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Game Vs. Falcons: Locker Room Offense

RB LeSean McCoy

On whether they wanted to use this game, against one of the better teams in the league, as a showcase to the rest of the league: "We really can't focus on them. We have to come out and show our game. We are a good team. The falcons are good, they were 4-1, but I think we are a tough team. When you take out all the penalties, mistakes and turnovers, we are right there with the best of them."

On what it says about this team that they are 4-2 and have done it with two different quarterbacks: "We are a tough team and with either of those guys, Kevin or (QB) Michael (Vick), they can get the job done. Kevin started in the beginning and Mike Vick is Mike Vick. So, it's a blessing to have two quarterbacks like that on the same team."

On how tough it was to see Desean go down on a hit like that: "Yeah, it's tough. He's a tough guy. I am sure he will come back, but a hit like that is never good. Guys will have to step up and make plays, not replace him, but he'll be back."

On whether he's learning that in this league you always play hurt: "Yep, going from never being hurt to playing banged up with an injury, it's tough. It's nothing to brag about, because everybody is doing it."

On Kevin stepping up today: "It's no shock to us. I know how good Kevin is. In the locker room and the huddle, we know what's going on."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On his first touchdown: "It was a great ball. Kevin put the ball on the right spot. The ball was out there and I just laid out to go get it."

On his second touchdown: "It was a good sell by everybody, including Kevin. We kind of caught them sleeping a bit and I was down the sideline."

On how big that play was and how much it shifted momentum: "I think it was huge. They had just scored and they were stopping the bleeding a bit. I think that play definitely helped us."

On the hit that knocked WR Desean Jackson out of the game: "When you see stuff like that, it just makes you step back and think. I don't wish that upon anybody, especially my teammates. I hope he's doing well. I am going to check on him later on to see how he's doing."

On whether the offense's game plan going into the game was to create big plays: "That is something we always try to do. When you do have an opportunity you do want to seize it. I think we did that pretty well today. You can't force anything, but when they give us something, you absolutely want to take it."

On whether they wanted to use this game, against one of the better teams in the league, as a showcase to the rest of the league: "I think we are one of the better teams in the league as well. We know they are a good team and we wanted to prove to everybody that we are just as good, if not better. I think we came out and played very well today."

WR Jason Avant

On the long touchdown: "Well, the corner back bit up on the fake. When he comes down and bites on me, what happens is that now it's just Jeremy and the safety. The play action moved the safety and we knew if that was going to happen, we had a good chance."

On whether it was normally Desean who runs the fake end around: "Yeah, it is. But, it worked."

LT King Dunlap

On what he saw during the long touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin: "It was a play we were working on all week. I saw Kevin throw the ball and saw Maclin running. He was by himself. When he and Desean break open and the ball is put out there like that, there are not too many guys in the league who can go catch them. I saw it."

On whether the end around was scripted for Desean or WR Jason Avant: "I think it was for Desean. The coaches called it, it worked and it was a big play. You've got to love it when that happens."

On how much confidence he has in himself after getting his first start: "My confidence pretty much stays the same. I always feel confident in myself. We had a great week of practice. I worked on my technique with (offensive line coach) Juan (Castillo). Him and (head) Coach (Andy) Reid just told me to go out there, work with my hands, keep my butt down and play my game."

RT Winston Justice

On whether a good week of practice really helps: "Practice is really important, especially for our offensive line. We just need more reps together. Playing in the game is important too. We need to run and get the feel for it. We just need to keep improving."

On the turnover on the offensive line so far this year and whether it was inevitable that it was going to take some time for the unit to jel: "Yeah, of course. This is (C) Mike McGlynn's first year starting at center. You can't really compare him to (C) Jamaal (Jackson) because Jamaal has been a center for six years. Mike is getting better. He's learning the different looks and he's learning to call out plays. I think (RG) Max (Jean-Gilles) is doing a great job at right guard. It doesn't really matter who they stick at RG, because everyone can play."

On King Dunlap's first start and how much the two of them talk: "King and I always talk. We probably talk more than with everybody else on the line because we are both tackles. We look at things the same way. We watch film together. We are always talking, even when he was not playing."

*K David Akers *

On whether it was extremely windy on the field today: "It was windy, but it's always windy here. I'm better than that. I let the team down, but thank goodness it didn't affect the outcome of the game."

* On whether there is anything he can do between now and next Sunday and whether it is a day-to-day thing*
: "I think it's a kick-to-kick thing. It was a bad day. I am down on myself because I expect to kick at a high level. I demand better out of myself and my teammates should demand better out of me. I am just thrilled that (QB) Kevin (Kolb) played so well out there as quarterback. A lot of other guys played extremely well and my misses didn't end up costing us the game."

On whether the kicks felt good leaving his foot or whether he knew they were going to go wide: "The first one, the wind was going left to right the whole day and I hit it pretty good, but it went up and just turned left. I felt it going left to right the other side on the other two kicks. They just pushed off and didn't come around. It's just one of those things I guess. I have never had a day like today before. It's frustrating."

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