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Game Vs. Giants: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

On tonight's game:"Well there's not a lot to say about this one. We put ourselves in position a couple of times to win the game and we didn't get it done. We gave up an awful a lot of yards rushing and we had trouble running the ball ourselves obviously. We did make some plays as we came down through the second half but too little, not enough. As we went in we were in field goal range and when we got the offensive pass interference, which really put it all the way in the back to about the very, very limit of where we could try. And then of course the clock became the factor and I couldn't afford to take a chance on the clock running out before we were able to spike the ball, so we went for the long field goal and it was just a little bit too long. We played hard (and) it was a tough ball game on both sides. I really did believe we would do some damage on kick-off returns and we did. We got ourselves great field position and you would have thought with that good field position we would have had more points. I give them credit defensively for the job they did, but again we gave ourselves a chance to win (and) we didn't win it. It's very difficult. I feel very badly for the players in that locker room. They did work extremely hard and play hard. It wasn't always smart but we played hard. We did have some holding penalties. (They) hurt us in the first half particularly and we have to look at that."

On the offensive play of both teams:"I think for both teams, for our drive the one drive that was a real good well-balanced drive we were able to run it, and the run and the pass, and then we were able to hit the big play there for the touchdown. They ran the ball well, and they did a good job of keeping the quarterback out of those real difficult situations, and when he was in those situations he ran the ball instead of throwing it. Here's a team that had 12-turnovers and we didn't get one, and quite frankly we were counting on that. We were counting on some field position by virtue of turnovers, so we give them credit for that as well. But the combination of them running the ball for as much yardage as they did, and the quarterback sensing on occasion the coverage and running, or sensing the lack of contain, and running outside and picking up valuable yardage, so I think the combination of the run for them. Our run, we had one good drive with the run but after that it was mostly pass."

On the role of that WR Ramses Barden played when penalized with an offensive pass interference call:"His mind is going up and getting the ball. I don't know what his thought process was. He's trying to make a play (and) the defender was in very good position, you know? I was worried when I saw the flag come out, how that was going to be called because of the contact that was made and who initiated it. So, it's a tough call, it's a tough situation, he's got to go make a play on the ball anyway. If the ball is in position, he'd have to knock it away."

On what the thinking was when Barden's number was called in the huddle:"Well there was a number of things. We had options on either side of the field and (QB) Eli (Manning) decided to take the X-receiver and it didn't work out. But that wasn't the only option."

On the field goal at the end of the game:"We were in field goal range at one time, and the thought of running and then clocking the ball was a definite thought. Quite frankly, that's what we were doing on the next snap, but we never got to that. It's always a woulda, coulda, shouda, you know? When you do run like that, there is (the fact that) you're going to waste downs and then you're going to have that thought of probably ending up kicking it right from that spot, which would have been obviously much better than it was, making it a 54-yarder. The thing that's difficult there is obvious. We had to take the timeouts at the other end of the field and we march with no timeouts and did a decent job of that. And tried to continue to move it closer so that the field goal was a very makeable one. (K) Lawrence (Tynes) has done an outstanding job this year, and so we tried to, what we thought were safe calls, and the pass interference was one of those things that when you saw it happen, you just shake your head because we're right back where we started from. I was worried that we would make some kind of play in bounds and then not have enough time to clock it."

On clock management after the first field goal miss:"It was less time, that just reinforced it. This is our only avenue right now."

On the rushing attack by the Eagles:"I thought they'd run it against us tonight. I had a very good, really strong idea that they would. We shut it down for a long time, then they started the cut back runs. I have to look at this. I can't imagine all the yards that were made on missed tackles and cut back runs and that kind of thing."

On the injury to S Kenny Phillips:"Great concern. I don't know what it is about that spot but we certainly are having a difficult time being able to stay together and stay whole. Give credit to guys that fought their way through it tonight. Sorry that (S) Kenny (Phillips) went down, and hopefully we'll find out that it's something he can come back relatively soon from, but I don't know for a fact yet."

On the play going to WR Ramses Barden late in the game:"It'd been a very productive play. It had been very productive. He'd obviously gotten behind him and made the big play down the field on the previous drive, and he was getting himself in position and being either fouled or catching the ball. I don't question that part of it. The only thing I can say is the pass interference is the worst that could have happened there. If it's incomplete, we're still okay because of where the ball was. The worst thing that could happen is that and it did happen. You feel like you can control every aspect, of every game. Some of these things by play call, there's a variety of things that can happen there. Whether or not the front side options were taken away, I can't tell you that. I haven't seen the tape but I do know that the rush was strong. The quarterback was delivering the ball on time because he had to basically, and he chose to go that way, and you know here we sit."

On being 0-2 in the division:"We (have) a few more games in the division. We would have liked to come out (of) here with a win. We talked about the divisional loss, the divisional win and it didn't happen so we (have to) get going."

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