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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report:"[DE] Bryan Smith did not practice today. He has a swollen knee. [T/G] Stacy Andrews is making progress. [He] went through all of the individual stuff this week, and he's ahead of schedule. Again, we're trying to be smart with that and not force the issue there and get him ready for training camp. [CB] Dimitri Patterson has groin soreness. Again, he did some of the individual things, actually, did some of the practice, a good part of it and did pretty good there. [RB] Brian Westbrook, again, is making progress. He started his rehab process and is working to get ready for training camp. [WR] Kevin Curtis was excused today for personal reasons. It's hard to excuse a guy from a voluntary camp but he was excused."

Opening Remarks: "Just a little update on what we're going to do here the next few weeks. The coaches will have next week off until training camp. They'll work the first couple of days next week, and then they'll have the rest of the time off until training camp. Then, the players will continue to work here. This is kind of their push period. The rookies will finish up working out here. Then, they'll have a little bit of time off. Then, they put on the heavy grind for Lehigh. We took this week and we worked on the NFC East and our first opponent, which is the Carolina Panthers. That was the one we did today. We finished it up good. We're ready to roll."

On Westbrook's rehab program: "He will be in touch with [head athletic trainer] Rick [Burkholder] on it. He'll be here doing some things. We'll also have him doing some things at home."

On whether he thinks WR Jermey Maclin, RB LeSean McCoy and TE Cornelius Ingram are about where he thought they would be at this point: "I think all three of them, I think because the number of reps they got with the first group, I think they are ahead of where I thought they would be. I really look at the tight end position and the running back position, we ask those guys to do a lot there even though we didn't work a lot on the run, per say, in team activities. We installed all of it, the run game part of it. We installed it and taught it, and then we asked them to do those things versus bags as opposed to banging each other out here. It looked like they handled both parts of the game, both phases, very well."

On how G/T Shawn Andrews looked at RT: "He looked good. Looks like he's enjoying it, looks like he has a pretty good understanding of it. That's what he was in college, and that's really why we brought him here, was to play one of the tackle positions. I think he likes it out there, feels comfortable out there."

On whether Stacy Andrews will be ready to hit at training camp:"We're going to keep an eye on him, but I think he'll be ready to go, yeah. We'll ease him into it and see how he does."

On whether Stacy Andrews will get reps at right tackle at training camp: "No. He'll go in at right guard. The same thing he's doing in this camp here."

On how much he thinks rookies benefit from OTAs: "I think they help. They put a number on these OTAs. Before you could just have the guys out there working and it really didn't matter, but there is a number of them that you can have and there's a time limit and so on, that the guys can be in the building. I think the way we break it up with two weeks of rookie work, where you slow it down and do a lot of teaching there on the field and in the classroom, I think that gives them a nice lead up to these last two weeks when the veterans came in. And thus, going back into camp it will just be a review of the things that they've learned here, maybe have a chance to see a little bit more of their athletic ability where they are not out there swimming quite as much mentally."

On how he has had a number of undrafted free agents on the team in past years, and whether he thinks these OTAs have helped their chances in making the team: "I think that helps. I think it helps those guys just like it would help a rookie. Really, there's no difference there other than one guy is drafted and one guy isn't drafted. From the neck up, at least they all have an equal opportunity there."

On what his impressions of CB Jack Ikegwuonu were these past two camps: "I think his leg showed improvement every week here. If you look back on that mandatory minicamp, he was struggling to make it through a practice, and now he's out there getting his hands on the ball. He got his hands on two or three balls today and that, to me, is a positive sign. That's really what Rick said would happen, it was important that he kept pushing through and didn't sit out and that would help him. You should even have a better player once you get to training camp if all goes well here. I think getting back on the field, and being able to show what he's all about, helps him with the other things. Whatever the perception was out there, I think that helps. He's on time to everything, and he's doing everything he's supposed to do and so on."

On what the benefits would be in having QB Donovan McNabb's contract situation resolved sooner rather than later: "I'm not going to get into that. I stay away from those contract things. We'll just see how things go down the road here. I think everyone knows that we are very honored to have Donovan here – a lot of our players, I think the city feels that way, and surely the organization feels that way."

On whether the coaches or veterans have talked to the newcomers about what to expect at training camp: "They've been talked to by the coaches, and I always make sure that veterans get around and talk to them and give them a heads up on if they didn't believe me, then they might believe the guy playing next to them that's been through it. Sometimes that doesn't even go through."

On whether McNabb is more comfortable with things now than he was at the end of the season when he had questions: "He's been no different than he has the other camps. I'd like to make it a little more dramatic than that. He's out there messing around with everybody. When he's in doing the offense he's cranking it down and being serious and knocking things out that he needs to knock out. It's really no different than what he has. He seems happy, if that matters. He seems to be in a great place right now. I can't say I haven't seen that before."

On whether there has been a different feel in OTAs this year than in previous years because so much has happened this offseason: "I guess if you look at it, if you take it like we have, day by day, it doesn't seem like much. I see where you're coming from with the question. Just going through it day by day it doesn't seem to be all that much, but I guess if you look at it from the outside in, there are a lot of things that have happened. I think for the most part there, they are good things. Obviously there are a couple that aren't, but most of the things have been good things. I think [it] will help us as a football team."

On whether he has an update on defensive coordinator Jim Johnson:"There's not much change from the last time I mentioned it. Some days are good days. Some days are not very good days. He is receiving chemotherapy, and pretty intense chemotherapy. There are just some days that that stuff gets you, and then there are other days that he feels pretty good. I have a chance to talk to him about every day, and he's a battler."

On what he wanted to accomplish during this round of OTAs: "There are a couple of things. The obvious one is getting the players the reps that they needed, the new players, the free agents, and then the young guys, the draftees. Then, the opportunity for [secondary coach] Sean [McDermott] to get in and work with the defense, if that's how it is in the fall, then at least he's had a little bit of exposure to it. If Jim comes back then I think Sean is even better for it and the other coaches are [too]."

On whether he is confident in McDermott if he has to step in as defensive coordinator:"Yeah. Absolutely. He had a great teacher. He had the best in the business teaching him."

On what he's seen from TE Brent Celek this offseason: "It's a little different role. He is the starter now, and that's not the way last year started. It finished that way but it didn't start that way, so there's that expectation. There weren't a lot of expectations on him coming into last year, making the football team, being the second tight end and rolling. This year is different. He is the guy, and when you're the guy you have to prove it every day. So, that will be his challenge this year."

On whether the time between now and training camp will be different for McDermott this year: "Yeah. We have a couple of new staff members there. He'll continue to talk with them and meet with them. He won't be in here every day and cranking away, but he'll make sure that he has that all tied down by the time we get to Lehigh."

On what strides CB Ellis Hobbs has made:"I think Ellis has done a nice job of picking up the defense and some of the techniques that we use here. He's a very smart guy and very intense kid. He wants to do the right thing on every play, and so, I think he's taking the right approach to things, and I kind of like what I see there."

On whether he has had a chance to talk with CB Asante Samuel about his decision to miss camp this week: "No. This is a voluntary camp so there isn't a lot of talking I can do there or am going to do there."

On whether he thinks Samuel's absence will compromise his ability to lead this team: "We'll see how he does when he comes back for camp. I don't think he'll be any different than what he was out here."

On whether he has seen any competition between the guys at the safety and left defensive end positions: "I think competition is good, number one, I think there is nothing that will make you better. I think that safety position, I think we have some quality players there. Some of the young guys, too, I think are good football players, and hope to be good football players. We'll see how it comes down to when they have to bang it a little bit and if they can do that over and over, but it looks like there is a little talent there. Then, at defensive end, we rotate guys. You try to find eight guys in there that you feel comfortable with putting in the game. I think we have good competition and a good rotation at all those spots. If you can find eight, they always push each other to see who the starter is going to be."

On how T Jon Runyan still has a locker and what that means, and how comfortable he is with Shawn Andrews at right tackle:"We'll just see how things go down the road. Right now Jon is working his tail off to recover from that knee. I know he wants to play, and we'll see how things work out down the road. You asked me two separate questions. Shawn is doing a nice job, and Jon is doing a great job of getting himself ready to play, and we'll just see how things work out down the road here."

On whether he thinks S Sean Jones can play at free and strong safety:"Safeties on our team are interchangeable. He's dropped a little weight from what he played at at Cleveland. They wanted him a little bit heavier and a little closer to the box and that type of thing. Our guys, we want them both doing the same things. I think that he has that ability to do both. He's got a great knack for finding the football, which is obvious by the stats on the number of interceptions that he's had. I think he could do either one."

On whether he expects Kevin Curtis to be fully healthy by training camp:"Yeah, I do. Him missing a day has nothing to do with it. He came out and practiced yesterday. I think he'll be fine."

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