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Game Vs. Steelers: In-Game Quotes

RB LeSean McCoy

On where he feels the first team offense can improve on: "I think it's the timing of everything. Kind of getting together, settling down. I think everybody was a little bit nervous today with everything going around and finally getting out here. So, probably just settle down a little bit and get into our rhythm. We're a very explosive team…so (we need to) just get back in our rhythm and things. We'll be fine."

On whether the offense was frustrated that they did not showcase any explosiveness tonight: "Yeah, I think a little bit. We expected to be pressed real hard. We look forward to making plays and we weren't making them today. But that's what the preseason's for. It's for kind of going through the motions of it, getting it right, (getting) the timing of everything. We'll be fine though. Give it a couple of games and we'll be fine."

On finally getting on the field and playing again after the tough week: "It's tough. The whole week, we've been battling through everything; the situation that just happened. We're just trying to weather that and then come out on the field and play ball. It's been tough. It's been a long week. I think once the team settles down a little bit, let's time pass, we'll be fine."

On what the team needs to do in camp to improve following this game: "Well, these preseason games are meant to kind of get all the nervous things out of you, get the nerves out, get the timings down and do everything. We'll be fine."

WR DeSean Jackson

On what he got out of his reps tonight: "Honestly, I was kind of frustrated. The first quarter went by kind of fast…so, it was kind of unfortunate. The offense came in with like five minutes left and then we came in with a three-and-out, so we were able to go out there in the second quarter and get a little bit of reps. We're just anxious, man. We want to get back out there and get it going."

On getting on the field after competing against each other during training camp: "It's really a good situation. We've been beating up on each other the past two weeks and we were just ready to get out here and play against somebody else. We're just ready to get out here and have fun. Obviously, it's the first preseason game. We're really excited about it."

On the emotional tributes to Garrett Reid during tonight's game: "That's honestly a blessing for Coach (Andy) Reid and the fans to support him after the loss he just had; the tragic loss. (We'll do) anything we need to do to support Coach and, like I said, I want to tell the fans and everybody else that we appreciate them and their support."

LB DeMeco Ryans

On how it feels to complete his first preseason game with the Eagles as a starter: "It feels good, you know, we have to do better getting off on third downs, but it felt good. Those guys played hard. It was a good effort, but we still have to work on things and get better, you know, with blitzes and dominate better when we're out there."

On what the team needs to do specifically to be prepared for Week 1: "(We have to) continue to tackle better. We had some missed tackles, so we have to tackle better."

On head coach Andy Reid calling him one of the best 4-3 middle linebackers in the game and what it means to have that presence on the Eagles defense: "It means a lot. I want to step out there and rally the troops, get the guys going and get everybody on the same page. It means a lot for Coach Reid to say that about me and it's an honor to be here and play for Coach Reid."

On being able to focus on football after an emotional week: "It was a tough week, but this is our outlet. This is our outlet and it gives us a chance to forget about things, put things aside for three hours and come out here and play this game. It's an outlet, but it's still been a rough week for us all."

On the fans giving Coach Reid a standing ovation: "It was awesome. It was awesome to hear the crowd, you know, the way they stood up for Coach Reid and just acknowledged him and praised him. It was good to see that we have the whole town behind us."

On what the defense has to work on primarily with a week left of training camp: "Well, it's just getting off on third downs. We had them in a lot of third-and-one situations. We just have to get off the field."

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