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Game Vs. Eagles: Locker Room Offense

QB Mike Kafka

On whether this week was déjà vu from last week: "Whenever you are in there you have to execute the offense. I think I need to play a little better with the ball."

On how frustrating it is to have the ball in the 4th quarter two weeks in a row and come up short: "It's frustrating to lose in general. We are all disappointed in the way we all played, because it is a team effort."

On how aware he was on Vick's injury: "Yeah, they kept me aware. Obviously, I was right there next to Mike. We knew what we were doing on the sideline."

On whether he was surprised that Vick went back into the game after getting the x-ray: "Mike is a tough guy, so we expected him to come back and he did."

On throwing an interception on his first play: "I just got a little greedy with it. I didn't do a good job of going to my check downs. I needed to take care of it a bit better."

On whether he is going to prepare to start: "I am going to prepare every week, no matter what. We will see what happens with Mike and we will go on from there."

RB LeSean McCoy

On not getting the ball at the goal line: "I was feeling okay. I am not a selfish player. I thought we would get it in there with the sneak and the fullback dive. It didn't work out, but that was a critical point in the game. That helped out the outcome."

On whether he was surprised he didn't get the ball: "I wouldn't say surprised. I kind of thought I would get it because I was getting hot in the last three games. But, I am confident in the call. If it would have worked out, the outcome might have been different. I can't really put the loss on that."

On how prepared he is to carry the load if Vick is out for a while: "Depending on what is called, I am ready. But on the other hand, we have (QB Mike) Kafka and (QB Vince) Young, whoever plays, we should be fine. We have a lot of weapons and a team is not based on one player. We should be fine. But, I am willing to do whatever it takes to help this team out."

On whether he is feeling disbelief or frustration with the team's record: "Absolutely more frustration. We knew their offense is good and we had to score. Three points does not get it done. You don't work that hard to get down there and not score, definitely frustration."

On what he thought about the 4th down play call in the 4th quarter: "I mean, if it had worked, we would all be screaming happy. I don't judge the call. It was a good call and I was hot. I am confident in the call."

FB Owen Schmitt

On his third-down carry on the goal line when the Giants forced a field goal: "Yeah, I mean, that one was – they were pinching so much. We ran two (quarterback) sneaks, and they were just pinching. They broke through on that. You can't do much about that one there."

On whether he had a good look on Vick's QB sneak on the goal line: "Yeah, it looked like the ball – before we even snapped it – was already across the goal line. I don't even know how those side judges could even see anything. I can't even see anything and I'm right in there. That's just tough luck, you know?"

On whether the team's gameplan was to take pressure off of Vick: "Just what we saw from them, from our regular and tight personnels, that's what we felt we could go against well. How many trips to the red zone did we make? Five, or something like that? We have to score. It's plain and simple. It's not even a question. If anyone watched the game, you have to score when you're down there. You can't win ball games if you don't score. Three points are always nice, but it's not like seven."

WR DeSean Jackson

On his expectations for the team and their record so far: "I can't really think on what I thought our record will be. Unfortunately, we didn't come out the way we would have liked. The second half we just couldn't put it together."

On how worried he is about keeping Vick healthy this year: "I think everybody is kind of worried about it. He is a dual threat with how he can throw and run the ball. We just have to be able to keep him healthy. Some things are unfortunate and some things just happen. He's our guy, our franchise quarterback."

On whether he believed that Vick was being tentative throughout the game: "After getting a concussion and coming back the next week, you never really know what's going through his head. We have to protect him and make sure he's healthy. Every time he steps out on the field, I am very confident in what he's able to do. We will just have to figure things out."

On whether he thought going for it on 4th-and-1 was a good call in the 4th quarter: "Well, I support any call that (head) coach (Andy) Reid makes. At the time then, I was confident in (RB) LeSean McCoy and the offensive line. We have to out-execute the other team and come up successful. Unfortunately, we didn't and it came back to stick us in the foot. We will move on and get better. We are not going to panic. It's still early in the season. We have San Francisco next week and we have to get out and work hard in practice."

C Jason Kelce

On the recent tough luck that QB Michael Vick has endured: "I think I'm upset for everybody, not just Mike. It seems like the offense never really got in a rhythm today for the most part. We had cadence issues, we had false starts and Mike got hurt. The last two weeks have been frustrating to say the least on offense. I'll put it that way."

On how frustrating it is to have numerous short-yardage chances and then not being able to capitalize: "(It's) very frustrating, especially in a close game like this. I don't want to say we should have won the game because I believe the team that wins the game deserves to win the game regardless. We definitely didn't help ourselves out there."

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