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GM Howie Roseman

Opening Remarks: "We just agreed to terms with (DT) Cullen Jenkins. We're excited to get Cullen in Philadelphia. He's a heck of a player, fits what we're doing on defense, and adds to our defensive line group."

On whether Jenkins will play inside or outside on the defensive line: "He can really play both. On third-down, he rushes from inside. We think he makes a difference in that role. In this defense and in this scheme, it really utilizes all his talents."

On how well suited he is for defensive coordinator Juan Castillo's defense: "We think really well suited. This is a guy who we didn't think we'd have the opportunity to acquire. The way things have worked out here in the past few days, when the opportunity came at us, we jumped on it."

On how the deal came about: "A lot of talking to his representatives. It's a tribute to them and Cullen for wanting to be in Philadelphia. He had opportunities to go elsewhere, and he was a highly-coveted player. He decided to come to Philadelphia and we had to make that happen."

On how the Eagles have budgeted for all of their offseason acquisitions: "The way we're structuring the deals. (President) Joe (Banner) deserves a lot of the credit for walking us through every step here and being in position to do this, while at the same time making sure not to mortgage our future. We're working with the agents to make sure that not only do we get the most valuable player, but the deal that works best for each side."

On whether this will be the last move the Eagles make: "I think you should stay tuned."

On whether the Eagles are going all in this season with players that are older than 30: "I think if you took the average age of the guys on our roster, we'll still be in the top five youngest rosters in the NFL. We have a great combination of youth, and some veteran leadership. Guys who came from winning programs who will fit right in, and high-character guys. We're excited about it."

On whether the Eagles have created a favorable environment by bringing in such big name free agents that other big name players may want to come: "Sounds good. Let's run with that."

On how having QB Michael Vick here is affecting big name players coming here: "Andy is also. This organization as a whole is a selling point. People want to come to Philadelphia because of the organization, having Coach Reid, and having a quarterback like Michael and the players we have here. I think they're all great selling points. When you talk to agents, people want to come to Philly."

On whether or not he is trying to assemble a "dream team": "I say we're just trying to put together the best roster that puts us in position for a world championship."

On whether Cullen Jenkins will play both inside and outside: "I think he can. One of the reasons we got him is because of how good he is as an inside pass rusher."

On whether the Jenkins signing shocked him: "Well, I think putting it all together and putting these guys together, the number of names that we have.  We sat down this afternoon for a little bit and looked at it; it's exciting, it's really exciting to put it all together and we want to see them out here out on the field and get going."

On how he sees the pass defense after making these moves: "Well I certainly hope we don't finish last in pass defense this year. I think that our pass rush is greatly improved and our cover people are really good players. So when you put it all together that's really exciting stuff."

On the team's financial flexibility to add more players: "Mr. (Joe) Banner?"

On whether he is concerned about the chemistry of the team after bringing in so many new players: "Yeah, I think the key to this is getting high-character guys who are determined to win. And all of the guys that we look at we've done background on them, we've researched them, we think they fit into our culture and our team, and then we have a great coaching staff and that starts with (head coach) Andy (Reid). And that's the reason that we kind of can put this all together."

On whether he gets the sense that Jenkins took a pay cut to come to Philadelphia: "Well you do get that sense. Obviously sometimes you don't find that stuff out until after the fact, but it certainly seemed like this was the place he wanted to be all along and that he was determined to get here."

On defensive coordinator Juan Castillo's reaction when he told him about Jenkins: "I don't know, do we have video of that somewhere? He was pretty excited."

On whether he sees Jenkins in a specialized role: "Well, Andy always talks about fastball and having a lot of rushers and that's what (defensive line coach Jim) Washburn looks for. He looks for rotations and waves of guys so they're fresh and they're firing off the ball and all that other stuff will be determined by play out here. It's a good problem to have."

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