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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "On the injury front we have some nicks and bruises, but I think by the time we get to practice tomorrow we should be okay."

Opening Remarks: "First of all, it's good to be in the playoffs. Now, with that, with the game yesterday, we have a few things we need to take care of, which is stating the obvious here. There are no excuses. There are no excuses for our performance yesterday; we have to do better. I think everybody understands that, coaches and players. It's my responsibility as head football coach to make sure that this thing gets straightened out. We will do better. The things that obviously we can improve on from a coaching standpoint: substitutions, timeouts, again my responsibility, play calls, and then performance by the players whether it's dropped balls, turnovers in the red zone, whatever it might be, missed tackles, those things we need to get corrected. They are all things that can be corrected. We'll go back to the drawing board this week and get better."

On whether he thinks that the timeout he took during the game before a punt was a mistake: "No, but there are other places I could have used timeouts. I evaluate everything. There are things I can do better."

On what happened on the punt: "We didn't have the right guys out there."

On how the team goes about getting their momentum back: "The first thing you have to do is you have to evaluate the problems with the players and the coaches. Then, you have to make sure that you correct those. If you are going to get better, then you can't hide those things, you can't hide the facts. That's what we'll do and we'll make sure that we get things corrected."

On the emotional effect of yesterday's loss: "They were the better team yesterday. I think you don't hide that fact either. They played better than we played. They coached better than we coached. You get back to business and you do it in a very matter-of-fact way, and if you get caught up in all of the 'what ifs and this and that', then you are making a mistake because we don't have time for that. We're playing Saturday and it's a hurried-up week. You have to get right back on the horse and figure out how not to get bucked off again."

On whether there's anything good about playing the same team two weeks in a row: "Familiarity I guess is the primary thing. At this point you're in the playoffs, it's a single elimination tournament, you really don't care who you play or where you play, you're in. Anything can go. You don't care if you played them last week or two weeks ago, you're in the tournament. In our case, since we did play them last week it's important to figure out what we did wrong and get that corrected."

On whether he is concerned about his team's confidence right now: "I'm not worried about that. I expect them to get back out and as coaches and players figure out the problem, get back out and execute. That's what we have to do."

On whether he felt like the young players played young: "I think it's all of us. I don't think it's one group. I'm an old guy and I could've done better. We're all in the same boat here. We have to pick our game up. That's what we have to get done this week."

On whether he thinks the problems that he mentioned are fixable in the timeframe that he has: "They're things that you should be able to correct. They're things I haven't seen before except earlier in the season. We were able to correct them and I expect to correct them now."

On whether the main issue is the team's inability to get the ball back from the Cowboys offense: "That's one issue, but the other issue is what you do when you get the ball back and establishing field position and so on. You know they have a good kickoff guy so you're probably not going to get too many returns there. If you give them an opportunity to score then you're going to be driving a long field. It's important that you are able to put drives together to reestablish the field position or score touchdowns."

On his integration of RB Brian Westbrook resulting in RB LeSean McCoy and FB Leonard Weaver getting very few touches: "That's just the way that worked out. Again, the more Brian plays the better he's going to play. We'll take care of that whole rotational thing. It got a little bit skewed with the quick scores there."

On whether he felt he went away from the run too early: "There are a bunch of things that we could have done better. I mentioned the play calling and I probably could have called a few more runs. In a game like that there are a lot of things we could do better."

On whether he anticipates there being changes in the defensive lineup: "I haven't done anything yet."

On the situation at MIKE linebacker: "(LB) Akeem (Jordan), again it's a new position for him; he's getting back in the swing of things. We've been rotating him in there. I thought (LB Jeremiah Trotter) brought a little energy in there at that particular time of the game (the second half), so I thought it was important to leave him in there."

On whether he'll change anything about the team's routine this week in terms of how they travel, when they arrive at the stadium, etc.: "We've been there now, so I don't think we need to go earlier than we normally do or workout there or any of that. I think we just need to play better. I'm not big on all of the stadium stuff. I'm big on playing better."

On why they blitzed less: "(Defensive coordinator) Sean (McDermott) came out blitzing. They caught us on that first long run, we had a blitz in. And then they caught us on one other one with a quick screen. It didn't look like we were blitzing on those plays because of the way those plays worked out, but he came in with the idea of them doing that. As it went on he picked and chose where he was going to blitz. We'll look into all of that."

On whether he thinks that all of the position changes on defense have led to a lack of continuity on the defense: "There are no excuses for all of that. We've done a nice job; there are no excuses for anything here. We have to do a better job of putting our players in the right position and then our players have to do a better job executing. That's what it comes down to. We've been doing pretty well up to this point. I'm not going to can everything that we've been doing and change a bunch of things, that's not what we're going to do. We just have to do what we do, and do it a little bit better."

On whether he's concerned about the success of Dallas' run game: "In games like this, and you see this throughout the playoffs, you see it when two good teams play each other, execution by the offense and defensive line normally have a big part in determining the game. We have to do better at both of those spots. I always put it on the big guys to get it done. I believe in that and I know they don't mind taking the responsibility, taking that load there of playing well. It starts there. In this game they did some good things, the big guys did some good things, but there were times that they could've done better and then it just worked its way through the offense and defense. When I say everybody had a little piece of that, everybody could've done better."

On whether the false start penalties were a result of crowd noise or having a new center: "I didn't think it was the noise level. I think some of it is just concentration and we've had a few of those throughout the season. I'd like to tell you it's the center, but we can do better in that spot there."

On C Nick Cole and G Max Jean-Gilles' performance yesterday: "I thought Nick did a respectable job there. He actually played pretty well. Max was okay too. Max did alright."

On whether QB Michael Vick will be back this week: "Yeah, Vick will be back this week."

On WR DeSean Jackson limping after the game: "He tweaked his groin a little bit. He feels pretty good today. I don't think it's real serious. We have a few of those, just nicks and bruises you have to work through, especially this time of year."

On whether Vick could've played yesterday: "I didn't feel as comfortable with him running the football this past week. I think he was kind of right on the edge. You want to make sure if you give him an opportunity to carry the football that he doesn't hurt himself. It was a judgment call on my side. I didn't feel as comfortable with it this past week as I would given another week here."

On QB Donovan McNabb missing passes yesterday: "They are going to happen. You are not going to hit every opportunity. In big games coaches have to coach well and players have to play well. That's everybody. That's how that works, whether it's to win the NFC East or whether it's now in the playoffs. That's what we've done over the years, when we were in big games we played and coached well. We have to go back to that. That's the challenge for this week."

On the attitude and mindset he is looking for from players tomorrow: "A lot of the guys have already come in. There's a positive to this amongst the negative. The positive is that you're in the playoffs and very seldom do you have an opportunity to play a team that just got after you a little bit a second time. We have that opportunity to correct ourselves. That's an approach I expect the guys to take and I think with the leadership on this team that will take place."

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