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Game Vs. Giants: Eagles Locker Room

RG Nick Cole

It's cold, you guys are battling up there, it's a war, isn't it. "Coldness, don't get tired, just keep going."

How big is this win for you guys? "It's very big. Now we have to keep it rolling. We have to go next week and carry on."

As an offensive line, how does it make you feel to control the game? "It makes you feel good, because you run out that clock. You don't let the other team's offense on the field, give the defense a rest. When they do get in there, three-and-out, get back up again and do it again."

Even though they knew the run was coming, you guys were taking it to them. "It doesn't matter, whatever they call, we going to run. Get the job done."

Westbrook? "Once you get Westbrook in the open field, it's over. He takes it to the house. We try to make good holes for him and let him get those yards."

Third down conversions? "When you get third downs and convert, more than likely, you are going to win the game. We converted them and won the game."

Reaction in the locker room?"We feel real good. We have to keep it going, like we said."

LB Chris Gocong

Got a win against the best team in the NFL: "Going into the game, we knew we matched up talent for talent. We're just as good as them. I don't think we were in the best game the last time we played them. I think today was just a good overall game for us."

How does it feel to hold a dominating team to no touchdowns until the a last series of the game? "It feels good. I can't really say anything other than that. We knew they were going to try to run at us. We put a little bit of pressure on our corners to cover their wide receivers, but it was good."

What were you able to do to disrupt Eli Manning? "I think we were being physical on his receivers, running backs, and stuff like that. I don't think we had a sack or anything, but we were trying to put our hands up, do anything to knock off the timing of their routes."

Did you see Trent Cole leap frog that guy? "I didn't see it, but that doesn't surprise me. Trent (Cole) will find a way to make a play, anyway he can."

SS Quintin Mikell

New adjustments, or pride this week? "It was a lot about pride. I feel like the first game we came out and changed up some things. We were just ready for it, we were better prepared this time, for all the different things that they were going to try to do. The biggest thing was just attitude. We came out physical and we weren't going to let that happen again. It worked out."

You needed a win, to do this against the best team in the NFL, how does this feel? "It feels good, that's what it's about right there. We always stay confident. We felt like the first game, there were more mistakes that we made on our part. We came out this week focused and it was a great win."

Mood going into half, giving up that touchdown? "It was pretty frustrating, we can't do that. At the same time, we felt like we were playing at a high level and we were getting the ball back on offense and they were moving the ball pretty well. We stayed positive. We have to go to work on some of those things, but for the most part, it didn't affect us too much."

What does it do for the defense when you guys can block field goals and get them to turn it over on downs? "That's a big difference. Whenever we can play like that, like we did tonight, you can go out there and play with anybody. We got that field goal block early, that was big, and we played well against the run. Right now, I'm happy, this is what we've been wanting all year."

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