comments: "Just on the injury front, (DT Brandon) Collier won't play, (DE Brandon) Graham won't play.  (S) Marlin Jackson had surgery yesterday for a sports hernia; he's actually started rehabbing today.  We haven't made any decisions there; he's with us right now.  We're just going to see how he does.  Right now it looks like he's doing very well, the surgery was successful.  (T) Winston Justice will not play, (DT) Trevor (Laws) won't play, (WR) Jeremy Maclin won't play, (DT Mike) Patterson won't play.  (WR) Sinorice (Moss), right now, is going to give it a shot to play.  We'll just see how he does, and then he'll let us know how he feels with the groin strain, but right now he's going to give it a shot to play.  Really simple rotation; the ones will go the first quarter, the twos the second quarter, and obviously there's some groups that are a little thinner than others, so they might carry over into the third quarter in certain positions.  The third quarter the threes will go, and again, some of those guys might carry over into the fourth quarter.  The fours, and I'm really giving you the quarterbacks right now, will go in the fourth quarter, or at least part of the fourth quarter."

On how prepared he feels the rookies are: "I think they're anxious, but again, their adrenaline level will be on a different level than it's been on at practice, just because of the game and the fans and so on.  So we'll see how they execute at that time.  That's kind of the fun part about this, to see how they perform."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson will play: "DeSean won't play."

On whether camp feels typical this year: "That's a great question, because one of the funny things about training camp is after you've been here for two days you feel like you've been here forever.  It feels like we're kind of in the swing and doing the things that we've been doing.  The guys, they had yesterday off, so they're coming back a little fresher than they were yesterday.  They get a little more time off today.  They had their mock game and really don't have any meetings until this evening, so it gives them a little bit of time here to study, relax, and then get themselves ready for tomorrow."

On whether he feels unsettled roster decision-wise: "Well this is what I think we have; I look at it a little bit in a different eye there.  I say we have great competition at different positions, so I think when it's all said and done, as we work through these four games here, I think that creates even a better football team than even what you think you have coming into it.  I love that fact.  It brings out the best in everybody.  Are we going have to make some tough decisions here?  Yeah.  (General Manager) Howie (Roseman) and I are going to sit down at the end of this and there are going to be some tough decisions and there's a chance you'll let go of some good football players.  But you want to make sure that you also keep good football players."

On the center position: "(C Jamaal) Jackson will start it off, and we'll just see how it goes from there."

On whether a lot of players will get the chance to work in with the ones against the Ravens: "It'll be basically what you're saying in practice, so yes I would say that, but it's no different than what you've seen in practice.  The guys that have rotated in with the ones there have a chance, and I can't tell you because I don't know how many plays you're going to get. You average what, 63 plays a game?  You might not even, with that first quarter, get 20 plays in with the offense by itself or the defense by itself.  You've got to see, but we have the same thought that we had in practice with guys mixing and matching in."

On whether QB Vince Young will play in the second quarter: "Vince will be in the second quarter."

On the intensity of preseason games: "I think for the short period of time that they're in, they're going hard.  They know they don't have a lot of plays.  They're going to get in and try to show, and I think for those younger players, or the veteran players trying to make the team, or a team, you get an A-effort for wherever they're at right now condition-wise and knowledge of the offense or defense-wise.  Everybody is going to play in this game, so that gives them an opportunity, if they don't make this team, then at least they have some tape out there and some work they've shown on tape that they might be able to get picked up by another football team.  So it's important that they give it their best shot."

On whether this will be different from the usual first preseason game due to the short time in camp: "We'll see.  Some of these questions are overlapping, but I think they all tie together.  With the young guys and the influx of free agents, and this is the way it is around the league right now, I think there's going to be some learning going on out there.  It might not be quite as crisp as what it is once we get back into the minicamps and those type of things next year.  Just by number of reps each guy has had on each play.  But at the same time you're going to have great energy, and guys will be flying around.  As coaches we've cut the package down for them so that they can show their talents a little bit, but I think it's something we're all looking forward to."

On his approach coaching tackling technique in camp instead of live periods: "Well the thing we've always done is we've started camp off tackling, live periods.  The thing I felt this year was, with the influx of all those players and then that time span between when the majority of your team was able to practice and then you had 14 new guys step in that hadn't even had an easy practice, a lead-up practice, you had to think through that a little bit.  Starting off with the primary group that we had here, we had a lot of new, young kids in there that didn't have a minicamp to learn the offense or defense.  So all of the sudden if you're going to start tackling and going live, these kids are thinking too much and they're not able to play, that's where your injuries happen.  We've kind of taken that ramp-up effect and started off slow and eased into it.  By the time they got here the last day they were thudding the back and giving him a shot, where before they were touching him off.  They started gradually getting back into getting into position and giving the backs a shot, not tackling them to the ground, but giving them a shot.  We were able to do a lot of individual tackling periods.  Now they're there.  What we were saying about being in camp, we're there now, and now they've ramped up enough to where lets go tackle.  Let's take it one more step and tackle."

On whether there is any update to DT Mike Patterson's condition: "He's still going through tests and meeting with specialists. That's where we are right now. I don't have a time frame for you. It won't be tomorrow though."

On whether WR Jeremy Maclin is any closer to getting on the field: "Still doing the same thing, going through tests."

On limited experience at the safety position with the injury to Marlin Jackson: "Right now, he jumped in and started rehabbing. He actually feels great, it relieved some pressure he was feeling from the injury. He wants to be out there and get going. It feels good today, and he was able to get up and get into starting his rehab."

On whether opening day is a possibility for Marlin Jackson: "We'll see. Normally with a sports hernia, it's anywhere from three to six to eight weeks. They're all a little different depending on the degree of the surgery and how fast guys come back from it. We're just taking it day by day here. It's probably too early to determine all that."

On whether Reid is worried that Marlin Jackson is injury prone: "(Jokingly) I told him, 'Hey, look at the positive side, you almost have everything fixed so let's roll man."

On who will start at wide receiver tomorrow: "Riley (Cooper) and Avant. Unless we go three or four wide."

On whether the line play in the first preseason game is more vanilla: "This is what you want to do. You want to give your guys the best opportunity to show their talent and make this football team. So that's kind of the approach that you go with. And listen, if the coaches feel comfortable with stunts or blitzes or whatever it might be, then they can do that. But the bottom line is you want your guys to play fast and not do a lot of thinking and not worry about assignments and just play and show what they've got."

On who will return kicks and whether he knows the order of the guys returning kicks: "Well, we'll see how it goes here; (WR) Chad (Hall), (WR Johnnie Lee) Higgins. We just have to see how things go. I can tell you Higgins will start it off."

On whether he talked to Ravens head coach John Harbaugh about gameplans: "We did talk but we really didn't get into that as much as just kind of how long the guys were going to play and just coordinate that a little bit."

On whether there is a period of figuring out how the new coaching staff will interact during games: "Yeah, well listen, as coaches you work on your gameday procedures as you go and communication, substitution, clock management, all those things. You work on all of that. You kind of go in with the things that you need to do to make the game work smooth and make sure that you get all of the wrinkles kind of knocked out of that for the regular season."

On whether he's interested to see how defensive coordinator Juan Castillo handles a game situation: "I really haven't worried that much about it. I really want to see the players do their thing. I won't be watching Juan. I'll be watching those guys."

On whether he'll be monitoring Castillo since he's never been through this before: "I think this is good for him. I think this is the next step. And we've done the mock situations out here, we've done the "move the ball" periods out here, he's used the headset, so this is the next step there. And then, the communication process – I will be listening to that. The communication process with players and I'll do the same thing on the opposite side of the (ball). I have both lines going. He'll be on the field but the feedback that he's getting from the box on substitutions and so on. So I'll be listening to the whole procedure."

On whether he expects the Ravens first team to play the first quarter just like he is planning on doing: "Yeah, I think so. I think that's what John's going to do. You know, emotions sometimes play into that so sometimes you take them out earlier and sometimes you leave guys in there longer. So that's 51 percent."

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