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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries: "(S) Nate Allen did rupture his patella tendon and will most likely have surgery tomorrow with (head team physician, head orthopedic surgeon, Dr.) Pete DeLuca. (WR) Jason Avant had a slight concussion; it doesn't look like it's too bad. He tested out today and did very well. And then (DT) Mike Patterson has a sore knee and we're checking him out. There's nothing been determined on that and he was going to get an MRI today but that hasn't taken place. And then (LB) Stewart Bradley obviously is out with a dislocated elbow, but is making progress. (He) still has some swelling in there, but we're working to get that out. But most likely will not play this week. And then (LB) Keenan Clayton is making progress. He'll try to do some things this week. We'll just have to see with him, day-by-day and evaluation process there. But he is making progress. And then everybody else made it through okay. Some nicks and bruises, but everything really is okay. (T) Winston Justice is continuing to make progress. And so he had a good workout today and we'll just see how he does with the bull rush and that type of thing - real hard aggressive push on that leg. But right now he looks pretty good."

Opening Remarks: "I'm proud of the players and coaches for the way they battled for four quarters. But there's a lot to learn from this game. For three-plus quarters there it wasn't very pretty and that part bothers me as a head football coach. So we will go back and learn from our mistakes and get the things that we need to do better, we will get those better. But the determination and poise, that part's hard to coach, that determination and poise. And this group has got that and they showed that yesterday, both coaches and players. They all worked together to figure it out and get it right and we were fortunate enough to have enough time to do that. And that heart, that big heart, that's what I mean, that part's tough to coach – you kind of have that or you don't have that. This group seems to have that and they showed us that last night; one of the all-time great games in NFL history right there. That's two good football teams playing each other. (Giants head coach) Tom Coughlin is a phenomenal coach - those are gut-wrenching from the other side, I've been through those. It's gut-wrenching from the other side, but he has a good football team and he has a good staff and he's a heckuva football coach. It was just one of those games that worked out for us. We've had those go the other way too."

On whether something clicked for the offense in the fourth quarter in the games following the game against Tennessee:"Well listen, I mentioned this after that game. I remember that I thought I got too conservative. I'm not saying that's what happened because they threw the ball more than, probably, what I threw the ball when they were up. So we got a couple breaks here and there and took advantage of it, and I thought our defense stepped up, our offense started making some plays."

On scoring 68 points and giving up 14 points in the fourth quarter over the last four games: "I think we're making good adjustments as players and coaches; I like to do that sooner than later. We're getting some unique looks. Everybody has a certain way, (defensively) that they're playing (QB) Michael (Vick), and it's not your normal - it's hard to put on another tape and see teams do what they do to Michael, they just change things up and throw you a little bit of a curve ball. So you have to make some adjustments. You have to be able to do that."

On whether there is something about this team that likes to play from behind:"I don't think that's it. I put it in that category of figuring it out. We get in there, and again this is as coaches and players, we get it right and make sure, as coaches, we're putting the guys in the right positions to make plays, and then the guys are making them. And sometimes that takes a little bit of time, at least in the cases that you're mentioning; other games we've gone out and exploded out of the box."

On whether the team can reach its ultimate goal if they continue to play from behind:"Yeah, well listen, I can't tell you we don't have a lot to work on. And so, would I have rather been up by a bunch, absolutely? I'm not as quite far down the road as you are, but I'm on to the Vikings. So when you're playing good football teams like that, then you really don't want to give anything, and you do want to start fast on both sides of the ball, and you do want turnovers, you don't want to give up turnovers – you want to create them and not give them up – and you want to score in the red zone and stop them in the red zone, and so on. So those are all the things that we try to do. But I'm no further than that game to be honest with you."

On whether he is aware of all the excitement among the fans surrounding the Giants game:"Well, I can imagine, it was a heckuva a game to watch if you made it to the fourth quarter. I'm sure they were a lot of them that said, 'You know what? They're stinking the place up and let's go have a ham sandwich or something.' But the ones that watched it all the way through, or watched the replays, that was a heckuva game."

On whether he is showing more emotion outwardly because of where he is as a football coach or whether this team is bringing the emotion out of him: "I'm not a good evaluator with that. I don't know that. I know I have a bunch of young kids playing right now and they might bring out a little juice in you, you know the gray hair hiding."

On Vick from the start of the season until now: "Well listen, I see somebody that is trying to take care of business on the field and off the field. I see somebody that has worked very hard to get himself into the position that he's in right now on and off the field. And he hasn't lost the desire in either area to do good; to right the wrong that he created in his life and at the same time become even a better quarterback, a greater quarterback than what he was before, and that's hard to knock. I've said it before, you know, thank goodness we're in America and you're given that opportunity."

On whether he will have to turn the team's focus to the Vikings: "Well listen, I would like to tell you that we played well enough to do that. But obviously, and I don't think it takes a genius to figure this out, that we didn't play very well for three quarters and we better figure that out. So I'm not sure as coaches, and I'm starting with me and the coaches and players, I'm not sure that any of us can sit there and say that we painted a beautiful picture. So that's not where we will be at."

On when Avant's injury occurred: "Last play. On the punt return. When he was blocking, yes."

On the impact all the little plays had on the final outcome of the game: "Well, I mentioned this last night and I still feel it, there was an anxiousness to get things fixed and a frustration, but not a giving-up frustration, one that players and coaches wanted to find out the answer, let's get the answer right, and then move on and take one play at a time and let's roll, but let's figure these things out – why is the ball being tipped? Or why are we getting hit? Or why isn't this certain run working? Or why isn't a blitz getting home? Or a run opening up a gap that should be closed? Or whatever it might be, the guys were in that mode, 'We are going to fix this thing and given the time, we are going to get it rolling.'"

On whether he appreciates how good Philadelphia as a sports town feels about itself compared to, 'The Big Brother Up The Turnpike', New York:"Well listen, I think all of those coaches, the coaches in Philadelphia I've gotten to know, the majority of them in the professional ranks and some of the college guys, there's a lot of pride there. And we know that there's great competition, just by vicinity, with Washington and New York and you can see that, you can sense that with the players yesterday - both sides just wanted to get after each other. I've always said you can kind of throw the records out, in this case it was the same record, but in a lot of cases you can throw it out and it's just a battle. So I'm sure it's exciting. I know it's exciting for us. I know it's exciting for the fans."

On whether six wins in a row over the Giants is especially exciting for him: "Hey, you know what, you really don't get into that because they're all different. And I've been on the other end of that against New York where we lost nine games or something, some crazy deal there. So I understand how that all works, but they're all different."

On how the Giants were so effective in the first half: "Well listen, their defense against our offense, they brought pressure and we could have given them better things to operate with from a coaching standpoint, and then there were times when we could have executed better. And then against blitz teams you know it only takes one, there might be five that look bad, but you're going to get one and normally it's a big one. And so, it's a matter of getting that one and getting it rolling there, and that took a little bit. And defensively, I thought (defensive coordinator) Sean (McDermott) made some nice adjustments and was able to slow them down in the run game and get some pressure, at the same time, on the quarterback. It looked like penetration increased as the game went on."

On the pass defense giving up big plays and whether it has been a product of increased passing in offenses around the league: "Well listen, we don't care about what everybody else is doing; we care that we do better. And so, that's an area that we have to do better in. So we have some young guys playing in there that we know will continue to get better every week. We'll try to put them in a better position to make plays. I mean, that's the objective here, try to work to the player's strength and give them an opportunity to do some things. I will always tell you, and I expect the two positions to take that responsibility too, is it all starts with the defensive line and the offensive line, and the more pressure you put on the quarterback, the better everybody looks. And the less pressure, from an offensive standpoint that a quarterback has, the better he's going to look, along with all of the receivers, tight ends, and running backs. So we have to do a better job in those areas, as coaches and players, we have to do a better job up front and get it done better."

On not having a lot of high draft picks on defense and whether that helps define the personality of the defense: "I think Sean has a good system that he operates with and he tries to utilize a player's strength. We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses as human beings, and so we're going to try to utilize a player's strengths and put him in the position that they can do best in. And then, these guys are scrappy guys; they'll battle you and that's what happened yesterday."

On why he did not throw the challenge flag on certain occasions during the game: "Well I already told you, the one I should have just thrown the flag. That's my responsibility. That was ridiculous so I should have cut that thing loose. Now as it was all said and done it all worked out for us. But that's my responsibility to do that. And we weren't getting the replays so I'll look into that part too. But some of those were bang-bang shots that were a little tough to see a guy touch the back of his little hand warmer. So, unless you see a replay it's tough to figure out."

On whether he was getting the replays from upstairs: "We didn't get the replays."

On whether they weren't getting replays all afternoon: "Well, the good plays we saw."

On S Kurt Coleman:"Yeah, you know what, all the opportunities that he's had he's done a nice job, plays physical football, and he started a game or two for us there when Nate was hurt. So I think the guys have confidence in him."

On whether S Colt Anderson showed enough to be the third safety in the rotation:"Yeah, Colt did some good things. He did some good things. Sean used everybody. Everybody had an opportunity. He was throwing a bunch of different looks at them."

On how the team has absorbed so many injuries over the course of this year: "Well listen, I think it comes down to personnel decisions and I think (general manager) Howie's (Roseman) done a nice job with that. Then it comes back, once those decisions are made, it comes back to you have young guys, you have to make it as complex as they can handle and still function at a high level, and then you try to utilize their strengths. And I think there's a fine balance there, but I think he's done a good job with that."

On CB Asante Samuel's knee after the game: "He did okay. He did okay. He tweaked it once or twice, but that's expected with what he has. But it wasn't anything where he couldn't function; he felt good. He kind of just ran it off and kept going. So he did well."

On whether he has ruled out Avant for Sunday's game versus the Vikings:"Well listen, I sound like an expert, I'm not an expert at this at all, I'm just telling you information I got that it doesn't seem to be that bad. I mean, they gave him the test. He felt fine coming home. There are no headaches (and) none of the stuff that you normally see."

On whether Avant still has to go through the tests:"Yeah, oh absolutely. We're not going to slight that."

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