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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report:"(DE) Victor Abiamiri has a Lisfranc sprain in his foot. He is out. (G) Shawn Andrews, obviously, with his back surgery is out. (LB) Stewart Bradley is a little bit better here every day. Things (are) reducing in the rib area. (G) Todd Herremans will not practice today. He went through the walkthrough but will not practice this afternoon with the ankle sprain. (T) Jon Runyan likewise. Then, (TE) L.J. Smith will not practice this afternoon. Then, (RB) Brian Westbrook, he's doing alright. We'll see how he does this afternoon. Everybody else will do a little something."

Opening Remarks: "Again, we look forward to the opportunity of playing the Cowboys. (They're a) good football team, and this should be a heck of a football game. Another NFC East rivalry, which is always good, exciting, hard-hitting football."

On what Smith's injury is:"L.J. has a loose shoulder there."

On whether it has been difficult for him to keep the players' heads up after the loss against the Redskins: "No. We met on Monday and we had them go over the film and evaluate it, and now it's a matter of going through the process of getting ready to play the Cowboys."

On what the difference was offensively in the last game compared to the three games prior to that: "I thought the Redskins did a nice job and we didn't do as good enough job as we needed. I start with myself of putting players in the right position, and then when they are in the right position, making sure that they are making plays when you have a chance to make a play."

On what has changed about the dynamic in the NFC East: "The other teams, obviously, have gotten better than what they were before and a little more competitive, and we have to do a better job there. The best way to do that is start this weekend."

On how banged up Westbrook was going into Sunday's game: "Yeah, he got kicked in the ankle right towards the end of the game there. Up to that point he was okay."

On whether division games have special value: "The ones that we've lost, we need to do better. The important thing is right now that we focus in on the Dallas Cowboys and take care of business there."

On the possibility of knowing whether or not they have been eliminated from the playoffs before the start of Sunday's game and whether that will change anything:"No. It won't change a thing. I'm not big into 'if' questions, but we're going to play and everybody is going to play and that's what we're going to do. It doesn't matter what the situation is."

On whether he feels he has seen enough from QB Kevin Kolb this year: "I've seen what I've seen, yeah."

On whether the players with contracts ending this year will be thinking about how it could be there last game and whether that will affect their play: "I don't think so. I think that they are focused in on playing the best game they can against the Cowboys."

On whether he would consider giving Kolb reps if they are eliminated from the playoffs prior to the start of the game: "We're going in to play the Cowboys. That's what we are going to do. I can't make it any clearer to you. You can take these 'if' questions and throw them out the window right now. We are going in to play our best game against a very good football team."

On what the rivalry with the Cowboys has meant to him over the years: "Obviously, they have been a good football team for a number of years well before I got here. The rivalry started well before I got here and has continued. They have been such a dominant team in the National Football League for so long and we've had some knock-down-drag-outs with them and kind of controlled that thing for a few years there, and now we're back and forth against them."

On whether it will be difficult to get the players motivated to play Sunday if they find out that they have been eliminated from the playoffs prior to the game: "It's the Cowboys. You play."

On whether he has a feeling of responsibility to play the best players to try and knock the Cowboys out of the playoffs: "The part we're not looking at, is the players want to play. It's the Dallas Cowboys. No matter how you cut this thing, they want to play the game. Nobody's going to do any less because of any situation. They are going to play the game the best way they can."

On Cowboys LB DeMarcus Ware and the season that he's having: "He's had a great year. It'll be a big challenge for our offensive line to play well against him. I think they look forward to that challenge, I think their whole defensive line. They have a nose guard that's pretty good too that's had a heck of a year, Pro Bowl year. They have good players along that front five there. Ware has had a phenomenal year."

On whether he expects WR Kevin Curtis and WR Hank Baskett to be available Sunday: "There's a chance. We'll see how they do here this week."

On what Abiamiri's timetable is for his injury: "It's going to take quite a little bit of time. Four weeks at least."

On whether it is natural for teams in the same division to have high scores the first time they match up and low scores the second time they match up during a season: "I don't know why that is. What you're saying is true though. Then, you'd have to say that it's more defensive minded now. It's hard to tell the offensive coaches on either side of the ball that because they are trying to do the best they can to put points on the board, but for whatever reason that's how it's worked out. You have a little bit more film on them, on each other, and kind of know where each other's at there a little bit more."

On whether they will run the ball more this week: "(Jokingly) Yeah, I think we're going to run it every down. Merry Christmas to you and the fans. Merry Christmas to the fans and Merry Christmas to you guys, too. I know that it's a challenge doing this today and tomorrow, but Happy Holidays to everybody."

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