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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(CB) Ellis Hobbs had an MRI. He does have a disc injury in there, not the same disc as he had before. But we're just going to take our time and further evaluate it and see how he does here. (DE Juqua Parker) has a hip strain and he's pretty tender today. And then, (CB) Asante (Samuel) has a little bit of a knee strain with the MCL. Other than that everybody else made it through pretty good."

Opening Remarks: (It was a) NFC East game, man; it was a knockdown, drag-out game and it was a good win against a good football team, tough win. I thought we overcame some things – dropped balls, penalties, blocked field goal, and the obvious one that we have to take care of are the penalties. So we have to continue to work on that. We're being aggressive, but with being aggressive you also have to be smart at times and really maintain your focus and know what people around you are doing. The positives, I thought our (defensive) line and offensive line played well, the (defensive) line really in particular. The defensive tackles I thought did a nice job and I'm talking about all four of them: (DT Antonio) Dixon, (DT Mike) Patterson, (DT Brodrick) Bunkley, (DT Trevor) Laws.

"I thought they all really controlled that inside area there, inside the tackle very well. I thought (LB) Stewart (Bradley) and (LB) Ernie (Sims) had a nice game. (LB) Moise (Fokou) had a couple big plays in there. He didn't have quite as many snaps as the other two, but did well. And then Asante, Asante had a nice game. Offensively, like I said our offensive line did a nice job. They were throwing a lot of things at us and at times they were bringing more than what we could handle, as far as numbers go. But the offensive line sorted out what they could pick up and did a pretty good job with it. (QB) Michael (Vick) sorted out the extra guy and normally got rid of it to a receiver or threw it away. When teams blitz like that, everything's not going to look like roses. But it's important that you maintain your composure and technique that you want to, and then you get big plays. And that's kind of what happened there down the stretch. (RB LeSean) McCoy I thought had a nice game.

"Very easily he could have gotten down. There were tough yards early and he hit a couple. And again, the run was against a max blitz. And then (WR Jeremy) Maclin had a nice game. And still, there were a couple plays that he wishes he could have back. But he had over 100 yards there. And (WR) Jason Avant had the drop, and then he comes back and he makes two beautiful plays, one of which was a two-point play. And then special teams. (K) David Akers just keeps it going, man. He works very hard at his job and he works very hard at staying in shape and he realizes that when you're a little bit older you have to do that. You have to put in the extra time and he's done that and it's paying off for him. So my hat's off to him. And then our coverage teams. I think (special teams coordinator) Bobby's (April) done a very nice job there with the coverage teams, they're flying around, and he's scheming it up, and players are executing well and they're playing fast. And then, I think (defensive coordinator) Sean McDermott and (offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) did a good job, there, along with the other coaches."

On whether the team has developed any type of identity and the positive growth of the team through Week 10: "And you know the neat thing there is I think the guys, they enjoy being around each other. And then that's the way they play. There's a lot of energy. I don't know a better term for it, but there's a lot of energy during the game through the good and the bad; a lot of guys encouraging guys. If there's a dropped ball, you saw (TE Brent) Celek run up to Avant and say, 'hey, we'll get the next one," and that was a big play. But everybody's helping each other out and you need that. And that's the fun part. That's the fun part from a coach's standpoint to see. And listen, we have so much room to improve that we really have to stay focused. But it starts with that energy, right there."

On the injury to Hobbs: "Well, we're going to see. The guys came in late. And so, I met with (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) just briefly. I'll get back with Rick and talk with him. (General manager) Howie (Roseman) and I will meet with him again and just go back and over these guys. But right now the MRI shows that there was some damage in there to another disc. And so, we'll just go back and I think time will be the teller here."

On whether Hobbs' injury is a herniated disc: "You know, I'm not going to give you the term. I'm not sure exactly what the term is. So I have to make sure that I have that down. Like I said, I met with him just the last minute here before coming down here."

On whether Hobbs' injury will require surgery:"Yeah, I don't know any of that right now. I'll get that to you though. I'm not trying to hide it from you. I just want to make sure when I give it to you that it's accurate."

On whether Samuel's knee injury is of any concern:"You know, I don't think so. I think he'll be alright. It's sore today, but I think he'll be okay."

On being ranked 8th in the league in run defense and whether anything has changed from earlier in the season: "Well, listen, we made some changes in personnel. But I'll come back and tell you that – with Dixon and Fokou – listen, they made a difference. But (LB) Akeem (Jordan) has had healthy snaps for us. And Bunkley has over the years had healthy snaps and he came back yesterday with a tremendous game. So it's a good thing, right there. That play that's taking place, it's physical play. I think the guys, they're in the right mindset. And I think you're seeing Bradley continue to get better. And when you're talking about the run game you really want to be strong in the middle, there in that middle triangle in there, and that group I think is playing well. And (Mike) Patterson, I told you yesterday, last night, that Patterson is one that kind of gets past everybody, but he is so consistent and so tough and strong and everything, not real flashy, but just does his job and does it well."

On whether the defense stepped it up on Sunday when the offense wasn't having their best night: "Absolutely, and that's how it works. And when I say they get along that's a great thing right there. If the offense isn't doing well, the defense picks them up on the sideline and in their play and vice-versa. And listen, like I said everything isn't going to be roses. But you have to fight and fight through those barriers there and take a very aggressive approach."

On whether he has any concern about running between the tackles in short yardage situations: "Well, listen, we played the number one defense in the National Football League last night. And when we had to run in that four minute period, we ran. And when we had to score, we scored, and we did it running the football. I'm not real concerned about that."

On whether the Giants put an extra guy in the box to spy on Vick: "Yeah, they just went more Cover 3 and 6 than what they had done in the past. So he wasn't necessarily in the box, well depending on how you look at the box, he was outside the tight end."

On whether the Cover 3 defense is something he is concerned about because the Giants contained Vick: "Yeah, they did a nice job. But that's alright."

On whether there was ever any question whether Vick would be able to stay in the game because he got a little banged up: "Well, he came up limping that one time. You have to be a tough nut to play that position. No matter how you cut it, that quarterback has to be one of the tougher guys on the team and they get labeled as these little cushy guys, but that guy better be tough. And so, he shut the thing off and he stayed in. I think that's important. As long as he can function, that's important. And the way he plays, his style, you have to be wired right for that."

On the toughness of the NFC as a conference and the remaining schedule for the Eagles: "Listen, you better take one week at a time. If you start looking ahead at it you're going to mess yourself up. The way the league's done now, for that reason, you can't look ahead and go, 'you know what, if we win these two games then we have these two off.' You can't do that. So you have NFC East games all the way to the end and good teams in between there with Chicago coming up here, and they're not too shabby at 7-3. So we have to make sure we're ready to roll."

On whether he has to tell Vick to slide and not take as many hits: "Yeah. It was about 21.35 percent of the time (laughing). I have no idea. I don't. But there are certain ones he needs to get down."

On whether he is worried that the accumulation of hits on Vick will take a toll on his body: "Listen, I don't know. I mean, the guy played for a long period of time. I know there are certain ones that he needs to get down on. So somewhere that'll get across to him."

On whether he has ever seen a season with so many brutal hits:"Well, I don't know the answer to it. I haven't really studied that enough to know how many hits have happened during the season, here. But there have been some pretty rough ones. Again, Hobbs was a little bit of a bang-bang thing. I said that about (WR) DeSean's (Jackson). I said that about Asante's last night. I'm not standing there going, 'these guys are flagrantly trying to knock each other out.' I mean, that's not what it is. They're trying to lead with the shoulder and the head gets involved. Now, the kickoff is a crazy deal. You're seeing a lot of injuries with that over the last few years."

On his thoughts about Samuel's hit on Giants WR Derek Hagan: "Well, here's what I thought. I thought he led with his shoulder – I mean literally came in sideways on him. And their heads probably hit somewhere in there. I mean, they probably hit, but Asante, I know Asante, and Asante's not throwing his head in there and doing all of that, that's not his deal. He came in thinking shoulder and Asante's not a head-hunting type guy, that's not what he does."

On how the players would avoid helmet contact when leading with the shoulder: "Well, the angle, I'm not sure exactly what you do there. I mean, he came in and he led with a shoulder. I guess you could hit him down lower and then you blow his knees out. I mean, I'm not sure there's a way around that. I thought he hit him in a good spot. He tried to keep his head out of the picture, led with his shoulder, literally came in sideways. So that's a hard thing to coach there. He's had it the other way where he's come in low and been knocked out. So it's a crazy deal."

On whether it makes him reconsider what he said about the league getting the problem fixed with illegal hits: "Well, this is what I said, and I want to make sure I'm clear with it. The more information we accumulate for the players to see and for the league to evaluate, we'll come to grips with something there that says, 'this is what you have to do.' Now, you have to make sure that you don't lower the target so much that you start taking everybody's knees out. I mean, that's not what the league wants and that's not what the players want. And then what I said about Asante, Asante's gone low a couple times and had his bell rung. So you have to figure all that out."

On whether the area to hit a player is getting smaller: "Well listen, the thing I was proud about with Asante is that he could have easily come in with his head. He could have very easily done that. But he didn't. He came in and he tried to lead with his shoulder and because of the angles they might have clicked. But his intent was shoulder."

On what he tells a player following a situation like that: "I don't know right now. I don't have an answer. I've told him to go low, and then he got hurt. So I tell him to lead with his shoulder, tackle with your shoulder, we work on it, he tackles with his shoulder and his hat gets involved."

On whether he feels bad for Hobbs because of how hard he worked in the offseason to return to form: "Oh, I love the kid. I mean, he is a tough, tough, tough guy and he did work very hard to come back at it. So that was hard to watch yesterday when he was out there, just hoping for the best for him."

On whether Vick not throwing an interception has more to do with his improved fundamentals or his accuracy: "I think it's a combination of both; fundamentals, accuracy, knowing what's going on, studying more, all those things. I told you before that I thought he had very good coaches there (in Atlanta). I think it's his approach now. I will tell you that I don't like him dropping the ball. So you're asking me about one thing and I'm not very fired up about the other two things that ended up on the ground. But he's doing a nice job of not throwing the interceptions."

On whether he thinks McCoy has matured as a player when things aren't going well on the field: "Yeah, I do. And then I think it helps out that (former Eagles RB) Duce (Staley) is there, who's been there. This doesn't take anything away from (running backs coach) Ted (Williams) because it seems like everybody Ted coaches ends up being a really good player. But Duce is constantly on him and LeSean knows the kind of player Duce was, and so on. But Duce spends a lot of time with him."

On whether Hobbs will play Sunday against Chicago: "Yeah, listen, I don't think so. No. I'd probably say he'd be out for this week."

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