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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks:"Obviously we're disappointed with the way the season ended here. We all thought we'd still be playing and all worked toward that. That again will be the thing that drives us through this offseason to become a better football team. We all need to do a better job coaching and playing. Obviously the evaluation process started yesterday and I start with myself first and the coaches and then the roster. I did appreciate the effort by the team that they put forward. We did some good things. I was proud of some of the guys that stepped in and played when they were called upon to do so and they gave it their best shot. Again, collectively, all of us needed to do a better job and we're surely not satisfied with what took place, in particular these last two games. It also gives us a good measuring stick of where we need to be. I think the Cowboys, I think they're a better football team right now. I think they coached better and they played better and it's my responsibility that the Eagles get back to that level and even better. That's what our goal will be this offseason."

On whether he evaluates the team hoping to get better as a team or to get better than the Cowboys: "You know what the Cowboys do and you obviously look and see what the changes are that take place with all of the teams, but at the same time you want to make sure that you're the best you possibly can be as a football team and I've always said that. I'm not sitting here competing against one football team in the Cowboys, but they're the last ones to bump us out of the playoffs so we know we need to be better than that."

On whether QB Donovan McNabb will be the quarterback next year: "I was asked if Donovan would be my quarterback next year and I said yes. That's what I'm saying now."

On whether he is the one who decides whether McNabb will be the quarterback next year: "That's my call."

On whether it is difficult to decide to keep McNabb when QB Kevin Kolb is approaching his fourth season: "We'll look at all of this. Obviously I haven't gotten to the points that you're asking here with comparing players, contracts and everything else. I'm not at that point right now. We like Kevin Kolb and we like (QB) Michael Vick and we like Donovan McNabb. I think it's a pretty good situation to be in. The rest of the things will take place as we go through the offseason."

On whether he thinks discussions about McNabb's future with the team are justified: "I don't know what the questions were other than the questions I was asked in here. I haven't heard any other question. I was asked if he will be the quarterback of this team. I said yes and that's how I feel. I'm not out to analyze anything else. I was asked if it was my decision. It's my decision so that's what it is."

On how things will change if general manager Tom Heckert leaves for Cleveland: "Nothing has taken place here yet. I know things have been reported that that's what's going to take place, but until something is official I really don't have any comment on that. I will say that if he does get the job at Cleveland he'll do a great job there. He's been phenomenal here. He's been my right hand man in the personnel department. If he's not at Cleveland then he'll still be my right hand man. If he decides to go then I'll go from there and go through the interviewing and evaluation process from there."

On what makes him think McNabb can take this team to the Super Bowl and win: "I think he's a great player. I think his work over the last 11 years has proven that. I truly believe it's a team sport and it's not all about one guy."

On whether McNabb has earned a contract extension: "I'm not even to that point yet. We just finished the season. I spent all day yesterday interviewing and talking to players and team meetings and staff meetings and everything. I can't sit here and tell you about contracts as we go. It's way too early for all of that."

On whether he thinks it would be difficult for McNabb to go into next season without a contract extension: "I don't know that. I don't worry about all of that stuff right now."

On whether he thinks the team should change their defensive philosophy this offseason: "No. I think you attack and that's how you do it. That part won't change."

On RB Brian Westbrook's future: "I'm not going to get into what I met with them on. I've never done that."

On whether he thinks Westbrook wants to come back and play for the Eagles next season:"I think Brian does. It's obvious that he, and this wasn't through our meeting, I just know he wants to play. He just has to make sure that he gets the health part of it taken care of, which he'll do."

On whether it's difficult to evaluate Westbrook based on this season: "He was banged up a little bit. Brian is a great player, has been a great player, and that was a tough thing for him all the way around. There's nobody more competitive or that wants to be out there doing his thing more than Brian. We, you and I, talked about how when he got to the Washington game he was feeling great and it was a shame that the had the concussion at that time because I really thought he was there and then things didn't workout as well for him after that. There's no reason he can't get back to that level."

On whether Westbrook had a setback last week that led to him not playing a lot in the last game of the season:"Coming out of that I thought the other guys, I needed to get them the ball also. We didn't have a set number of plays that Brian was going to get. I used him a little more in the third down situations than I had the week before. I wanted to continue to do that."

On whether he believes a system with Westbrook and RB LeSean McCoy could work: "Yeah, I think that could work."

On whether Kolb could be the starting quarterback if he had to be:"I am very fortunate because there are a lot of head coaches who aren't getting these questions right here, in a serious way, that are really looking for good quarterbacks and I've got stinking three good quarterbacks that could play in this league. I respect that and feel very fortunate to be in that position. I don't want to give up any of them. I like them all. The more you have the better you are. That's a tough position to play. To answer your question, can Kevin Kolb play in the National Football League? Absolutely. Can he be a starter in the National Football League? Absolutely. The other two guys have proven it and they've been top quarterbacks in this league for a number of years."

On how difficult it is to figure out when to turn things over to Kolb: "I'm not even at that point right now to answer that question. I have confidence that they all could run the offense and do it at a championship caliber level."

On whether it'd be unusual for a player of McNabb's stature to play on a one-year contract: "No, I don't think so. I haven't even addressed that. I'll get on that down the road here as we go. I know he got a nice little kickback for the next two years here in salary. I thought that was a real positive."

On whether he thinks McNabb would play with a one-year deal: "We'll see. I'm not even at that point. They are good questions; I'm just not at that point yet to answer that."

On whether he anticipates any coaching changes:"I'm going through, starting with me, and then going through our coaching staff and our roster and looking at that very closely."

On whether he's considering firing himself: "After the way we played the other day, dog gone it."

On how he thinks defensive coordinator Sean McDermott did in his first year: "I thought that guy, my hat is off to him. That's a tough thing that he did. He's not into excuses. I'm not into excuses, but just looking at it realistically. To replace a legend in Jim Johnson at the time that it took place with a very limited offseason and doing what he wanted to establish in his way, and then with some of the coaching changes and new staff members and then with the players, some of the injuries that they had there. I just thought that he handled that whole thing so well and gracefully."

On whether there was an Eagles defensive player that wasn't executing a play against Dallas the way McDermott intended it to be executed: "They made an adjustment there and went more to a bracket look to slow that down. I'm not going to say that he was going against what he was taught. That's not what that was."

On where the biggest need is regarding the roster: "I'm going through all of that right now. I'm not going to sit here and say that. Collectively we have to get better. I'm saying that from a coaching standpoint and from a player standpoint, and I'm also saying we'll get that done."

On where T/G Shawn Andrews is on his rehab and whether he expects Andrews to be back next season: "I don't have an answer for you on that. I know where he is in his rehab and he's doing well with that. What the future holds, it's too early to tell on that."

On whether this team is in an established state or if he sees it as an up and coming roster: "The one thing I think we've done over the last couple years, we've added some good young players. That's an optimistic look for the future. They've had an opportunity to play and that can't do anything but help you as a team. I don't think we only added young players, but I think we added some good young players that can help us win a championship. That's important."

On whether he is looking to build the offensive line from the outside or within: "We'll see what time deals us here with the offensive line. We took a little bit of a hit when (C) Jamaal (Jackson) went down. Obviously, that's a bit of a security blanket for your quarterback when they work so close together. I thought (C/G) Nick (Cole) stepped in and did a decent job. We have people. You'd like to keep the continuity there. I think we've had a little bit better continuity there over the last five years or so than what we ended up with this year. With letting (T) Tra (Thomas) and (T Jon) Runyan go and in replacing them, we had a challenge there to develop that and with the injuries it probably didn't develop to where I wanted it to, or (offensive line coach) Juan (Castillo) wanted to. We'll take care of that. The lines are always priorities for us. I'll make sure that we get that taken care of. These aren't excuses. You asked me a question. I don't want this to be (an excuse). We have plenty of good players and good coaches where we should have gotten this thing done the last two weeks and we didn't do it."

On whether he expected more from G/T Stacy Andrews this year: "Sometimes things work out that way. We'll see how things work out here for the future. The one thing I know about Stacy is he's a very hard worker and he wants to be the best. I can work with that. I think an offseason here will be great for him. He'll work with Juan and do some things there."

On whether he wishes WR DeSean Jackson hadn't written on his twitter account regarding the Cowboys before Saturday's game:"There are some things that he'd probably like to have back. I'm not even sure what a tweet is, but it wasn't a good tweet I guess."

On whether he wants more every-down players on defense: "No, I think that I'll look at all of that and go over it and we'll just see how it goes. I have to sit down and not base it off of the two games, but the season and back-up a little bit. Right now when you're coming off a playoff loss you have a tendency to be a little bit emotional and not in a real good mood. You have step back a little bit and let time take care of that and evaluate it with a little bit more of a clear head."

On whether he thinks the Cowboys exposed their weaknesses or the Eagles just didn't execute: "I think it's probably a combination of things. They played better I guess is a better term and that covers a lot of things. It covers the coaching part, the playing part of it and I don't think we collectively did a very good job there."

On whether he is concerned about DeSean Jackson's potential contract negotiations this offseason: "I'm not worried about that. I'm not there or worried about that right now."

On whether he can tell if Jamaal Jackson will be back at 100% next season: "I'm going to tell you that the surgery went well, but until you really get on that knee and you're pushing it and seeing that. Right now he's on crutches and just coming off of the surgery. It's too early to tell. The doctors felt good about it."

On whether he thinks the gap between the Cowboys and the Eagles can be closed by next season: "I think the Cowboys were probably sitting in the same position we are last year. They were looking at this going, 'Dog gone, the Eagles got after us pretty good.' They went back to the drawing board and they answered that question. Do I think that we can close that gap? Absolutely, and we'll do that. I'm going to make sure we do that. That's a great goal for us as players and coaches. You're sitting on that bench press and you want to push yourself through one more rep, you think of that last game right there. That will help get you through any of those times you don't want to workout. Same way as a coach, you don't want to watch another film, think of that game right there man and detail it a little better than what you detailed it that time and become a better football team."

On Vick wanting to be a starting quarterback again in this league: "I love that about him. That kid, the changes that he made this year in his life, I was impressed with. His desire to be a number one guy in this league, I'd be disappointed if he didn't feel that way. He's a competitive son of a gun and he wants to be out there, but at the same time he's handled himself very well. I think he appreciated being here and the opportunity of being here. I respect that and I'm aware of how he feels on that. I would be shocked if he didn't feel that way."

On whether he thinks Vick would be disappointed to come back next year as a backup:"I don't think so, but we'll see as this thing goes on. I know he wants to start. That part I do know, but I don't think he would be real disappointed."

On Eagles Vice President of Player Personnel Howie Roseman being the team's next general manager: "That's not the case right now. At the same time, I have a tremendous personnel staff and Howie is one of those guys. I have a bunch of guys that have really done a nice job there. I'm not with you on that comment. However, I will tell you, without slighting Howie at all, that he's done a nice job."

On whether he has tried to convince Heckert to stay in Philadelphia: "I'm not going to get into all that. You guys know how I feel about Tom. Tom is one of my favorite people and I think he's great at what he does, phenomenal. The things that he's helped us do here are phenomenal. If it works out at Cleveland, I also know he's working with one of my best friends and somebody that will allow him, if it comes down to that, to do even more than he was doing here. Opportunities, I'm always looking to help my guys out for opportunities and if that's the case then I think that's a great one for him."

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