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General Manager Howie Roseman

On whether he will appoint anyone to the position vacated by current Colts general manager Ryan Grigson: "No, that announcement is not pending. We're going to go with the people we have. Through this process when Ryan left, we kind of went with the people we had here and we added some people that we feel really good about. We like the dynamic as it's currently set, and we're going to go with it."

On Anthony Patch's position: "He is in charge of the college scouts. He's the Director of College Scouting, and typically that's what the director of college scouting does."

On what Tom Donahoe brings to the Eagles: "A lot of valuable experience. He has been with winning organizations and he is someone who can add a lot of insight. We felt like Phil (Savage) filled that role, and he's kind of replacing that person with someone who has been in a general manager position and he's been a president of a team. He's won Super Bowls. We're excited about adding him."

On whether there is a roster move pending with the team sitting at 89 players: "For us, we just want to make sure we are able to evaluate all of these players. When you have a lot of players, sometimes it is hard. We talk a lot about knowing a lot about a little or a little about a lot, and so we want to know everything we can about all of these guys. If there is someone who pops up that we like, we will certainly add them, but for now we're staying at 89."

On what Roseman is looking to add throughout this whole process: "I think what we added was a nice combination of experience. We have a lot of young guys who we're really excited about. Smart and hard working guys. We're really encouraged by what has happened here in this offseason and the dynamic that has been set up, so we take that, add the guys, and move forward."

On what Tom Donahoe has done when he left the league: "He's worked with ESPN and he's continued to evaluate players. He sent us his evaluation of the guys in this draft, and he's really wanted to get back into it. We've been talking to him for the past six months now. Some of these guys change, and we felt this was the right fit and it had good timing."

On whether he had to be reassured that Donahoe was up-to-date on the game in today's NFL: "That was the encouraging thing with Tom. Tom had done a lot of evaluations on every draft since he's been out and he did 200 players in this draft. He really wanted to be a part of a team environment, and when Phil left, it was the perfect situation."

On how long Roseman pursued Donahoe: "We had been talking probably for the last six months just to get to know each other a little better. We knew each other but not really well. We just felt it was a natural addition."

On whether Savage had a broader role rather than just as a connection to SEC schools: "It was natural for Phil to do the SEC schools. We added a guy (Ed Marynowitz) who was the player personnel director at Alabama who we are really excited about. Obviously, he knows the SEC really well and for some reason, that seems to be a little focus area of ours. We're excited about adding Ed as well."

On whether he is confident that DT Fletcher Cox will sign before the end of OTAs: "Yeah, we'll see how it goes there. As with every negotiation, we try to keep that between us and the player. Obviously we're encouraged with him and we have good relationships with his representatives."

On Savage leaving the Eagles to become the director of the Senior Bowl: "That's a big-time job. He is able to work at home and he has a young baby. It was a great opportunity for him and we wish him the best."

On whether all of these new faces have put a new stamp on the way the scouting department operates: "I think these guys are all evaluators. They add to it and they'll recommend players for us. Nothing of substance is going to change as far as what we're doing. We talked a lot this offseason about some of the changes we've made and that's going to stay in place. We're just trying to add people who are smart and hard working."

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