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Game Vs. Rams: RB Brian Westbrook

On setting the tone for the year: "Well, hopefully it will. We came out of the blocks hard and (head coach Andy) Reid mixed things up in training camp and he wanted us to come out fresh. We were able to go out there and put some points on the board today."

On not touching the ball until later in the first drive: "Well, Coach had a game plan as far as how many touches he wanted me to have and how he wanted me to go about running the ball in the first quarter and the first half and the way (QB Donovan McNabb) Don was throwing the ball and the receivers were wide open its hard to go away from that. They did a great job of getting open, (WR Greg Lewis) G Lew, (WR) DeSean (Jackson) as well as (WR) Hank (Baskett). They did a great job catching the ball and you've got to throw in (WR) Jason Avant and (TE) L.J. (Smith) too, so those guys did a great job of catching the ball and Don and the offensive line were getting it done. It's difficult to take the ball out of his hands when he's having so much success."

On the offense having more belief in the receiving corps: "We had belief in the guys that we had from the beginning. I think the outside people didn't have strong belief in the guys we had, but we knew that G Lew was going to catch the ball and DeSean, we knew what he could do, he showed that in preseason. Hank did a great job as well, scoring on the long plays. Jason was working the middle a little as well, so we were very confident in what those guys can do. They just came out and did it. L.J. did a good job too of catching the ball, and as a team effort they did a good job."

On WR DeSean Jackson's contribution to the team: "He came out and did a good job for us today. He returned the ball well. He caught the ball when the ball was thrown to him. He's fast, and in the NFL you really can't discount his speed. He's someone when he catches the ball, he can turn a five yard run into an 85 yard play, and so the defense has to respect that and hopefully going to see they're going to continue to respect his speed. We have guys who can catch the ball down the field in our huddle and they showed it today."

On the difference in the offensive line's protection of QB Donovan McNabb: "I think the offensive line did another great job today not only in the pass but in the run as well. They provided holes in the running game, and Donovan had all the time in the world to pick out his receivers back there and he did a great job of throwing the ball around."

On the first game of the season being overrated: "We have a big game next week. This is one of 16 games, so you can't win two or three games in one game. We did a good job today we're going to go back and we have things we need to correct, things we need to fix and we're going into next week and hopefully have a lot of similar success."

On success in the red zone: "It's execution, I think the philosophy is similar. We executed a lot better in the red zone today and we still had a couple of opportunities we could have executed more, but we didn't take advantage of those opportunities and that's something we're going to work on in practice to try to get better at. We did a good job today, but there are still some things we have to work on."

On success as a result of TE L.J. Smith's good health: "L.J. did a good job. A couple balls he had caught in the red zone, one I think he missed in the end zone a little bit, but having him healthy and having him playing it makes a big difference for us because that's something a defense has to defend and without him we suffered a little bit."

On the importance of confidence from the first game: "Well, we need to start fast. Like I said before, we need to start fast. Today we were able to do that. We came out throwing the ball well, we ran the ball successfully a couple of times there as well. So as a team that needs to get a swagger, that hasn't really played great in the openers, it's really important for us to come out and start fast and we were able to do that today."

On QB Donovan McNabb's performance: "He did a great job throwing the ball around. He had a lot of success. He threw the ball to a lot of different guys. He stood tall in the pocket. He got hit a couple times but he completed the ball and he led the team. You know that's what we expect from Five, to lead the team to throw the ball around and he did that today."

On the difference between QB Donovan McNabb's performance last season and in this game: "No question. He's healthy, that's the total difference. He's healthy and now he's able to do his thing."

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