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Game Vs. Giants: Locker Room Defense

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

On whether the team needs Vick right now: "The main thing is to focus on the guys that we have right now. We have to try to get everybody to work together, fit together and play ball."

On how tough it is to bounce back from two tough losses: "It's real tough, especially when you're at home in front of the fans. It's just real tough. These are two good teams, and then it's in the division, so it's kind of hard. It's like we dug ourselves into a little hole, but we'll bounce back."

On whether the Giants did anything to surprise them today: "No, they came out and basically just ran the ball. We knew they were going to do that coming in and that's what they did."

LB Casey Matthews

On his thoughts about what happened on the long touchdown plays by the Giants: "Well, one of them was bad tackling, the other was just miscommunication; obviously, that long pass, the second one, was just we missed tackles. Other than that we just need to communicate better and make plays."

On how he explains the mentality of the team after three games when they had such high hopes: "Obviously it's frustrating, but again, it's a long season and we know - there's times out there when we're playing and we're clicking and we know how good we can possibly be. And it's just a matter of playing like that for four quarters and not starting out slow."

On whether the touchdown pass to Giants RB Brandon Jacobs was his man: "Yeah, that was my guy. I just lost him really. Obviously, they faked the run, sucked us up in the gap, and then on the boot the linebacker to that side just needs to take them when they leak out, and I saw him, it was just a little too late."

On whether he would have picked Jacobs up had he been playing middle linebacker: "No, as a MIKE linebacker, the MIKE linebacker has nothing to do with that. That's one thing I'm still adjusting to in this position, but that's no excuse. It was my fault, I should have been on it."

LB Jamar Chaney

On his thoughts about the game: "Of course you hate to lose, you hate losing to the Giants in a division game. It was an important game. But we have to move on and get ready for the (San Francisco) 49ers. We just can't dwell just because we're 1-2; the only thing that means is we can't go 16-0. And that's the only thing that means."

On whether the defense is taking the blame because they blew a fourth quarter lead in both games: "Yeah, I mean, I think you have to. I mean, what're you going to do, put it on the offense? I mean, when you have as many penalties on defense that we do, people are expecting, we are expecting ourselves to close games out; it doesn't matter if it's a one-point lead. And that's a good call by (head) coach (Andy) Reid (because) it shows that he has confidence in us going for it on fourth-and-one. And when he does that we need to make sure that we have his back."

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On his thoughts about what happened on Giants WR Victor Cruz' first touchdown: "I figured he was going to cut back in and I was trying to get as much space as I could and keep him toward the sideline and at the last second go after him. And the last second when I was about to do it that's when he cut back in, when I thought it wasn't going to happen anymore. And we were in an all-out blitz, and so once we missed the first tackle, missed the second tackle, there's really nobody else there because there was no free safety."

On whether he was frustrated with his tackling during the game: "It was frustrating, it was frustrating. We have to be better tacklers, obviously, as a defense, but we work on it all the time. I mean, tackling is just a want-to and how aggressive you want to be at it. So it's frustrating for us to not make the tackles that we should."

On his assessment of his own play: "Up to my standards, I always grade myself hard. When there are big plays that happen, that's the stuff that we were just hitting on – missing the tackle on the all-out blitz, you know, was the first one. And then the deep ball, that play, something should have happened for the defense. There's no way that (Victor Cruz) should have come away with that with two defenders on him. So, not pleased, we just need to continue to get better; besides that it's a solid game. You know, everybody for the most part was playing hard, myself as well. It was just those couple of plays that they got that kind of hurt."

On how hard coach Reid was on the team after the game: "He was pretty hard. He was upset because like I said it was a divisional opponent (and) you want to get out on your best foot against the division, and especially the Giants. So for us to lose to them, and we haven't lost to them in years, so for us to lose to them, he was upset that we didn't play more aggressive."

On whether he thought the team would ever start 1-2 with all of the expectations: "No. I mean, you never expect to start with a losing record. But I think the focus in the locker room is on the next week, you know, and what we can do to get better since it's so early in the season."

S Jarrad Page

On his thoughts about the defenses inability to make plays:"I mean, if you look at a couple of the plays it's just we have to make a play. We have a situation where, the (Victor) Cruz touchdown, you have myself and Nnamdi (Asomugha) were there we just have to find a way to get the ball out. And he just made a better play on that particular play. Other times (Giants quarterback) Eli (Manning) did a good job of reading where he needed to go with the football, and he made some throws and we just have to be better." * * On whether he feels that the defense is better than how they've been playing: "Yeah, I feel we're definitely better than this. My whole thing is we just have to work harder. I mean, we've been working hard, already, but we just have to work harder and make sure that we have everything down, you can't miss anything. And hopefully by the end of the year when we're having this conversation, we've been through the worst of the worst. And we'll be sitting alright at that point."

On whether he is surprised that the defense is an issue right now: "I mean, you never know, one or two plays can change (the entire game) and we could be sitting here talking about something else. You know, so things happen out there on the football field (but) we just have to make sure that the one or two plays have to go our way, and we just have to do a good job of making that happen because it's not just going to happen for us because we have on an Eagles jersey, we have to make it happen."

On whether he thinks that there is a lack of killer instinct on the defense: "I don't think it's a lack of wanting to do it, it's just a lack of we haven't done it. We're not going out there worried about this or that, we just haven't done it. But we'll do it, we have to work on it, but we'll do it."

On coach Reid showing confidence in the defense by going for it on fourth-and-one and whether he feels a sense of urgency to step up and make plays: "Well yeah, definitely. I mean, there's a sense of urgency right there. We know that no matter what the lead is whether it's a point, 14 points, 20 points, as a defense it's your job to go out there and keep it. If the other team doesn't score, then you know you win the game, and that's you have to worry about on defense; it doesn't matter what happens on offense once you get a lead, and we do know that teams are going to make plays, it's the NFL, and teams are going to make plays and teams will be able to score every now and then, but they can't be scoring like that in the fourth quarter."

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