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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(WR) Kevin Curtis has a sports hernia, and he'll have surgery tomorrow on that and be out for a while. I don't know exactly the time. I'll know better after they get in and take care of it. This happened in the game, in our last game. He tried to work through it, but he's unable to function very well with it during practice, so it looks like we'll go this direction. (DE) Victor (Abiamiri) is continuing to improve. (WR) Reggie (Brown) is continuing to improve. Neither one of those two will play; either will (DE) Chris Clemons, (WR) Jamal Jones with a rib fraction will not play, and (DT) Montae Reagor with the knee surgery. Everyone else is healthy and ready to go."

Rotation for Friday's preseason game against New England: "The first group will go approximately three quarters, and then we'll see how it goes from there. The two's will come in after that. (QB Kevin) Kolb will be the quarterback with the second group. (QB) Donovan (McNabb) will remain with the first group."

On who the starting wide receivers will be for the game on Friday: "We're going to mix it up between (WR) Hank (Baskett) and (WR) Greg (Lewis) over there in place of Kevin."

On whether he's considering bringing in another receiver: "No."

On whether he expects Curtis to be back this season: "Yeah, he'll be back for sure."

On whether he expects Curtis back for the start of the regular season: "I think it will probably be a little bit longer than that, but we'll see how it goes."

On how long Curtis will be out of action: "On those things they have to go in and see. That's why I can't tell you. I'd like to tell you a timeline, but I can't. I don't know what that time is on it."

On when they knew about the severity of his injury: "Yesterday. He practiced yesterday and just felt like he couldn't get up and go to full speed there, so that's one of the signs."

On whether there was an indication before yesterday: "Well, it was sore. He was trying to work through it, and it just wasn't going to work."

On whether you have to be really careful with this type of injury: "That's why we're getting on it early here. We're trying to not wait and do that whole thing. We're trying to get on it. We've identified it and it's a problem, and we're trying to get it taken care of."

On whether he feels like they'll be fine with his Curtis' absence: "Yeah, we'll be fine there."

On whether Curtis' injury is a threat to what the offense is trying to do: "It won't be a threat to what we do. Other guys will have to step up for the time that he's out."

On the rotation of WR Hank Baskett and WR Greg Lewis in place of Curtis: "They are going to rotate over on that spot. (WR) DeSean (Jackson) will be over on the other side."

On what the receivers have shown him in order for him to feel so confident in them: "Other than they can play –that's what they've shown. We have confidence in them. They were all going to play anyway, so they'll play a little bit more now."

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