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GM Howie Roseman

On his thoughts on LB Ernie Sims and what he can do for this defense: "Ernie Sims, we've looked at Ernie Sims for a couple of years here. We've talked to Detroit on him. He's a fast, aggressive football player; fits our style of defense. We're excited to get him."

On whether he is better suited for the WILL or strongside position: "He can play both positions, both outside linebacker positions. We're just trying to increase competition and get good players."

* On what assurance he has that Sims is healthy after being hampered with injuries in 2009:*
"We feel confident that he's going to be fine. He's going to play for us, he started a lot of games in this league. This is the first year he missed some games. We're just excited to have him."

* On how much his play changed due to Detroit's scheme change*
: "I'll tell you what, you just love watching him play. He just plays so fast and physical; he throws his body around. I think the fans of Philadelphia are going to love Ernie Sims."

On whether he looks at him as a starter: "We'll figure all of that out, we do. He's a starter in the National Football League, but we're trying to create competition. We have a lot of starters on our defense and our offense. We think he brings that."

On whether this acquisition changes the draft process in terms of what he looks at in the draft: "We've always been consistent. We're going to try to get the best players on this team. We thought it was an opportunity to add a really good football player who plays our style of defense and that's why we did this trade."

On how a three-team trade works: "You have to give a lot of credit to the Denver Broncos and the Detroit Lions for being open and having these discussions. It worked for everyone. I think everyone is going to benefit from this trade. It started on dealing with separate items and it kind of came together quickly here."

On whether he wants to wait before extending Sims' contract: "We're going to bring him in here and we think he's going to fit in great. All that other stuff, we'll deal with that at a later date."

* On how coming to a winning environment will help Sims:*
"He's a passionate football player and I think Detroit is going along the right path and they're going to be a good team and a force to contend with in the NFC for a long time, but I just think it worked out for everyone in this trade."

On whether his speed, athleticism and tackling ability can fit in real quick in this defense: "No question. I think he's going to have an opportunity to make plays. The kid is a playmaker, he's been that way in college, he's been that way in the National Football League, just flying around. I think he's going to love our defense."

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